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HXT900 Micro Servo 1.6kg / 0.12sec / 9g

HXT900 Micro Servo 1.6kg / 0.12sec / 9g
HXT900 Micro Servo 1.6kg / 0.12sec / 9g

HXT900, one of the most famous and the best value micro servos available.
Used by tens of thousands of hobbyiests world wide. The HXT900 is the #1 trusted low cost 9g servo.

• Plastic Bushing
• 25cm wire
• Coreless motor
• Servo arms & screw included

Size : 21x12x22 mm / 0.74x0.42x0.78 in
Voltage : 3v ~ 6v
Weight: 9g / 0.39oz
Speed : 0.12 sec/60(4.8V)
Torque : 1.6kg-cm
Working Temp : -30C~60C
Gears: Nylon White type

Similar looking servos can be found on eBay and other asian sellers, however be warned, they do not contain Taiwan/Japan components. HexTronik (the manufacturers of these servos) have two standards, one is for local sale, and the other is export quality with imported connectors and resin gears from Taiwan and Japan.
Our HXT500 and HXT900 are export only, and not built for the domestic market. You will not find the same quality servo for less, anywhere!


Weight (g) 9
Torque (kg) 1.6
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.12
A(mm) 29
B(mm) 23
C(mm) 26
D(mm) 12
E(mm) 32
F(mm) 16
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  • HXT900 (POM) Replacement Servo Gear Set

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Total of 646 discussions.
Philip  6 points - 2/6/2016
I use these in my 63inch Twin engine Duke that reaches 100mph an have had no problems. I use them in all my builds and never had any issues.
 RonRC 4297 points
This is the second scratch build I made and used these servos in. They work great!
 RonRC 4297 points
I tried using them in tricopters and they worked well until crashes which stripped them out. I had several I had stripped until I started using metal gears for tricopters (I had a bunch of these servos). so I rebuilt some from spare parts and used two of them to control a scratch built servo gimbal on my Y-6 and they worked great for that as well with very smooth stabi**zation that rivals low end BL gimbals.
 RonRC 4297 points
Here is some video from that setup.
Nick  2 points - 2/5/2016
When is this going to be back in stock?
DIVYANSH  1 points - 1/23/2016
i suggest you should upgrade because the metal gear servos last very longer compared to the nylon geared servos
 EstebanT 948 points
Hello! Take a look at Turnig TGY-50090M Analog Servo MG 1.6kg / 0.08sec / 9g (PRODUCT ID: 9468000001-0).
 Eric 1 points
These servos are fantastic! i use them on an F-22 and at 70 mph they handle the stress perfectly!
Stephen  21 points - 12/15/2015
I've used a whole bunch of these over the past 4-5 years on my foamies. Most seemed to work great, although had a rough patch when they changed the gear type. Lately, though, I seem to be stripping them out more than usual. Don't know if I'm overloading them? (Seems kind of hard to do with a foamy!). Thinking about switching to the Turnigy metal gear 9gram version. Not sure if it's worth twice the price. Suggestions & thoughts?
 Liam 1 points
I sort of want four of these servos for my 60in wingspan scratch build, recommend? or to small and weak?
 Bobo22 45 points
I would only recommend you metal gear servos in places where you need extra torque like large moving control surfaces. On my parkjets I usually use metal servos for the elevons only and everything else is plastic. The extra cost and weight of the metal gear servos is not worth it in my opinion if you are not going to be pushing your plane to its limits. Do your homework before you order though! A lot of metal gear servos are not full metal. Usually one gear is plastic. Also I highly recommend servos with top ball bearings. You probably have already seen plenty of your plastic servos getting their arm sloppy over time (some are like that right out of the box). Top bearings on the servo arms help big ways in keeping the servo tight.
 Liam 1 points
can you recommend me a servo for my plane if I plan to make it go at moderate speeds (30-60 mph), and the surface area of my elevator and ailerons are these values: each aileron: 60in^2 (2 x 30)in elevator: 42in^2 (2 x 21)in I plan on using this servo as my rudder servo since a dis functional rudder wont destroy my plane sorry for using inch's, they're just easier to work with and thanks for the help
 Liam 1 points
I found this servo, it has 2kg of torque, do you think a metal servo would be a better choice?
 Liam 1 points
I guess links dont work.... here is the name: HobbyKing™* 928BB Servo 2.0kg / 0.13sec / 9g
 Ral fRotten 2389 points
The turnigy 9g nylon gear servo's are much better/stronger than these, these HXT's might have been good servo's early in the piece, but these days they strip the gears all too easily, whoever makes them now make them to a very low standard, the turnigy 9g long wire are my 9g of choice, never stripped a gear with the turnigy 9g, with the HXT's, ALL of the ones I've bought have stripped the teeth.
taifou  2 points - 10/21/2015
can these servos work for a plane that has a weight of 1500grams
 Jakob L Hansen 38 points
Yes, but mostly depends on the size of the control surfaces. But you should be fine - we use these everywhere :-)
 hanafi 141 points
you better go with 2kg torque metal servo, just imagine if you plane dive and make turn and hit 2G you plane will have twice it weight, this servo may work but it will work in extremely condition and will make it easy to broke. 1.6kg you see on description was mean to stall rate, it's not good to play near that rate.
 RonRC 4297 points
My F-22 weighed in at 1000g and used only two of these for the Elevon control surfaces (about 7 inches by 4 inches each). They worked great. I did some quick snap loops after gunning it and one time it tore a half moon on the elevon around the control horn but the servo was fine. This F-22 reached a speed of 88mph and these servos handled it well.
 Kevin 3 points
Love these servos, great for anything small, I have not had one fail me yet!
 Gravelsandwich 7 points
Yep, you can use these no worries, Best to use one per control surface. For the elevator I like to use 2 servos for planes around 2kg and over.
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Overall Rating
456 thumbs up!
One of the best and MOST HOT selling servos... These come into stock and within 3 days are again out of stock... HOT SELLING Item. The performance of this servo is extremly good and fast. Very accurate and there are no centering issues. The gears are resin/plastic and for the money totally worth it.
I have been using these on my foamies for a long time now. A bit noisy but torque is good. Highly recommended. Buy them before they go OUT OF STOCK AGAIN.

