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MultiWii PRO Flight Controller w/MTK GPS Module

MultiWii PRO Flight Controller w/MTK GPS Module
MultiWii PRO Flight Controller w/MTK GPS Module

The MultiWii PRO is a gyro/accelerometer based flight controller that is loaded with features. This version of the MultiWii supports direct connection of a GPS module (package includes MTK 3329 GPS module) allowing for ultra-precise positioning functionality. With expandability options and full programmability, this device can control just about any type of aircraft. This is the ideal flight controller for your multi-rotor aircraft.

(MultiWii PRO)
• SMD component design with Atmega2560
• ITG3205 Triple Axis Gyro
• BMA180 Accelerometer
• BMP085 Barometer
• HMC5883L Magnetometer
• Servo output for camera pitch and roll control
• Supports direct connection of GPS module (MTK 3329 GPS module included)
• On-board USB connection for programming

(MTK 3329 GPS Module)
• Based on MediaTek Single Chip Architecture.
• L1 Frequency, C/A code, 66 channels
• High Sensitivity, Up to -165dBm tracking, providing superior urban performance
• DGPS(WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) support (optional by firmware)
• USB/UART Interface
• Supports AGPS function (Offline mode: EPO valid up to 14 days)

(MultiWii PRO)
Mounting: Standard Mk style mounting holes 45mm X 45mm
Dimensions: 70x50x12mm
Weight: 16g

(MTK 3329 GPS module)
Position Accuracy: < 3m CEP (50%) without SA (horizontal)
Cold Start: under 35 seconds (Typical)
Warm Start: under 34 seconds (Typical)
Hot Start: under 1 second (Typical)
Power Consumption: 48mA @ acquisition, 37mA @ tracking
Shut-down current consumption: 15uA, typical
Dimensions: 30x26x7mm
Weight: 8g

See instructions on how to enable GPS function located under the "Files" tab.

Package content:
MultiWii PRO FC x 1
MTK 3329 GPS Module x 1
GPS module connection leads x 1
Main board connection leads x 1
USB connection cable x 1

More information can be found on the Multiwii Website.

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  • Case Set For MultiWii PRO Flight Controller And MTK GPS Module

