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FrSky FLD-02 Telemetry Display Screen
LED Ring 100mm Green w/10 Selectable Modes
While flashing and spinning light look good, be warned at any distance they greatly affect you abili...
Turnigy Talon Tricopter (V1.0) Carbon Fiber Frame
I like the extended boobs best.... *) The extended Booms are good too....
Turnigy High Density R/C LED Flexible Strip-White (1mtr)
I have uploaded the User Manual to the Files section...
HobbyKing Rpm/KV Reader
I have added the user manual to the files section or click this link
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Hobbyking i86L Multi-Rotor Control Board (Lite Edition) (AU Warehouse)
I have uploaded the User Manual, it may take a while to show. It is also avilable on the internation...
Minimoa Motor Glider EPO 2000mm (PNF) (AU Warehouse)
I just got mine too, weel boxed.. I will add some pics soon.
No instructions might make it hard for...
Minimoa Motor Glider EPO 2000mm (PNF) (AU Warehouse)
I have just ordered this from AU warehouse, I will do a review on the order / shipping / build and f...
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