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Turnigy™ S3101S Servo 2.5kg / 0.14sec / 17g

Turnigy™ S3101S Servo 2.5kg / 0.14sec / 17g

Turnigy S3101S Servo 2.5kg / 0.14sec / 17g

Weight: 17g
Dimensions: 39 x 29 x 14mm
Torque: 2.5kg
Speed: .14sec
Gear Type: Mixed


Weight (g) 17
Torque (kg) 2.5
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.14
A(mm) 34
B(mm) 28
C(mm) 30
D(mm) 13
E(mm) 40
F(mm) 20
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 Customer rated
Total of 13 discussions.
V.  1 points - 3/16/2016
This servo has 25 tooth on the sprocket wheel. I have bought this to replace the MPX Tiny S servo for my Funcopter V2. Everything fits except the tooth! The MPX has 24 tooth. So I hope you guys can tell me an alternative. If the total servo size is some mm larger it shouldn't matter.
Photopigiste  144 points - 8/13/2014
Hitec HS-81,HS-81MG and HS-82MG
cj-duck  2 points - 6/11/2012
What is the metal gear equivalent for this servo. using it in my sons 1/16 traxxas
 Colt1873 185 points
In that servo line, I do not think there is a metal gear servo available. I suggesst you use the servo compare feature and see if there is something close in perhaps a different brand.
 Justapoke 478 points
Hitec HS-82MG shoul be around the same size.
AcTion  132 points - 4/4/2011
Does anyone know where i can get the servo gears for this servos ? I stripped 2 servos.
They worked ok, but i need to get new servo gears.
 underthetire 417 points
No to be rude, but why bother at 5 bucks each. I've had problems breaking some turnigy plastic gear servos, so I switched to been happy so far.
 Colt1873 185 points
To the best of my knowledge there are no gears available. The centering of these servos is rather ***r, so why rebuild them. The same gear strips on every servo so there is no need to save any of it for spare parts. Just toss and reorder, or move to a better servo.
 vini_itu 15 points
To my knowledge, no gears to this servant, I had them, but changed by Turnigy metal gear is a great option
Nighat Sultana  6 points - 4/14/2010
will this work in a 1/16 revo, and this may be a stupid question but can i use this more than 6 volts e.g. use a 7.4 volt pack.
 vaughan 119 points
As long as you go through an esc it doesn't matter what battery voltage you use. But if you don't use an esc you shouldn't go more than 6v.
 Meebert 46 points
this has the right dimensions, you don't have to worry about the voltage. All traxxas servos run on 6v if you read the specs
 Flight Risk 2 points
Not a good idea to use over 6 volts.
And should be fine in a Revo
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
32 thumbs up!
It's a micro size servo. The real dimension without mouting foot is 28 x 13mm. It's a good replacement product with similar characteristics for Futaba S3101, Hitec HS-81 and Multiplex Tiny-S.

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Overall Rating
32 thumbs up!
got 2 of these for ailerons in my 35 nitro pitts. Initially they looked very good, strong fast quiet and centered well, after about 5 flight the gears were stripped in one of them, without any ding. Dont know if I should replace it or look for something else. its a shame because it was a nice servo and I dont want to risk my plane with it.

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Overall Rating
12 thumbs up!
This servo has more precise movemnets than others I bought from hobbycity, like 9320, Corona and HD.
The output gear is compatibile with Futaba horns. The only question is: Is it durable? Time will say.

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Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
These servos work great, they are a solid, had no slop and centered better than many other servos in this price range. I can't vouch for how long they will last, but so far so good. I am happy with them and will order more for some of my other projects.

This particular set went into a GP Edge 540T 50" and fit the slots perfectly without any extra cutting.

As others have mentioned they are comparable to the Hitec HS-81.

5 Stars easy.

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Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
forget the HS81 , this is better faster and quieter , and much cheaper , well done HC

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