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TowerPro 9g w12A Brushless Speed Controller
I wouldn't recommend this esc for that motor. It has high risk to be burned out! Better see 16-1...
Male JST-XH <-> Female Polyquest 3S 10cm (5pcs/bag)
yes. If you are still in doubts, you can google for pictures showing Male JST-XH and Female Polyques...
ZIPPY 400mAh 20C Single Cell
Yes. you can find scheme on Internet. but you have to buy balance and charge connectors....
Turnigy 2211 Brushless Indoor Motor 2300kv
and prop is too big for that motor. you definitely need stronger one for such 3D....
ZIPPY 400mAh 20C Single Cell
no connectors in box.
it depends on how many cells you plan to compose from this batt. if you want ...
ZIPPY 400mAh 20C Single Cell
no, but i use it on my micro co-ax copter. awesome! 17 min in the air. Just has ordered 6 more to ma...
Turnigy 2211 Brushless Indoor Motor 2300kv
Sure! but beware of setting too big prop. GWS 7035 for 2S is maximum. Your ESC can provide power eno...
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