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MultiWii PRO Flight Controller w/MTK GPS Module

MultiWii PRO Flight Controller w/MTK GPS Module
MultiWii PRO Flight Controller w/MTK GPS Module

The MultiWii PRO is a gyro/accelerometer based flight controller that is loaded with features. This version of the MultiWii supports direct connection of a GPS module (package includes MTK 3329 GPS module) allowing for ultra-precise positioning functionality. With expandability options and full programmability, this device can control just about any type of aircraft. This is the ideal flight controller for your multi-rotor aircraft.

(MultiWii PRO)
• SMD component design with Atmega2560
• ITG3205 Triple Axis Gyro
• BMA180 Accelerometer
• BMP085 Barometer
• HMC5883L Magnetometer
• Servo output for camera pitch and roll control
• Supports direct connection of GPS module (MTK 3329 GPS module included)
• On-board USB connection for programming

(MTK 3329 GPS Module)
• Based on MediaTek Single Chip Architecture.
• L1 Frequency, C/A code, 66 channels
• High Sensitivity, Up to -165dBm tracking, providing superior urban performance
• DGPS(WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) support (optional by firmware)
• USB/UART Interface
• Supports AGPS function (Offline mode: EPO valid up to 14 days)

(MultiWii PRO)
Mounting: Standard Mk style mounting holes 45mm X 45mm
Dimensions: 70x50x12mm
Weight: 16g

(MTK 3329 GPS module)
Position Accuracy: < 3m CEP (50%) without SA (horizontal)
Cold Start: under 35 seconds (Typical)
Warm Start: under 34 seconds (Typical)
Hot Start: under 1 second (Typical)
Power Consumption: 48mA @ acquisition, 37mA @ tracking
Shut-down current consumption: 15uA, typical
Dimensions: 30x26x7mm
Weight: 8g

See instructions on how to enable GPS function located under the "Files" tab.

Package content:
MultiWii PRO FC x 1
MTK 3329 GPS Module x 1
GPS module connection leads x 1
Main board connection leads x 1
USB connection cable x 1

More information can be found on the Multiwii Website.

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  • Case Set For MultiWii PRO Flight Controller And MTK GPS Module

