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Durafly™ D.H.100 Vampire Mk6 EDF Jet 1100mm (ARF) (AU Warehouse)
Hi Guys, Questions about servos numbers. Hi all, I noticed the kit comes with the servos all number...
Mini F-8 Crusader EDF Fighter Jet EPO (PNF) (AU Warehouse)
My fan blades exploded today and was wondering what part I should use to replace them? Any suggestio...
Durafly? Balsa Series - Ryan STA(M) 965mm Plug and Fly (AU Warehouse)
I finally flew mine today, found it to be a difficult aerobatic flyer-wing stalls with loops. ...
HobbyKing Tiny OSD III (w/ 10Hz GPS and 60A Current sensor)
DFoes anyone know the most simplest way to wire this to an Immersion Transmitter? Are there any pre ...
FatShark Dominator 3rd Generation modular FPV System
Fournier RF-5 Balsa Plug n Fly Scale Glider 1550mm
Hi all. I have lost my instruction manual. Can anyone please upload a copy? Thank you Andy...
GeeBee R3 - 750mm - EPO (PNF) (AU Warehouse)
Got my model today, looks great but has no instructions - I know I sound newbie and yes this is my f...
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Durafly? Balsa Series - Ryan STA(M) 965mm Plug and Fly (AU Warehouse)
All done Mark but thanks for the input.. I've been flying for 20 years now and perhaps this model ju...
GeeBee R3 - 750mm - EPO (PNF) (AU Warehouse)
Figured this out myself, after 20 years of R/C was a given. More people should make input though as ...
USAF C17 Globemaster III EDF Cargo Jet (P&P) (AU Warehouse)
I was considering purchasing this jet, until I saw the comments here.
Is it really a 'lemon' as it ...
Turnigy 800mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack (E-flight Compatible EFLB0995) (AU Warehouse)
Appear to be in stock in the Aus warehouse
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