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Dart 250 FPV Drone w/Power Distribution, Clean and Dirty and LED Illumination
I would recommend buying alot of the blue dampers/secure them with som fishline, i lost one in soft ...
Aomway 11dbi 7 Turn 5.8GHz Helical Antenna (RHCP) (SMA-RP)
price could be better, but alot of work making these. If they are tuned ! ...
Soldering Iron 30watt 12v/3s XT60 Plug
this need a switch, can cause lot of damage if forgot to pull out battery...
RMILEC RD4047P 10CH UHF Receiver (suits TS4047 TX Module)
What is the safe range for this ? seen 40-60km, but that is that real ? ...
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Turnigy Micro FPV Camera 520TVL (PAL) 1/3 Hi-res Sony CCD
i dont like the cam. its to dark when fly against the sun....
FatShark RCV922CAM PAL Sony 420TVL w/ Spare lens
i dont think so , Pal is European standard 25fps And Ntsc is Usa standard 30fps ...
Low G 3 Axis G-Force MicroSensor
i do 10g easy xD ...
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