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Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware)

Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware)
Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware)

With v2 firmware update, correcting many flaws of the previous 9X, plus inbuilt 2.4Ghz (no daggy second antenna) this is a quality, reliable 2.4Ghz system suitable for beginners and pro pilots alike.
Get that locked-in feeling that only 2.4Ghz glitch free technology can provide.
Ultra fast reaction times and interference-free control of your model is only achievable with this 2.4Ghz technology.

Without a doubt, the best value 9Ch system available!

Number of Channel: 8ch ppm/9ch pcm
Display: 128*64LCD
Support Type: Heli/Acro/Glid
Support user: 8
Stick model: 4
Encoder type: ppm/pcm
Subtrim: Yes
Simulator Interface: Yes
Buzzer: Yes
Low Voltage Show: Yes
Turnigy 9x 9Ch Transmitter
Turnigy RF9X-V2 module
Turnigy 9X8C-V2 8-channel receiver
The TURNIGY 9X has been reflashed with the new v2 firmware, fixing previous menu and mixing issues. This firmware flash is only available from our TURNIGY 9X system as we flash each unit in our office before it is shipped.
Purchases of any other rebranded version of the TURNIGY 9X will not have the latest firmware and patches (even the OEM factory does not have these updates).
NOTE: "SWITCH ERROR" means you have one of the switches in the wrong position when you turn the radio on. It is not a fault.


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Eli  1 points - 8/16/2016
Hello everyone! I bought the transmitter, but I am having a lot of issues binding it to the receiver. I plug the ESC into Channel 3 of the receiver (yes it IS the throttle port!) I plug my battery in to the ESC, and connect my bind cable to the receiver. I press the bind button on my transmitter and turn the radio on. It goes through the normal start noises, and it never binds. Does anybody have any suggestions? Am I using the transmitter/receiver wrong? I am using the Power Pack F from FliteTest if that helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
 v_max 5601 points
1 Press and keep HOLDING bind button WHILE powering TX.
2. Connect bind loop into bind port
3. Power RX (with bind loop) after TX is powered in bind mode.
4. If no success, then check transmitter settings .. mode should be set to PPM 8ch (do not remeber where exactly it was in stock firmware, as reflashed mine with Er9X firmware, but this was there...)
5. if no success then sometimes reason is bent TX module connector pin pass aside of tx module socket, check module plugged correctly and connector pins are not bent
 Eli 1 points
Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately, none is this worked. I plugged in the TX module and none of the pins were bent. Could there be a problem with my receiver/esc/motor? Also should there be a second noise to confirm it is bound? I am just getting the basic startup noises no matter what I do and I have no control over the motor.
 v_max 5601 points
No beeps.. binding is tx module sole responsibility and it has no beeper. Transmitter has no idea about binding. In most case no bind means no PPM signal comes to TX module or signal is not recoginised as PPM. First.. before powering transmitter in bind mode ensure all tx switches must be off (front ones aside from you, top ones down) and throttle set to minimun.
 v_max 5601 points
Second.. check signal setting is PPM.(not PCM) Push and hold the menu button on the TX until you get 2 icons. The first one will look like your Transmitter ( System settings ) and the other one will look like a wrench and screw driver. ( Func Settings ). Start with the System settings by pressing the darkened TX icon. Mode select is the model that you want to fly. It has an 8 model memory so if you don't have any other models programmed into your TX then just start from the top and push exit to return to system settings. Now using the up/down pad on the left side of your TX cursor down to [Mode name] then push the menu button. Here you will type in the name of your model that you want, then when finished push the menu button again to save and it will return back to the system settings menu. Now you cursor down to[ Type select ] and push menu. 3 selections 1: Heli 2:Acro 3:glider Select Heli and push menu button to save and return to system settings. Next selection scroll down to [ Modeulat ] 2 selections 1: PPM 2: PCM Select PPM and push menu to save and return to system setting.
 v_max 5601 points
Aghhh... copied setup description for you to give a clue where to look for PPM.. sure entering model name and selecting model type (heli or whatewer) is not related to binding.. Only last [ Modulat ] setting is important for binding
 teknokraze 266 points
Also, make sure you plug the bind cable/plug into the receiver BEFORE powering on with the ESC, otherwise the receiver doesn't go into bind mode.
 teknokraze 266 points
One other thing, when you power on the transmitter in bind mode try not to be too close to the receiver. I've heard there can be problems binding when they are too close together, so move away from the receiver about 2 or 3 meters and try from there as well.
 Eli 1 points
Thanks again for all the suggestions guys! I have tried all these things with sadly no results. I made a youtube video showing the process of how I am connecting cables, and trying to connect. I didn't mention this in the video, but my radio IS in PPM modulation. If you spot any problems please give a shout!
 teknokraze 266 points
From your video I can see you have your ESC wire plugged into the receiver upside down, the orange signal wire goes to the top, the brown negative wire to the bottom. Also, if that powers it properly, after you go through the bind procedure you cannot test while it's still in bind mode, you have to power down both tx and rx, remove the bind plug, then power on tx, then rx. You should immediately get the start up beeps from the motor then and can test.
 Eli 1 points
When I try plugging in the wire upside down it heats up the ESC. Also my motor has never made start-up noises?
 teknokraze 266 points
Have you modified your ESC in any way?
 teknokraze 266 points
Plus, ESCs well always get warm when you power then, and hot when you use them, that's why it's best practice when putting them in a plane to place them in airflow. Or on multirotors place them in the prop wash.
 Eli 1 points
I haven't modified my ESC in any way. I tried this again with the yellow signal facing up and the first time I tried it the ESC got hot then cooled down. I don't think it connected and I had no control over throttle. I tried it a second time and this time the ESC didn't get hot. Is my ESC or receiver blown? This is the second receiver I have bought. Maybe time to invest in a better receiver and/or ESC? Thanks for the help again!
 v_max 5601 points
you reversed polarity of RX powering.. This might fry receiver...*( Power RX normally without bind loop, you should see red led inside rx Second while BINDING no reaction on throttle expected is NORMAL.. only visible result AFTER binding in normal mode red led = no signal green led signal is ok.. Leds are inside rx boxing which is semi transparent.. and not clearly visible..
 Eli 1 points
I took apart my receiver and there are no LED lights inside. Is there a better receiver I should use? I am about to order a new one. Here are photos of my receiver. Front: https://postimg****/image/htx3rfugb Back: https://postimg****/image/z5xgcvnxn Any suggestions for another compatible receiver welcome unless this is how the receiver should be!
 v_max 5601 points
No red led light inside with power connected? then you probably fry it with reverse polarity. No, there is no other better receiver .. there are only 3 compatible ones this one, hk-t6a one and gt-2r. All are poor quality and short range. If you need something better then you need to replace both tx module and receiver. (read my answer to one post below)
Kevin  5 points - 8/12/2016
v_max how do I upgrade this radio to the "Pro level system"
 v_max 5601 points
Just replace poor quality stock TX module (plugguble at backside) and RX with something better and you will have unbeatable system.. My choice is FrSky DJT tx module and D series Frsky ACSST receivers..(for quads I use d4r-ii receiver) HK sells DJT module only in combo Combo with D series receiver (telemetry capable) has PRODUCT ID: DJT. Other combo with v8 receiver is cheaper but do not have low RSSI alarm out of box. Well next step is reflash t9x with er9x not really too important, but it's much more flexible and intuitive then stock firmware. Requires strong soldering skills.. Instructions can be found on er9x site... There is also a lot of other mods you can do if you need depending on how you are planning to use it. Ah yes, installing backlight is easy with HK's backlight kit, and sometimes usefull if you are flying in the dark time..
Kevin  5 points - 8/12/2016
can this radio run in PCM mode. was having control issues with it in PPM
 v_max 5601 points
This radio is digital.. and use digital protocol on the air over 2.4GHz band. (same one as wifi use) Unlike old analog radios it has no deal with PPM or PCM except the signal wire pin on tx module connector..Tx controller can be switched into PCM coding but stock TX module can only accept PPM.. So this wouldn't work with stock TX module.. I do not remember any modern tx modules which requires PCM, most I know use PPM only, PCM probably exists only to keep compatibility with very old analog modules
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A very god radio !!!
Bind Addtional Turnigy 9X 2.4 GHz 8Ch Receiver (V
Bind the HK-GT2 3ch 2.4 GHz with the Turnigy 9X
Bind Turnigy 9X V2 with HK TR6A V2 6Ch
Turnigy 9x stock levels
Attention! Lot with display problems.
Total crap
Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
I am using an ASSAN hacker modulewith the 9X Tx.
With no recievers available I hooked up the Hacker as follows:
1- Top Pin signal
2- no connection
3- Red plus
4- Black -
5- no connection.

