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26cc Gas engine w/ CD-Ignition 1.45PS

26cc Gas engine w/ CD-Ignition 1.45PS

Excellent, well made single cylinder engine that is powerful, lightweight and with its CDI electronic ignition it is a breeze to start. The crankcase is CNC milled from a solid aluminum billet, the cranshaft is CNC lathed for true precision making this a smooth running, strong but lightweight engine.

This motor will suit most planes designed for a 26cc or 1.20 engine. The motor is compact, light and will fit inside most cowls designed for these types of motors

• CNC machined parts
• Most parts machined from solid materials
• Walbro carburetor with diaphragm, butterfly valve and manual choke
• Lightweight and strong
• CDI electronic ignition

Displacement: 26cc
Bore/Stroke: 34x28mm
Max Power: 1.45PS @ 10,000RPM
RPM: 1800~10,000RPM
Ignition: DC-CDI electronic computer controlled with auto advance (4.8~6V)
Spark Plugs: CM6
Carburetor: Walbro diaphragm with butterfly valve and manual choke
Fuel: Gas/oil mix (25:1 for break in, 40:1 for general use)
Net Weight: 920g
Width: 120mm
Height: 130mm
Mounting Holes: 64x64mm
Suggested Props: 17x8~17x10~16x8~16x10

Please note:
All motors are tested, tuned and broken in for 7 minutes at the factory and will smell like gasoline when you receive it. This is normal, we stock all parts for this engine.


Weight: 2190g
International Warehouse
Price  $122.10

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Total of 78 discussions.
al  20 points - 5/18/2015
Hi Wolfgang, it is a standard Walbro carb, you may be able to get the part you need from a lawn mower or weedeater dealer. Or you may also try any dealer that has Zenoah parts. Al
Wolfgang  1 points - 3/28/2015
Hello, unfortunately you will not help me in the chat. I need this motor 26cc gas engine w / CD Ignition 1.45PS (UK Warehouse) I need the insulator between the carburetor and the engine is. The plastic part with the 2 seals can not find it in the shop unfortunately.
Pedrinho  13 points - 3/18/2015
Gostaria de encontrar um desenho deste motor contendo as dimensoes externas para avaliar instalaç*ã*o em meu aviao.
Pedrinho  13 points - 3/18/2015
I´*like to have an engine external dimensions sketch to chek if this will fit in my airplane. Who could help me?
Martin  9 points - 7/31/2014
I got mine a couple of days ago and it is just like the photo... Side carb. Haven't run it yet but quality seems pretty good.
 bicyclemonkey 29 points
I got mine in the mail today. Mine is side carb but the spark plug is not mounted at an angle, it's straight up and down. On the back of the case, which seems to be polished aluminum, it says "Turnigy 26cc"
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Michael Mercer
88 thumbs up!
I purchased this engine back in mid-April and today I tried it for the first time. It started easily after 5 or 6 flips of the prop. I did not touch the mixture screws. On a 16-6 MA prop and fresh fuel @ 30:1, it ran up to 8100 RPM. The low speed might need some tweaking as it gets rough below 2100 RPM but the transition to full speed is very smooth. I ran a 1/2 litre of fuel through it and did many starts. 1 or 2 flips and away it goes.
I am very pleased with this engine except for the fit of the muffler, the holes barely line up but I managed to drill out the holes a little bit bigger and they are ok now.
Overall I am very satisfied and will fly the plane with this engine next week.

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Overall Rating
David Plaice
40 thumbs up!
Hi, I have one of these on a 64" Yak. It looks good but this one has a badly threaded crank (hobby city have agreed to replace it from photos i sent, i call that pretty good service), also the silencer bolt hole don't match up very well. The engine is light, it starts easily and runs great on 4.8v. Transition is good but overall performance is lacking in my opinion, this may get bettter though with time. Prop figures are 6000rpm on a Menz 17X8 and 6600rpm on a Graupner 16X8 'G' sonic. These figure improved by 400rpm when the sensor timing was advanced to its max. 3 stars for performance and quality controle, 5 stars for value, overaul i think 4 stars would be a realistic rating. It looks like it should last well and seems to be reliable given it's had over 4 hrs running.

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Overall Rating
Michael Gugl
24 thumbs up!
I ordered a FTL26 and received it after 4 days very quick. The engine went into a cmp Katana 72" with 5.5kg takeoff weight on 16x10 prop it performes quite good first flight was not bad but engine cut out after 5 min running. Adjusted the needels and increased the cooling now 10min running on ground with full throttle is not a problem. Next test will be with 17x6 prop. So far no problems with the engine therefore I'm quite happy with the product.

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Overall Rating
michel lancel
23 thumbs up!
i tryed to turn the engine around but it goes not so wel i put the engine in parts ,and see that the crankcase were the bearings are is 0.2 mm to small
the holes of the bearings are to small thats why they not wil turn
Can i order a new ,complete crankase for it ????


2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Larry Cornine
19 thumbs up!
Just received my new FTL 26, installed it in my 1/4 Scale Cap 232. Started it up this afternoon, idles great, runs up about 6500 right now with only 20 minutes of time on it. Everything fit on the engine, all bolts snug, even the muffler bolted up with no problems. Looks like they have been listening to the customer reviews. I'll definately buy another.

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