20 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Anders Höglund
129 thumbs up!
These gems are fast and strong, a bit noisy perhaps.

There is a downside of beeing strong and fast, they draw quite a bit of current.
I measured about 550mA when exercising one HXT900 without load. This is an average, it seems to require more peak current. If used together with a linear BEC it will cause voltage drops.

I tried 2 HXT900 with a 1.5A BEC and a Spektrum AR6200 Rx. I could not exercise those two without loosing power to the Rx and cause it to a "BrownOut Reboot".
With four servos connected, I could not even touch the control stick. The BEC circuit also got so hot it melted its plastic sleeve. Still works though, did not fail completely.

I tried with a larger ESC, having a 2A linear BEC, and it worked much better. But I could still force a "brownout reboot" by wildly excerise all four servos. I dare not fly my Pitts this way.

So, with four servos or more and an AR6200 Rx, I think you must use a larger switch mode BEC capable of 3A at least.

This is a combined problem of high current surge, poor power supply and voltage sensitive Rx. And maybe poor filtering of the powerline.
Not really a problem with the servos as such.

27 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Anthony Manti
84 thumbs up!
Alot of flyers in the area are just loveing these. Similar, and in some aspects superior performance to the famous HS-81 at one quarter the price.

Here's some stats from the forums here at Hobby City:

Results in degrees/sec.:

@4.8V 450
@6.0V 560
Results in sec/60degrees.:

@4.8V 0.13


Torque Centering
1.3 .2

3 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Quinton Marais
77 thumbs up!
These HC babies kick Hitec HS-65HB's into the weeds starting with a massive 6:1 price ratio saving and ~identical physical size26.8hx23.2Lx12w mm at 9g. They use their own horn spine type however and good quality copper servo wire, and make a similar noise. My tests show very slightly higher power drain than a HiTec HS-65HB
@4.8v smooth flying/hard reversals/stalls @/speed
HXT900 160ma/290ma/690ma/0.14-60° (side-by-side with Hitec)
HS-65HB 135ma/260ma/545ma/0.14-60°
I have bought more than 30 of these and never did one give a problem with normal park flying/crashes and they work fine at 6v but be aware the current will rise to 190ma/370ma/690ma for your BEC. This servo allows you to own and operate 6 models where Hitec would limit you to one model. You decide. My recommendation is get more for less - they are basically the same spec. Sure we all have a few models that we like to run expensive servos on, but these HXT900 are the base to build a big pyramid on, and spend the money you save on buying more airplanes and helicopters. I don't consider them anything like a HS55 which = HXT500. 5 star performance for a 10 star price.

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
62 thumbs up!
These are really nice servo, and you get seven of them included shipping, for the price of one in Portugal.
These servant are fast and very accurate, and the price is fantastic.
Five stars.

8 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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