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Turnigy Multistar 1704-1900Kv 12Pole Multi-Rotor Outrunner
These motors are absolute garbage, my friend ordered them, so we installed them on a quad, and after...
Turnigy Talon Tricopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame
I have this frame and I installed a rabbit flight controller with dji 920kv motors, and turnigy plus...
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Multistar High Capacity 4S 6600mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack (US Warehouse)
Deans sold separately, but these are just as good. ...
Turnigy Talon Hexcopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame - 625mm
Slow Fly Electric Prop 1045SF (4 pc)
Yes, but you have to use a prop reamer, to keep it center, I've done it and works great. Just ma...
Turnigy Talon Hexcopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame - 625mm
Try PRODUCT ID: SK3-5045-660...
NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30A 750kv / 140w
Should do the trick just fine, use there esc either the 25a or 30 a PRODUCT ID: TR_P30A...
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