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Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger w/ Accessories

Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger w/ Accessories

The Turnigy Accucel 6 Balance Charger utilises quality FET's and resistors to accurately balance and charge LiPoly and NiMH batteries.
The Accucel-6 will handle LiPoly/LiFe up to 6S and NiMH/NiCd up to 15S and shows individual cell voltage during charge with realtime updates throughout the charge cycle.
The intuitive menu system means charging and cycling is an easy process and can be done quickly and accurately either at the field by using a 12v input such as a car battery or at home with a 12v power supply.
Bundled with the Accucel-6 is a bunch of input and output wires which should satisfy any charging requirement.

There are several chargers now entering the China market that look similar to the Accucel. These chargers are produced with cheaper FET's and are unfortunately much less accurate and very unsafe. There has been reports of the copied chargers over-charging packs and not balancing correctly.
The Accucel-6 is the first charger in the market with this PCB layout Circuit design. Any charger with the same circuit diagram is most definitely a copy. We have tested the copied chargers ourselves, their componentry is of a very low quality and the manufacturing company that has produced the copy has used a process of duplicating our CPU(MCU)'s hex file and flashed a similar chip(MCU) to produce a similar product. This means they do not have the original code and therefore cannot bug-test(QC) or update the charger at any point.
Our chargers have CE and RoHS certification, proving their safety.
Plus, thousands of customers the world over have used our chargers with excellent results.
Your batteries are expensive. We understand this and thats why we will not carry low-quality charging devices.
Trust only in TURNIGY® quality charging devices.

• Microprocessor controlled
• Delta-peak sensitivity (NiMH/NiCd)
• Individual cell balancing
• Li-ion, LiPo and LiFe capable
• Ni-Cd and NiMH capable
• Large range of charge currents
• Store function, allows safe storage current
• Time limit function
• Input voltage monitoring. (Protects car batteries at the field)
• Data storage (Store up to 5 packs in memory)
• Battery break in and cycling.

Input Voltage: 11~17v
Circuit Power: Max Charge: 50W / Max Discharge: 5W
Charge Current Range: .1~6.0A
NiMH/NiCd Cells: 1~15
LiIon/LiPoly Cells: 1~6
Pb battery Voltage: 2~20v
Weight: 355g

This charger has a JST-XH charge plug, which makes it compatible with Zippy, HXT, TURNIGY and any pack with a JST-XH adapter.

Note: Power supply not included.


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Weight: 437g
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Kourosh  2 points - 7/1/2015
To charge a 4s 3000MAH battery, do I need to use the lead connectors? Or can I just put it in the balance?
 hanafi 135 points
it wont work if only using balance plug, you have too use both lead connector and balance connector, otherwise the charger wont to start charging.
 anikeev 1364 points
You have to plug in BOTH balance and lead wires for EVERY li-po battery. Cheap wall-plugged chargers can charge 2-3S li-po batteries through balance plug only but it takes soooooooo much time.
 Kevin 2 points
For any lipo charge you must plug into the lead connecters. This is where the main power supply comes from. The balance is mainly to supervise the charge. Although when using balance charge, the voltage runs through the balance lead.
Sean  1 points - 6/26/2015
hi i am having a problem with this charger. as soon as i start charging a battery i hear a buzzing noise and then the charger shuts off and restarts automatically. only when i lower the charge rate to 1.5 A it charges. but it is done in less than 10 minutes so it cant be charging it all the way. i dont know if the charger is just **** or what. my friend has a 6-10 and it works perfectly fine, so i dont really know any help will be appreciated.
 Sean 1 points
i am using zippy 1300mah batteries if that is any help
 EstebanT 826 points
Hello! Please check your power supply. Looks like the PS is not powerful enough. If PS voltage drops below 11 V while charging, then replace it by a bigger one (75 Watts minimum). Regards!
 Sean 1 points
thanks any suggestions on what to use for a PS other than a car battery or car battery charger.
 EstebanT 826 points
Car battery (out of the car) is an excellent choice, if well charged, of course. Other options: 1) I use the 12V output of an old 250W PC power supply. Excellent performance at a very low cost. 2) You can also consider purchasing PRODUCT ID: 9052000023-3. Regards!
 Paul 2 points
Hello, if you are using a 1300mah battery, you should set the charger to 1.3A (1300mA), this is the safe charge limit. Set the charger to fast charge for a quicker charge time (this mode will charge the battery to about 95%).
 Kshatrya 1 points
I've been using a surplus laptop power supply. It delivers 15Vdc at 3A and will charge 4 cell, 1,300mAh batteries easily.
 Sean 1 points
thanks EstebanT. i am now using the battery from my truck and it works perfectly fine. it charges zippy 1300s pretty quick.
 EstebanT 826 points
Good to know you solved the problem, Sean! Best Regards!
Shaheed  1 points - 6/20/2015
Hey guys, I'm new to this hobby and I'm working on building 250 quadcopter. It's been a grat learning process however I'm completely stumped on a few things when it comes to chargers. I'm thinking of getting 2 batteries 1800mah 35c and a 2200mah 35c. My question is do you have to have the same brand battery charger? Also I am interested in this charger however is thee a reason why a power cord does not come with a charger. It's very frustrating for some coming into a hobby and try to make sense. Is there a power cord on here that will work with this charger? Thank you SS
 handyjap 665 points
You need a AC to DC adapter for this supply as it works on input 11~17v. You use a mains lead on the power adapter.
 EstebanT 826 points
1) Charger and battery brands need not be the same. You simply have to make sure the charger is LiPo capable (this one is, actually). This charger is perfectly compatible with those batteries you are interested in. 2) Most of these low cost chargers need an external power supply, because the input voltage is between 11 and 17 volts DC. Some include the power supply inside, but is not the case here. Hope this answer helps you. Best Regards!
 Shaheed 1 points
Hey thank you, appreciate the information. Any reason why they don't include a cable? Just curious.
 EstebanT 826 points
It includes 3 cables, actally. But they are removable from the charger. 1 DC Input cable (alligator clips to cilindrical connector): jack is on the left side of the charger, and 2 output cables banana to male XT60 and female XT60 to alligatos. Outputs are on the right side of the charger. Of course you can not connect this charger directly to the wall (110 or 220 VAC)! you need an additional AC/DC adapter/Power Supplylike PRODUCT ID: 9052000045, or any suitable DC supply, like a car 12V battery, the 12V output of a PC power supply, etc. Regards!
chad  5 points - 6/17/2015
does this come with a lead to charge JST or just xt60?
 anikeev 1364 points
just XT60 and one extra wire that plugs into XT60 and gives a pair of crocks.
Highball  134 points - 6/14/2015
I have a question how come my Turnigy Accucel-6 charges one cell to 3.6 and the other cell to 3.40 on 2 s life battery's this is on all my life packs and I am using the balance plug. After its charged I have to go and go through the balance function and it will balance the cells evenly to this normal
 Warren 4 points
This is normal, if you are bothered about it just always balance, I personally always do, it only takes a minute or so longer, but I prefer to know my batteries are in the the best condition.
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Overall Rating
422 thumbs up!
Accucel-6 is a really nice product. The firmware of thie charger is exactly same as of any other 50W charger. It has a blue backlit which is easily readable in the sunlight or in dark.
Along with the cigarette lighter adapter, you can use this to charge your batteries while driving down to the field. ANY SPACES IN THE ABOVE LINK)

