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Flymentor 3D helicopter stabilisation System

Flymentor 3D helicopter stabilisation System

Flymentor 3D is a stabilization unit that helps the helicopter to self-stabilize in hover and also self recovery during 3D manuever.
This unit comes with 5 items; the main unit, gyro, CCD sensor, CD software and usb data cable (manual is in PDF format in the CD).
Control all movement, including attitude stabilization, speed control, position locking.
CCO sensor to capture picture of ground, comparing pictures to avoid drifting.
Switch working mode (horizontal mode and position mode) through AUX channel.
Integrating head locking gyro and swash plate mixer.
Control sensitivity and mode of internal gyro through GEAR channel.
Support swash plate 3S 120°, 3S 140°, 4S 90°, 4S 90°+45°
Keep balance in inverted flight.
Configured by computer through USB.
If you are using FM/PPM remote control device, when helicopter is out of control, the Flymentor 30 will set aileron, elevator, rudder to neutral, and keep pitch in the final signal position, and switch to positioning mode automatically, the sensitivity is 70%.

Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
Current: 55mA (under 5V)
Temperature: O'C~ +40'C
Under the stabilisation mode and positioning mode, maximum rotate speed allowed: J Aileron and Elevator: ,;2000  / s
J Tail turning (if using external gyro): ,;3600  / s


Weight: 199g Quantity: 

  • Flymentor Programing Box

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DigDug  121 points - 4/15/2014
Has anyone managed to fit this into a HK 450 Pro v1? The frame is already so narrow and space limited.
Thomas  1 points - 4/5/2014
Hi Folks, my Transmitter is a FlySky FS9THx. with opensource er9x. Can anyone tell me how i must handle it. German Forums are a Problem, because the FM forbidden to sell... Best Regards
craig  14 points - 4/3/2014
for all having trouble with setting this thing up cheek out these videos on tube cruzroycruzroy kds flymetor 3d their are 4 video that goes right thru setup for the not so technically minded
Daniel  3 points - 3/29/2014
are there gyros alone to by without the ccd and main unit??? I got a defective right out of the box and never got to fly.The elevator and rudder only works.
 (GearHead) PAT 37 points
I had the same thing going on with mine... I found a wire wasn't making contact in the plug,the pin and wire are not making contact !! hope this helps !
 Daniel 3 points
Well I checked It and I even switched the pins from gyro signal and the elevator stopped working but aileron started to work so it has to be the gyro. It sounds like a grate stabilizer system. I was hoping to by the gyro alone so that I don't have to go thru the process of warranty.
 (GearHead) PAT 37 points
Don't give up it is a great unit when it's working !! I love mine.. Just remember the closer to (0) trim you get the better it will work !!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Daniel 3 points
Hobbyking warranty center is great and will replace my flymentor. Hope this one is working as good as You say it is. Can't wait to fpv but without flymentor I am going to wait.Thanks for the tip:)
 (GearHead) PAT 37 points
Glad to here that HK is going to take care of you!! if you need anything let me know.....
Helis Rules  4 points - 3/25/2014
Hi, I have finished my Flymentor installation, but I have make a GP750 for AC, look my first video
 Gerry01 4241 points
Very nice!! I was trying to find out the link to the helibal driver in win7... it ruined my config once and now I have to keep my old laptop with XP just to change helibal settings :-)
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
27 thumbs up!
Received this last week, I had trouble (like alot of other people) getting it to connect to the pc but after several hours of stress I realised that I had the Gyro and Sensor plugs in upside down. It works just as it says. The stabilization is fantastic and I was struggling to get my HK500GT to fly, but after installing this it flys brilliantly.
Good work Hobby King another fantastic product at a fantastic price. If you are a newbie buy this!!!!!

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Overall Rating
22 thumbs up!
Excellent, work as described. needs some messing aroud to get it work right, and the manual is poorly written or plain wrong.

The unit have a known problem with spectrum recievers with not powering on corretly every now and then, i have the problem to but only 1 out of 8 - 10 times. I think KDS is aware of the issues and im hoping there will be a fix to it later on.

I cannot complain and give it anything but 5 stars for this price.! Excellent!

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Overall Rating
16 thumbs up!
It works awesome! I uploaded a video for demonstration.

had some evil trouble first coused by Vibrations (and perhaps Electrical flux)

Replaced the components, and made double foam under the gyro, now it works awesome!

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Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
Habe das Teil in meinen hk 450 eingebaut.Den Heli mechanisch eingestellt und dan mit der Flymentor Software noch sauber nachgetrimmt.Das Ergebnis beim losslassen des Steuerung bleibt der Heli stehen und richtet sich selber aus.Fazit ein Supersystem.

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
I have this on a HK450 and it will sure help me to learn flying. I have Vista on my computer and was not able to get software to work, but when I installed on a computer running XP there wasn't any problem. To get a good result you need to take great care of the basic setup on your helikopter.

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