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Turnigy HP50 50cc Gas Engine 5.5HP

Turnigy HP50 50cc Gas Engine 5.5HP

Earmarked in China as the DL50-Killer. The Turnigy HP-50 has shamelessly borrowed porting and head design from the DL and combined it with a CNC machined billet alloy crankcase to produce a powerful, lightweight and reliable engine.

• CDI electronic ignition with auto advance
• Walbro membrane carburetor with manual choke
• DL porting and head design
• CNC machine billet alloy crankcase
• Powerful and lightweight

Displacement: 50cc
Bore/Stroke: 43x35mm
Compression: 7.5:1
Max Power: 5.5HP @ 10,000RPM
RPM: 1200~10,000RPM
Weight: 1380g
Thrust: 13.6KG @ 100m~11.5KG @ 1800m (above sea level)
Electronic Ignition: CDI
Spark Plug: CM-6
Carburetor: Walbro with manual choke
Fuel: 2 stroke oil/fuel mix 30:1 (break in) 45:1 (general use)
Ignition Power: 4.8V DC (4 cell Nimh battery)
Suggested Prop: 20x8, 20x10, 22x8, 22x10
Please note:
For more power, use unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 98.
Never power the CDI with more than 6v. Doing so will break the CDI module. Take note of your battery packs true voltage when fully charged.


Weight: 2699g
International Warehouse
Price HKD1,862.01

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  • Turnigy 3D Gas Wood Propeller 22x10

    Combo Price: HKD114.93   IN STOCK

  • 50cc~60cc Pitts Muffler (Compatible with Smoke Systems)

    Combo Price: HKD317.77   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy Fuel/Oil Mixture Mixing Bottle (Ratios 30:1 & 35:1)

    Combo Price: HKD17.46   BACKORDER

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Total of 72 discussions.
Kyle  5 points - 11/18/2014
anyone know where i can get a replacement connecting rod for this engine (turnigy -HP50) i have all other parts but this one to finsih rebuild
Eduardo Buratto  4 points - 11/1/2014
Hi all. Can someone explain to me which one will be a "better buy" between this 50cc and the Turnigy 55cc? Also, how come the 50cc has 5.5 hp ( when any another 50cc has 5hp ) and the 55cc has 5.6hp? Thanks in advance, Eduardo
Martinair01  24 points - 9/22/2014
The Membrane of my TR 50HP Carburator is broken. Has anyone an idea, where to get / where to order this spare part thx guys Martin
Bucks Biker  1 points - 8/31/2014
Regarding this specific engine, the Turnigy HP50, could someone advise me please if it would be OK to rotate the carburettor through 180 degrees on its mounting? Physically it looks like it could be done as there are two long screws holding the carb, through the black spacer plate and on to the rear of the crankcase. I just want to be sure the motor will operate as reliably as with the carburettor positioned as shipped. If I do this it will be so much easier to connect the servos for the choke and throttle controls. in my large scale Spit. Any help much appreciated.
 Jan 35 points
Hi Bucks, dont know regarding this specific engine, but any gas engine this category shoul work the same way. There is o-hole to feed the engine from carb, so no mather possition of the carb. You can rotate it as you wish. reg Jan
 Bucks Biker 1 points
Many thanks Jan - appreciated.
Dolfie  49 points - 8/26/2014
Hi guys I am new to gas motors, I always use electric motors, and wanted to put this motor in my boat -900MM(36") long. My question is how do you start the motor when you haven't got a propellor to crank the motor. And how do you connect the crankshaft to the flexshaft (driveshaft) of the boat. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Dolf.
 Gary49 3869 points
Your first problem with putting this engine in a boat is how are you going to cool it, marine engines have a special water cooled head which this one doesn't. A lot of marine engines have a flywheel fitted to the crankshaft which has a groove in it to take a starting belt, this is then turned with an electric starter. It really is best to buy a proper marine engine with water cooling and possibly a recoil pull starter. Another thing is that this engine is way to big for a 36ins hull, 20/25cc would be more than enough
 Dolfie 49 points
Yes thanks Gary49 makes sence now .
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Review Blogs for this item
Turnigy HP 50 CC Engine.
Overall Rating
Jim Powell
49 thumbs up!
I bought two HP50 50CC gas engines and am in the process of breaking them in. I am using 100 octane 40/1 mix and so far have been able to get 6500 rpm with a 22X10 Zinger prop. I hope they will improve. The engines run fine but the electronic ignition leaves a lot to be desired. One unit failed after about an hour of use and the other has a definite miss at half throttle. I hope it is the ignition. I have ordered two replacements and we will see. I am O.K. so far with them. I will probably change the rating after they are run in some more. I am not requesting replacement ignitions but getting different ones. Will keep you informed

5 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
48 thumbs up!
Looks good, but I had an ignition failure anfter 5 minutes!
So I couldn't run the too long. I send back the ignition for waranty replacement and never heard of it again. So at last I ordered a new ignition

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
44 thumbs up!
Just finished running my Turnigy 50cc for the first hour, couldn't be happier! In Dallas Tx. 90 degrees outside, Chevron 93 octane gas, Bel Ray MC 1 oil @ exactly 40 to 1, Vess 22-B prop.
A very reliable 1800 - 2000 rpm idle, a very smooth transition to 6550 rpms. This is out of the box, using the included muffler, after only a half gallon of gas!
No problems hand starting, and No Problems with the ignition...

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Overall Rating
43 thumbs up!
I've got to tell you that this engine on a 15 lb Yak 55 (GP) is the most overpowered plane I have ever flown. Hobbycity could not possibly get enough of these engines fast enough for the demand

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Overall Rating
42 thumbs up!
TURNIGY 50cc Gas Engine.
Ignition questions... If you will read the included owners manual, it says clearly... "If the power voltage is more than 7V, it WILL destroy the Ignition. If it is larger than 10V, it will cause explosion."
Understand that a fully charged 5 cell NiCad pack, nominally rated @ 6 volts, will rate as high as 7.5 volts! Do not make this mistake. Run a regulator @ 5.4 volts with a 2 cell LiPoly and never have to worry.

8 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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