The buttons are good and it has all metal body which is really good as compared to the Hobby King $18.99 charger.

This charger comes with a multiple charge lead connector which you can use with any kind of battery.

You can even calibrate the charger if you feel the readings are a little incorrect.

For calibrating this charger follow these steps:

1.) Power off the charger.
2.) Press and hold the (dec" and "start" buttons.
3.) Power on the charger. (you will hear 3 beeps in a row). Keep the buttons pressed.
4.) You will enter into the calibration screen where the voltage detected by the charger is displayed on the screen (voltage on output leads).
5.) Attach any battery to the output leads of the charger.
6.) Using a digital multimeter, correct the reading of the voltage by pressing "inc" or "dec" buttons till the reading matches with that of the multimeter.
7.) Press "Stop" when you are done.
8.) Your charger is calibrated now.

You can repeat these steps as many number of times

50 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
samuel fonteneau
235 thumbs up!
I'm very happy with this charger.
I tested with my cheap voltmeter the final volatge and it seemed lower than displayed by the charger.
So i tried to calibrate it :

Hold on "ENTER" and "-" button at while powering on the charger.
The charger display something like this :

plus00 VOL: x.xxV

Then plug in a battery in the charging plug and you can see the voltage detected by the charger.
Now you can adjust it by pressing plus or -

I just have to find a good voltmeter because i don't trust my voltmeter more than the accucel !

4 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Alistair Foot
150 thumbs up!
I ordered 2 of these chargers from HobbyCity, as I wanted a simple, easy-to-use charger for my Li-Po batteries. I found the charger very user-friendly, even though no manual is supplied with it. However, I have found a link to the charger manual here which may be useful to read it through, the Turnigy Accucel-6 has even more capability than I first believed just by pressing the buttons!! The balance functions work really well and much information can be obtained from the charger displays. This is a really impressive charger, all the more so given the price.

Thanks again HobbyCity for a great product!!

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Michal Morawiecki
115 thumbs up!
Bought one as support to my standard field charger (MPX LN5014). Some of the features I like (vs old charger):
plusbright display easily readable in the sun.
plusbalancer functionality with detailed voltage display of all cells.
plusfaster LIPO loading without the final "trickle charge"
plusstore discharge, memory etc.
plusnice set of connecting cables.
pluslow shipping weight.
-only visible drawback is the black housing, which will tend to get hotter in direct sunlight.

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
106 thumbs up!
Nice charger, not so good discharger.

Good: 1) bright display easily readable
2) balancer functionality with detailed voltage display of all cells on one screen.
3) Memory for batteries
4) USB data collection
5) Many connecting cables.
6) Cheap to buy
7) Can be used with Twin pack charge lead to charge two 3s1p: Good, easy to use menu

Bad: (reason for 4 stars)
1) Discharge function is only so so. With a 3s1p you can discharge at a maximum of .5a and with 6s1p just .2a so it can take all night just to discharge a pack.
2) Fan makes a lot of noise, this is probably due to the charge's small size they had to put a small fan that moves a lot of air to cool it down.
It is a budget charger with above budget performance, you don't need to discharge a lot of full packs get it.

Note to the review below, you need to plug in the power and balancing port at the same time to balance charge.

27 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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