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Turnigy TGY-313C Digital Metal Cased 450 Helicopter Cyclic Servo 20g/3.5kg/0.08sec
Spline? What arms fit on this servo? Same as TGY-211DMH or same as TGY-306G? The photo seems to show...
DHC-2 Beaver 1353mm (ARF) (EU Warehouse)
Motor? Anyone have a suggestion for an appropriate motor? I'd rather have one a little more powerful...
TGY-306G Ultra Fast/High Torque MG Digital Alloy Cased Servo 3kg / .06sec / 21g
1520 µ*sec / 333Hz for tail servo settings?...
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DHC-2 Beaver Balsa Super Scale 1800mm (ARF) (EU warehouse)
Maybe if a few of you order this plane from the Euro Warehouse HobbyKing will send some stock! I jus...
DHC-2 Beaver Balsa Super Scale 1800mm (ARF) (EU warehouse)
Go ahead and order one with the available buddy-code I provided and perhaps we will see some arrive ...
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