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Mini Swift R/C EPO Glider (PNF)

Mini Swift R/C EPO Glider (PNF)
Mini Swift R/C EPO Glider (PNF)

Made with EPO, this small glider is both agile and very resliant to crashes. A great hotliner style glider with an 800mAh 2S pack, or bungy high-start/tow model with a 350mAh pack.
The Mini-swift is great fun slope soaring or just racing around your local park.
Because it's plug-n-fly ready you only need to include your own receiver and battery to be flight-ready!

Wingspan: 610mmLength: 485mm
Motor: Brushless outrunner
Prop: 5.1x3.1
Servo: 2x3.7g, 1x8g 
Battery: 7.4V 2S 350 ~800mah 20C (Not Included)
2S 7.4V 350-800mAh LiPoly Battery
4 Channel Transmitter and Receiver


2 1:IC/2:Elec 3 Channel 610mm (24.02in) 485mm (19.09in) 0g (0lb)

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 Customer rated
Total of 312 discussions.
Steed99  1 points - 4/12/2016
Zarjanian  53 points - 3/22/2016
Nice little plane as long as it's not windy.
John  2 points - 2/25/2016
De mijne in goede staat ontvangen. Montage erg makkelijk. Alles werkt. Volgende week uitproberen in de sporthal.
Lentar  1 points - 10/18/2015
Does this no longer come with the crash kit?
borntoolucid  7 points - 6/2/2015
They eliminated the crash kit or mine was missing, Aileron linkage is useless due to bad installation, and esc refuses to arm motor, seems like a lot of money for little to show.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
Genial, monte tres rapidement, je lui mis des rhino 610 en 2S qui se logent tres bien dedans. Seul difficulte est de passer le cable de servos des ailerons dans le fuselage lors du montage.
Sinon c'est une machine tres chouette, qui plane pas trop mal, tient super bien le vol dos.

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Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
Got the one the other day. The kit came nicely packed and was shipped as Fragile good, so it arrived undamaged half way around the world.

First impressions: Looks very well made, all parts fit well together. All electronics are in working order. Motor has enough pull and is very silent. Servos felt a bit ratchety and cheap (well they are cheap) but seem to do the job. They do buzz at extreme end of travel but that can be sorted on Tx.

It came with a Pentium mark ed 6A ESC not a Turnigy one (surprise).

Controls have enough throw so that should not be a problem, Ailerons seemed not to have as much throw as other two but I am not sure as I am more a Heliguy.

The spare kit doesn't come with channels or the push rods.

Build material used seems not as robust as on my Multiplex Fox.

All in all a good package for the price but shipping kills the joy. 30USD EMS shipping plus about 45USD toll tax and handelling fee(higher tax due to EMS option)will make me think twice the next time.

Anyway I have some unpacking of kit photos posted in the blog section of hobbyking forums.

Here is the

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
Mine came out at 120 grams with a 360mAh 2cell LiPo. Current draw is ~4,5A. I would not say very fast, but its fun to fly. A little slow response on the aileron, but crispy on elevator. I am probably going to extend the ailerons as long as it is possible.

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
I've just come from the field, and so far not believe how this plane can fly, perfect controls, flew well even with enough wind. Five stars for hobbyking

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Received this today - and put it together over an hour or so. To get the aileron servo lead into place, I pushed string through from the canopy and taped it to the servo lead. The lead was threaded above the wing into the cavity above the wing, then pulled thru with the string.
I also had the beep beep problem getting the motor to go - I think the esc needed 'arming' - turn on radio with throttle full, then after beep, returnto zero - sets rang

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A fantastic little glider, great for slope soaring or tearing around your local park. Very resilient to crashes and long flight times on just an 500mAh Lipo.
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