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Wombatcres  58 points - 10/22/2014
this will setup the 3 position switch on the turnigy 9x
 Wombatcres 58 points
I have taken it for granted that you know your way around the 9x menu, fell free to ask questions if needed
Antony1000  7 points - 10/21/2014
Red led on my multiwii pro is flashing continuously .. reboot code must be damage where can i get reboot code as originally on multiwii pro
 majik01 6527 points
Tony ... go into your GUI, level your fram and calibrate the Accel...
 Antony1000 7 points
majik01 its good now thankyou a lot but i'm still struggling to make gps work
 majik01 6527 points
No sat fixes or PH / RTH goes crazy? What MWC version. What GPS unit. What GPS line did you uncomment.
 Antony1000 7 points
Dear majik01 Thankyou for your support - I downloaded MultiWii Win GUI Version 2.3 pre 8 by Andras Schalfer - GPS unit is Holybro Hobby HG-M02 MTK3329 - in config H #define GPS_SERIAL 2 // should be 2 for flyduino v2. It's the serial port number on arduino MEGA //#define GPS_PROMINI_SERIAL // Will Autosense if GPS is connected when ardu boots. // avoid using 115200 baud because with 16MHz arduino the 115200 baudrate have more than 2% speed error (57600 have 0.8% error) #define GPS_BAUD 4800 //#define NMEA //#define UBLOX //#define MTK_BINARY16 //#define MTK_BINARY19 #define INIT_MTK_GPS // initialize MTK GPS for using selected speed, 5Hz update rate and GGA & RMC sentence or binary settings I also tried 115200 Baud #define NMEA But still not working
 majik01 6527 points
Rule of thumb ... avoid using beta releases as they have bugs ... unless you 100% know what you are doing. Go to MWC 2.3 official, when you get that to work, then test the Nav releases. For the MKT 3329, be sure your clear your EEPROM before everything. Uncomment frame and sensors. In the GPS section, line to uncomment would be NMEA, Serial 2, Init_MKT, 115200 Baud ... do not forget your mag dec (reach out if you need help). If you can upgrade to the Ublox CN-06 would be better. Connection of the GPS unit would be Rx-Tx, Tx-Rx, 5v-5v, Grd-Grd ... all on Serial 2. Keep your GPS unit at least 10 cm away from your FC board (to avoid EMI...) if you can, hook up a BT unit to an open Serial port and use EZGUI so you get wireless telemetry for your copter ...
Moochasas  1633 points - 10/20/2014 MW2.3........4 props....... a 330 frame.... a 3K battery and a few driving lessons......
 majik01 6527 points
Gotta love those moves ... Mooch is the Hox ..
 Moochasas 1633 points
Now that was fun..... didnt even break a prop surprisingly... thanks Maj for putting up the vid..... as I seem to be blocked.....
 majik01 6527 points
Blocked? HK would not dare ... Look at the YouTube URL and remove the "s" at the end ... that usually works for me. If you are using Chrome, you also need to 'unblock" any local scripts from your browser (right end of the Google URL address bar...)
 Wombatcres 58 points
this flight make me air sick lol
 majik01 6527 points
This is not too bad ... you should see the six (I think becauase I lost count ...) one after another. ... nice but you get used to it ... have been doing the flipping too?
Trevor  7 points - 10/20/2014
seriously this has been a steep learning curve..I help my friend build a race car that goes almost 200 mph and I was less frustrated building that! Anyway I digress..Can someone steer me as how to set up my Turnigy 9x how to get the AUX channels so my ANGLE flying mode will get programmed into the WINgui and the quad will self level?
 majik01 6527 points
Non-computer RC radios can be challenge to program since function switch/knob to radio channel is very hard to modified - if at all. Easier option is to use the modified TGY 9x - ER9x or the 9XR radio. Anywho, video shows how to set the flight modes in WinGUI. The TGY 9x will allow you to assign at least 2 Aux channels .. the three way switch for PH/RTH (there is a way to do that) and the gear swtich. The Taranis will allow you to program all four Aux channel as each toggle switch has three positions ...
 majik01 6527 points
How to ge
 Wombatcres 58 points
here is a easy way to set up the 3 position switch on the turnigy 9X
 Wombatcres 58 points
 majik01 6527 points
Wom ... take not off the URL to post .. make sure it does not have the "s" at the end of http ...
Lorenz  2 points - 10/19/2014
Hello Together I built a hexacopter, i mounted this Board with GPS, Bluetooth and an ultrasonic sensor. I was too afraid to flash the Board cause evething else was really easy plug and play. GPS-works bluetooth-works but my copter thinks he is a Quadcopter so is there anyone hew has a working flash file for me. Is it possible to read out the actual file and change it to hexacopter? I searched a lot but i still found old files with 2.0 or 2.2 and i have 2.3. Also the tutorials they are really helpfull but still abit so old. Could you help me???? Many thanks
 newbee 550mm 114 points
Lorenz, One step at a time. Patience gets results. (1) Download the UART "silabs driver set" from the files tab to puter you are going to use to upload the modified sketch from. The UART driver is what allows your puter to talk to MWFC board. (2) You will have to down load your basic "Arduino Open software" from Arduino's website. Just Google "Arduino Software download". Then if you already have the 2.3 version on your puter, it will have to be opened and at far right side of sketch you will find drop down arrow, click that and all the sections of the software will open up and the "CONFIG H" is near bottom of drop down,,,click it. This will open up all the changes you will make. Look up "Mooch's" youtube channel for configuring each different section as nessisary (they are very helpfull). The first one you come to will be craft selection,,that is where the shoe drops with you right away, as HEX is not defined there in your default sketch. Defining is an action of deleating the forward slashes at the lead to selection to be defined. With slashs means "NO" and without slashs means you want it to "Do this".
 newbee 550mm 114 points
Additionally you will need to down load the proper WINGUI 2.3 from the google site as that is the buffering software that is used to configure the board, make sure all the features such as GPS, ARTHOR, BAR, MAG, RC aux channel assignments, calibrating your ACC and the MAG. Also forgot to mention that in the GPS section to be defined you will have to modify your magnetic declination to an acurate representation to where you are on the planet. One step at a time. But you WILL have to madify the scetch and face the music of diving deaper. Sorry hope all this jibber jabber helps. Its reall not as bad as it sounds. Happy flying.
 majik01 6527 points
To add ... hopefully Mooch's vid for setting up shows up. It has very tips on how to set the board.
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Great unit, with all the features you need for your MC. And the price is awsome, so normally, you cannot make a mistke on buying this unit.If you buy this features in europe, you will pay 3 times as much or more. For the HK price, you get at least the gps module ( sometimes ) but not incluiding the board, wich has a big and powerfull processor also. So another time, where HK makes our hobby affordable. This is what the MC-Flyers need to upgrade their machines.

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Received the board today from HobbyKing . After reading about all the broken Micro USB connectors on other FC like the Crius AIOP , I had a good look at the USB connector BEFORE connecting anything. The micro USB connector is soldered to the board at the rear corners and also has 2 tabs half way down the sides. Close inspection reveals that it does NOT have a lot of solder to hold it in place and YES it is likely to break off without some extra solder. The side tabs do not appear to have been well soldered, my guess, surface mount automated soldering has not applied sufficient heat to get the solder flowing well around the tabs which are part of the larger metal connector shell, using a fine tipped soldering iron, care is required specially on the side near the pin headers, re soldered the metal tabs and also the rear corners of the connector, I don't think it will come off now. Do keep in mind that is a very small connector and the cable can be used to apply sufficient leverage to rip it clean off the board, no amount of extra solder will prevent that, so be real careful not to apply sideways forces to the cable when plugged into the board. The quality of the board, the soldering of all the other components, I can't fault it, all looks excellent. Lots of information now in the files tab for the product at HobbyKing. I connected the GPS to Serial 2, and the flashing LED

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Great Board. Using Multiwii Dev, and The AdruCoper Firm. Position hold, works... ok. for the price who cares!! Pressure sensor, old, but will work ok with foam mounted over sensor.

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Flies very well with the MWC 2.1 sketch. Other are trying MPNG and are close to success ...

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today i had my first flight with this board! I have megapirate on it and its working fine:) will try to make som video soon.

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