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Kumaran  1 points - 1/30/2015
What is the use of below #define ALTHOLD_FAST_THROTTLE_CHANGE Does it need to be enabled . How it will impact flying if disabled ?
Christos  1 points - 1/30/2015
Hello to everyone. Recently I bought a Multiwii pro board from HK. After I did as much research on the internet as I could I decided to change the magnetic declination on the program or sketch as it is called. I downloaded the file called " MultiWiidev_with_nmea " from HK and the Arduino 1.0.6 with the driver. I changed the sketch compiled it and uploaded it to the board. When I run The GUI application and tried to connect, I got the following message " Flight control sw version mismatch: Expected:230 Got:211 ", and a red led kept blinking as well as a green one. So could someone help me here. It will be appreciated Needless to say that I am new to this. Also is this sketch the one the board came with? I thank you in advance. PS. I have a feeling that many questions will follow
 Christos 1 points
Problem solved. I downloaded the sketch from multiwii page. Now how to get the GPS to work !!!
majik01  7032 points - 1/29/2015
Hey Newey ... hope you are good. By chance, can you share what you did with your baro? I want to take my copter outdoors but I know I will be flying a yo-yo unless I resolve the baro question .
Ray BlueSky  5 points - 1/29/2015
A quick question but first the info to aid the answer :-) . I am running MWC 2.2. I have calibrated all the sensors Gyro, Mag and GPS all working fine... when flying the level works ok and baro is doing its job but when I switch to headfree the quad wants to flip over, when in headfree and throttle up it wants to flip too, when I have it hooked up to the pc and running 2.2 and choose real time data and tick the mag boxes I notice the lines are not on the centre line... should they be? I have come so close to getting this perfect I don't want to fiddle to much for fear of losing what I have achieved so far. Cheers Ray
 majik01 7032 points
Ray, maybe you do not but I have to ask .. do you have a power distribution board? If so, replace it with a ESC wiring harness as your compass could be affected. I assume you are flying in Horizon 100% all the time (meaning head free does not disable Horizon ...) otherwise you could be switched to Acro mode (Angle or Horizon is not enabled). Don't worry about setting ... you'll be able to replicate what you did even in your sleep - just keep a log of what you changed in config.h (and why), bookmark the Mooch how-to vids and keep memory cards attached to your radio - just to remind you what switch does what. Before you test PH or RTH, be sure your mag dec (with the "f") is spot on for your location. If you are flying in the cold (aka freezing weather ..) your baro will be affected even if you have the foam cover ... just be aware.
andrew  2 points - 1/28/2015
Hi folks wondering if anyone can help me out. Got hk multiwiipro on a 450 quad. Got stablize and acro working perfect and having alot of fun with it, but i got this board mainly for the gps and alt hold which i cant for the life of me get working. 1st firmware i was using was mw2.3navib7 and althold would slowly fall till quad landed, gps rth would make the quad shoot up high then fly around the feild on its own in all directions till i enabled stable flight again. Then i had a flyaway and lost the quad for a few days. After this i decided to start a fresh and installed megapirateng 3.0.1r4 instead, got this all setup and quad flys better than ever in stablize or acro but asoon as i switch to any auto mode it goes mad. (Alt hold rockets for the sky, loiter and rth both slowly descend or rise.). Baro is covered with a dome filled with breathable foam. All vibrations are well within limits on the logs and compass interferace is only 1%. So iam at a complete loss. Anyhelp either with megapirateng or multiwii firmware would be much appreciated, although i do thinknit flys alot smoother using megapirate doesnt feel as aggressive.
 majik01 7032 points
Since you already know how to upload, go with MWC 2.2 official first. The version has PH and RTH working very well. MWC 2.2Nav has a lot of nuances that would make one wonder what is going on - like baro overriding throttle or waypoints taking over baro to the preset height ... if your baro, compass or GPS is not 100% working, expect surprises. MPNG and MWC both rely on 100% sensor accuracy - if you get dicey behaviour on both SW, that points to one source. Be sure you DO NOT HAVE a power distribution board. - use a wiring harness to avoid/prevent compass error. Since you have a 450 - you probably have a flamewheel / clone and those are notorious for flex and harmonics that need a LPF at 42 hz. Get your GPS high above any EMI source - look at the DJI setup for compass to give you an idea. Always check that you have at least SIX sats before you enable PH or RTH ... fly with BT / EZGUI on a tablet so you get telemetry 100% of the time ...
 andrew 2 points
Thanks for the reply majik01. My quad has a power distribution board but i have the board mounted an inch above the top plate and then the gps unit is ontop of a 10cm pole coming from the top plate so both are well away from the power board, and from the logs in mission planner when i was using mpng i had 1% interference on the compass with the acceptable limit being <30. Vibrations are also well within limits according to mission planner logs. Always got 10 sats think lowest its ever dropped to was 8 on a very cloudy day. And i fly with 3dr radio and tablet. Will download mw2.2 official now and give that a try.
 majik01 7032 points
Andy ... I've done the same thing ... isolation and even shield to mitigate EMI. Here's a test you need to do (i would suggest in MWC 2.2 not 2.3 as you could see your copter do strange things ...) enable head free and confirm you can navigate your copter in piroettes without crashing ... also try heading hold. If headfree and head hold are no go, PH and RTH will be very iffy - not me who said that was EOS Bandi who introduced the code to MWC - same is for APM/MP. FYI - this board does not support APM/MPNG above 2.9 very well because is has "older" sensors. About the flame wheel ... have you seen Timecop's video on the flamewheel? The motors pulse because of boom flex and that's a personal experience as well - which is why all my flamewheels are back in their brown boxes - if you must set LPF to 42 Hz. Can this board perform ... yep but you have to respect it's shortcomings.
 andrew 2 points
Thanks il have a look at the videos and try mw2.2 in headfree see if its any better. If not il try an older version of mpng thanks again
 majik01 7032 points
OK ... I kid not on the PDB ... 3DR came out with APM 2.6 which uses an external compass to completely avoid EMI affecting the sensor. All my copters do not have PDB and rely on HK or DIY harnesses. For now, experiment with a harness. You can see for yourself this board flies quite good - no PDB, GPS away from the FC, LPS at 40 Hz (this just to add more stability for vids) and before I forget, fly with EZGUI so you know how many sats you have before enabling PH or RTH ... the app is free anyways.
 andrew 2 points
I uploaded 2.2 official last night. Was planning on testing today but its blowing a right gale at the minute. I have a few bits lying around to make a harness so il get on to that while i wait for the wind to calm down, should the harness run in series or parallel to each esc. Lpf is at 42hz and i have the paid version of ezguibon my tab already. Thanks again majik01
 majik01 7032 points
Hope it works out well ... when the weather is not friendly outside ... I test my copters in my man cave .. would not suggest it ... but a pilot has to what he has to do ... (he, he...) Good luck!
 andrew 2 points
ok so I tested briefly indoors as weathers still terrible today. fitted a wiring harness instead of the built in pcb. the baro seems to be holding altitude bobs up and down a little but alot better than it was. problem now is any yaw input adds throttle aswell but as soon as release yaw quad drops back down to original altitude. need to wait for the weather clear so I can test outside with more space, any suggestions in the mean time. thanks
 majik01 7032 points
Good ... now you can fly (at least). Assume you have your baro covered. Look carefully at your radio settings and make sure you have no mixes active (check in the GUI). The up and down motion is "normal" since the alt-hold relies on baro pressure that could change constantly. To get alt-hold to work properly, get your copter to a hover then enable alt-hold .. if you touch throttle (could be inadvertly be done when you move yaw if you are Mode 2) ... alt-hold will "release". Also one thing about the baro ... at 40 deg F, it is not reliable. If found even leaving the copter outside in ambient so avoid thermal issues does not completely remove the issue. If you can, test head free and heading hold as well. If you compass works ok, then PH / RTH will not be a challenge in zero wind ... assuming you got your magnetic declination spot on for your location.
 andrew 2 points
Thanks majik iam hoping to get outside tomorrow for a while n fully test head free and rth. Baro is covered with a pen lid filled with foam. And u fly mode 1 so throttle and yaw are on seperate sticks. I will double check the mixes on reciever but i havnt touched them since 1st setup. And yes mag dec is correct i think, i convert it to decimal degree in sketch. Rather than use degree minutes. -2degrees 23minutes so i put in -0.416
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Great unit, with all the features you need for your MC. And the price is awsome, so normally, you cannot make a mistke on buying this unit.If you buy this features in europe, you will pay 3 times as much or more. For the HK price, you get at least the gps module ( sometimes ) but not incluiding the board, wich has a big and powerfull processor also. So another time, where HK makes our hobby affordable. This is what the MC-Flyers need to upgrade their machines.

