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RMILEC TS4047 10CH 2.5W UHF Module System w/Receiver (JR module)
is it possible to use just band 2? coz it is ISM in europe, but not band 1... ...
Turnigy High Density R/C LED Flexible Strip-Blue (1mtr)
Could hobbyking try to get UV LED stripes? That would be awesome... thanks!...
Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC
is this UBEC using switching or linear mode? comment in manual about UBEC is confusing......
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Turnigy High Density R/C LED Flexible Strip-Blue (1mtr)
as the topic is hidden, does someone know if there is a ultra violet (UV) LED version of this? I kno...
Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC
Okay cools thanks, does that mean it is a switching mode? or only really good efficiency... I was lo...
Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC
so the term UBEC is misleading here......
SkyZone TS353 5.8G 400mW FPV Transmitter
to what I know, yes, but you have to respect the impedance of the video and audio signal, they have...
FrSky V8HT 2.4Ghz DIY Module
Well, I dont think that this is true for all states in europe, first you can use it ^^ it is your ow...
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