You can see photo's at only gave it 4 stars as the TX did not work as recieved, one of the wires to the dual rate switch was not connected, an easy fix.

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Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
I'd give this radio a 5 star rating but there are a few minor things that subtract points.
-One is that putting the batteries is a hassle, the 8 AA cell holder is OK, but the cable gets on the way of the cover and it takes a while to be able to close it, there's a lot of pinching of the cables involved so I shouldn't wonder if the insulation fails sooner or later requiring a replacement of the cables.
-Second is the very annoying and loud BEEEEP!!! you get with every-single-click you do on the buttons, seriously stressing to set up the radio at home, not good for conjugal life. To fix that I cut the leg that goes from a transistor to the speaker and added a 220 Ohm resistor in between.
-Third, no manual comes with the radio.
-Fourth setting up a V-Tail was a mind bending affair, I succeeded but I couldn't grok the logic of the procedure.

Besides those things it's a good product.

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Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
I have one of those and i have kinda problem with display, there is some cold conract, on mainboard, ans still bordering me all the time( otherwise seems ok the menu and functions.

7 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
I purchased this transmitter & Assan XJ8 module from HC. First I got around the switch error bug (thanks to that reviewer)
For me the Assan XJ8 just flashes red once on start up, but gives no steady red LED & will not go into pairing mode.
Assan say they don't know the problem & suggest putting XJ8 in another TX (I don't have one)
Anyone know how to test if TGY 9X or Assan is the problem? Thanks

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Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
Great range - over 3000m, but realy to big receiver. Also dont like to small battery compartment, and antenna linked with wire.
You Also can't mix with AUX cahnnels - you can oly mix first 4 cahnells. No manual - It could be at least link at this product to download manual for Turnigy 9x. Also don,t like that this transsmiter in almost never in stock, or that there smaller 6 ch receivers I waiting for more 3 months So from me only 3 stars.

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