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HXT500 6.2g / 0.6kg / .08sec Micro Servo

HXT500 6.2g / 0.6kg / .08sec Micro Servo
HXT500 6.2g / 0.6kg / .08sec Micro Servo

Size : 21.3x11.5x22 mm
Voltage : 4.8v ~ 6v
Weight: 6.2g
Speed : 0.08 sec/60 (4.8V) 0.07 sec/60 (6.0V)
Torque : 0.6 kg-cm (4.8V) 0.8 kg-cm (6.0V)
Working Temp : -30C~60C
Teflon Bushing, 15cm wire, coreless motor
Servo arms & screw included

These servos can be found on eBay and other asian seller stores at close to this price, however be warned, they do not contain Taiwan/Japan components. HexTronik (the manufacturers of these servos) have two standards, one is for local sale, and the other is export quality with imported connectors and resin gears from Taiwan and Japan.
Our HXT500 and HXT900 are export only, and not built for the domestic market.

Because we order direct from the factory in large batches, the servos can sometimes be red, blue or green, depending on what our wholesale customers requested. Do not be alarmed, the colour does not indicate that it is a different servo.


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Weight (g) 6.2
Torque (kg) 0.6
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.08
A(mm) 25
B(mm) 21
C(mm) 22
D(mm) 11
E(mm) 30
F(mm) 16
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Weight: 16g Quantity: 
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Total of 113 discussions.
JohnnyCanada  109 points - 5/22/2014
I built a 30" lightweight flying wing on the weekend and used these servos. They are working great on it. I usually use the 9g HXT900's, but for this wing I wanted to keep it as light as possible.
Gringo_Ringo  3 points - 5/15/2014
Buy 4 servos. Arms & screws was included only with 2 servos.
(Mike)  621 points - 4/12/2014
do these work straight of 1s lipo. 4.2~3.5volts, going to use this for dlg
 Gerry01 4308 points
No, it will work bad. Voltage has to be 4v or more.
 (Mike) 621 points
by bad, you mean less torque or continuous jittering, poor center etc
 (Mike) 621 points
I will be using this on a dlg and don't need more than .2kg of torque
 handyjap 490 points
Use with "TURNIGY Voltage Booster for Servo & Rx (1S to 5v 1A)" PRODUCT ID: DMDL-VBoster
 Gerry01 4308 points
It'll be jittery and as battery voltage drops, centering will not be consistent. I had one of this in a small electronic device feed with 4.8v batteries and, as voltage droped, servo became unstable.
 Gerry01 4308 points
Thanks for the credit!
 JayCUk 11 points
I have used these on a Nanotech 600 1s and had no problem at all. No voltage booster, in the 1000mm composite dlg. Needed nose weight so put in a voltage booster just to bring weight forward. I do no agree in "waste weight"
Yuri Borisovich  5 points - 4/5/2014
Beautiful servo!
TheMightyThor  3 points - 4/2/2014
Does Any one know how to make this move 180 Degrees? I can only get 90 degrees out of it. It is Hung on an upside down Pan Tilt mount, it looks UP just fine, but i want it to swing from center to down, which appears to be a reverse motion? any ideas? i have it responding to a Pot on my 9XR transmitter thanks in advance
 9888trading 4 points
I'm pretty sure, the maximum travel on this particular servo is only 90 degrees, in the description they usually are specified if over, say 180 or 360 degrees
 TheMightyThor 3 points
On its own, it moves 180 Degrees, there is nothing impeding it until it gets to 180 degrees. I also thought before i bought them it said it was 180. but i will have to research more. thanks for answering
 TheMightyThor 3 points
from Hobbyking support, the range of motion is 100%. to get that motion you have to adjust your travel on the controlling POT or Button to about 125% incase any one else was looking fro this answer
 TheMightyThor 3 points
Sorry i meant its range of motion is 100 degrees
 Gerry01 4308 points
I had made this servo travel 170 deg controlling them with an Arduino. But with my Tx with 120% endpoint doesn't go even close to that, just 100 deg.
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Overall Rating
59 thumbs up!
I think it is the best servo in this price and weight range! They are really fast and without problems to use!

Super Servo! Sehr schnell und eine super Rückstellgenauigkeit! Benutze für Servos in dieser Größe nur noch die HXT500 und bis jetzt ohne Ausfall oder irgendwelche Probleme!
Sehr zu empfehlen!!

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Overall Rating
50 thumbs up!
*Hxt 500
*Extremely small
*About 6.4 grams

*Servo horns are pretty
*Highly tiny
*Incredibly micro

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Jan Rafaj
47 thumbs up!
These are basically TowerPro SG50 servos.
Their characteristics is quite good.

plus no play (dead band). Not even mechanical (teeth wag) nor electrical (by off-tolerance el. components in AA51880 ref. design)
plus highly accurate (results from the above)
plus fine-stepping (highly suitable for micro helis)
plus fast movement (.10 sec/60deg/4.8V), which makes them perfectly suitable even for heli rudder servo applications
plus weight. It is a bit above the spec about 6.5g incl. the connector wire
plus durability
plus withstands quite high load compared to its size

- their servo horn shafts are placed somewhat more to the middle of the servo face, which means that slight collective non-linearity may result with heli's eCCPM heads, as most designs need the horn shaft positioned closer to the servo upper bottom. However this is becouse of larger horn shaft gear diameter, which results in higher load handling (that outweights this flaw very well).

Money very well spent.
These are by far the servos with the best price/performance ratio I know to date.

3 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Alexander Vasilev
45 thumbs up!
Perhaps the best server ever for models with weight below 500 grams:
1) Very light (it may weight a bit hevier but you can handle it by replaycing the wires and drilling holes in it)
2) Very cheap (please show me a server on the market with the same parameters and with a less price - unreal)
3) Very good quality (it IS precise, smooth and well centered, best if used in foamies under 300gr. weight
4) Need more? I once was out of servos and given an HXT 500 by a friend - from that time I order only them and HXT 900 for my hevier models. Oh, by the way, in Russia this servo would cost 10 times more!

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Davor Mikola
21 thumbs up!
Just received 4 of them from friend who got them through United Hobbies.

I was little sceptic with pricing bellow 4$ and installed them on low wing
30's racer on OS 25 egine. With wing span of 40" I could install 2 of them for wings and still have total weight for all servos at fraction over 1 oz !
Response is very positive and no usual "dead band" around center as found on other "cheaper" servo models.

They definitely get my vote.

Next order I am getting some more.

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