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HobbyKing ESC Programming Card
Does anyone know for sure if this card (HK ESC programming card) programs the Red Brick ESCs?...
Recent discussion reply
HobbyKing ESC Programming Card
It's like all program cards it lets you quickly program the functions of your ESC w/o having to do i...
OrangeRx R610 Spektrum DSM2 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver (w/ Sat Port)
I have 2 of these and they are solid. Have flown too far for my own good w/o any issues...
HobbyKing 50A ESC 4A UBEC
Mine was a bit funny as well i reset it following the man instructions and then was good to go. Note...
Metal Push Rods M2.2xL300 (10pcs/set)
I use theae on my foamies. Sure they are a bit heavy but you dont get any flex and you can bend them...
HobbyKing™ HKU5 5V/5A UBEC
My recommendation is not to cut the red off your ESC connector as you may want to use it's onboa...
GWS V-Tail Mixer II (200 step)
What I can tell you is that these work. I have a few of them and they are solid. No jitter even wh...
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