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TURNIGY 1:4 Scale Brushless GoKart ARR.
FYI, no instructions with this model.
However, if you have experience with cars, this will be a wal...
Electric Fiberglass Pylon Racer 930mm Blue (ARF)
Our factory can only make a few of these each day, backorder might be essential for the next few wee...
OrangeRx Futaba FASST Compatible 8Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver
I just tested the samples today with the T6EX, binding was fast and all channels worked well. I was ...
QRF400 1:4 Scale RC Dirt Bike ARR
Take a look at the video...
Dassault Alpha Fighter 70mm Ducted Fan EPO Plug-n-Fly
We just finished photographing this plane, and let me say.. this is one s_e_x_y jet! And not a tiny ...
Hobbyking Pitts Special EPO Plug-n-Fly BL
Hello everyone.
The Pitts' new configuration works much better on 3S 800-1000mAh.
2S Will not have...
Hobbyking Pitts Special EPO Plug-n-Fly BL
Take a look at the attention paid to making this EPO bird light!
K-300 6-Axis Quad Copter With LED Lighting System (RTF)
There's no camera mount on this quad....
Turnigy Digital High Torque Bearing Servo 15.8g/3.9kg/0.13sec (EU Warehouse)
This one is a bit big for a 250 sized heli and a little slow for a tail servo. Try PRODUCT ID: 01400...
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