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Turnigy R/C LED Lighting System

Turnigy R/C LED Lighting System

Turnigy R/C LED Lighting System, easy to use scale lighting set suitable for 30-60 size scale model helicopters and aeroplanes.
2 red Beacon
2 White Strobe
1 Red
1 Green navigation light
A set for landing lights.
Flush mount LED plugs, to install in canopies or wings.
Input: 4-6v
Current: 30mA
Main board size: 35x24x8mm
LED wire length: 600mm/pc
Weight: 35g



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Weight: 89g
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Total of 118 discussions.
konstantinos  1 points - 4/21/2015
are these suitable for quad multicopter???
 HobbyShun 180 points
They are, but you might also look at 9 Mode Multi Colour/Multi Function LED strip with Control Unit(PRODUCT ID: 9171000061) or get a pair of Turnigy High Density R/C LED Flexible Strip, they are different colors and will definitely look better on a quad
Robert  7 points - 4/20/2015
Are there extentions for the leads. 600mm is too short for my 1400 wing span plane.
 HobbyShun 180 points
I bougt Flat 26AWG servo wire PRODUCT ID: AM-1304 and added where needed.
Beat  2 points - 4/20/2015
This system work verywell and is lightweight. I use this in many planes.
Cedric  17 points - 3/3/2015
I do not have a spare channel. Is it possible to manually have the lights always turn on. I am trying to 'hack' it, but i dont know how. Any help is highly appreciated
 Abhishek Kuksal 13 points
hello Cedric with IC like LM7805 and combination of resistors will works but it does not blink your LED it only glows it*(that can harm your LED or system without giving any perceptible warning). and that one is not easy for anyone For your system protection go with Turnigy R/C LED Lighting System and buy a Turnigy 9X transmitter and receiver or you can also buy a Hobby King and here you go.
No canal que alimenta o receptor voce coloca uma extenç*ã*o em Y vendido aqui na Hobbyking uma extremidade vai para o seu ESC e a outra para alimentar o equipamento luz LED.
 Mike 2 points
Yes, you can run these lights from your bind port from a Spectrum, Orange or Lemon receiver. They will be always on from the moment you power up the plane. I do this on several of my planes with this very product. I recommend it!
Luke  2 points - 3/1/2015
Are these really any good?
 RonRC 4093 points
Hi Luke, Yes they are if you use some sand paper, emory cloth, or something to take the gloss off the bulbs. They are very directional if you don't. Sanding them makes them cast a bright omni directional glow. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
Customer Reviews
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Overall Rating
76 thumbs up!
Fantastic bright LED's. Good for scale models like Cessna 182. I have ordered them for my friend's Cessna. They are bright and quite visible in the dusk / dark. However in the sunlight, they are not very visible. Good value for money. Recent price drop from 9.99 to 6. something....

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Overall Rating
19 thumbs up!
Small! Good for a .25 sized plane only. Would not recomend for 40 or 60 plane or heli. Shipping is great....

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Overall Rating
15 thumbs up!
It has nice case. It is not so expensive. The only negative for me is the lights which is not bright enough. It has focused standart LEDs, I prefer diffused LEDs.

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Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
Led de alto brillo, lo nico que no me gusta del sistema es que las luces de aterrizaje se ven poco y los strob parpadean mal, no se asemeja a la realidad.

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Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
I really like these lights but have one thing that bothers me a little....

I put these on my P51D E-Flight, and they are bright if you are in the focus path only, you can't see them at all off to the side, or it has to be really dark

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