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Received the board today from HobbyKing . After reading about all the broken Micro USB connectors on other FC like the Crius AIOP , I had a good look at the USB connector BEFORE connecting anything. The micro USB connector is soldered to the board at the rear corners and also has 2 tabs half way down the sides. Close inspection reveals that it does NOT have a lot of solder to hold it in place and YES it is likely to break off without some extra solder. The side tabs do not appear to have been well soldered, my guess, surface mount automated soldering has not applied sufficient heat to get the solder flowing well around the tabs which are part of the larger metal connector shell, using a fine tipped soldering iron, care is required specially on the side near the pin headers, re soldered the metal tabs and also the rear corners of the connector, I don't think it will come off now. Do keep in mind that is a very small connector and the cable can be used to apply sufficient leverage to rip it clean off the board, no amount of extra solder will prevent that, so be real careful not to apply sideways forces to the cable when plugged into the board. The quality of the board, the soldering of all the other components, I can't fault it, all looks excellent. Lots of information now in the files tab for the product at HobbyKing. I connected the GPS to Serial 2, and the flashing LED

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Great Board. Using Multiwii Dev, and The AdruCoper Firm. Position hold, works... ok. for the price who cares!! Pressure sensor, old, but will work ok with foam mounted over sensor.

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Flies very well with the MWC 2.1 sketch. Other are trying MPNG and are close to success ...

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today i had my first flight with this board! I have megapirate on it and its working fine:) will try to make som video soon.

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