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ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 20C

ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 20C

Zippy Flightmax batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the market! No matter the application you have in mind, zippy lipoly batteries are an ideal choice.

Capacity: 2200mAh
Voltage: 3S1P / 3 Cell / 11.1v
Discharge: 20C Constant / 25-30C Burst
Weight: 160g (including wire, plug & shrink wrap)
Dimensions: 104x35x22mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge wire: 12AWG
Discharge plug: XT60


Capacity(mAh) 2200
Config (s) 3
Discharge (c) 20
Weight (g) 160
Max Charge Rate (C) 2
Length-A(mm) 104
Height-B(mm) 35
Width-C(mm) 22
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Total of 92 discussions.
hi  1 points - 2/8/2016
What charger is needed for this battery?
 __Nmut 112 points
Hello Any lipo charger that can deliver 2A on a 3S (11.1V). You can find them in "DC chargers" section of this site, it costs from 30$ to 100$ for standard powers. Be carrefull, some may need external power source to convert 220/110V to 12V. You can find first price 3S lipo charger for few bucks but I don't recommend it (not safe for batteries, can only charge lipos, no information displayed).
Freeze  5 points - 11/4/2015
Anyone know how long the charge can last when in use?
 __Nmut 112 points
It will only depend on the power drawn by your system (motors, receiver, servos, ...)! The average power consumption is not easy to evaluate and it depends on the use of the model, the type of the model, ... In general you can do a rough estimation adding half of the max consumption of the motor(s) of your model (the other components consumption of your model can be neglected). If it draws 30A at max, you can use 15A in the calculation. The effective energy of your lipo (to protect to over discharge) is about 2/3 of the mah, in this case about 1450mah = 1.45Ah => you will have about 1.45Ah / 15A = 0.097h = 5 to 6 min running time. Of course you have to adapt this example, a car running in the grass will always draw the maximum power from the lipo but a glider can use less than 20% of the max power in average. Anyway the most important things to choose a lipo are: the discharge current (C number), the size (!) and the weight of the lipo...
 I_Gotts_Ta_Fly 93 points
Freeze, that is really the same as asking, "how long does one gallon/liter of fuel last?" It all depends on your application.
Carlos  1 points - 7/1/2015
Hi, I bought a Quanum Nova quadcopter and also bought some other accesories for it. I bought this battery for my FPV camera: ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 25C. When I charge my turnigy 2.7 battery with the charger I got with my nova, charger remains with red led ON until it is fully charged and red led turns OFF. But when I try to charge this flightmax battery my charger red led starts blinking and remains blinking. I don't know if it's ok or if there is any error. What should I do? Thank You.
 HobbyShun 240 points
This is a LiPo batery. Is your charger designed for charging LiPo?
Mauro Barros  56 points - 8/2/2014
Very good.
Nathan  7 points - 6/29/2014
What is the max charge rate this battery can be charged with on an accucel charger, 50w?
 Oliver 27 points
5c which is 11A but the accucel will only go to 6.0A
 volrcr 89 points
If you read the battery specs under the Product Configuration Table (above), you will see the maximum charge rate is 2C or 4.4 Amps.
Customer Reviews
Review Blogs for this item
Good battery
Overall Rating
141 thumbs up!
I am running this pack in my Precision Aerobatics Katana MD with the Trust30 motor and APC 12x6 prop. In flight reading with Eagle Tree are as good if not better than TP packs.

This was on a 10 minute flight:
Pack Volts: Min9.95 Max12.48 Avg11.13
Pack Amps: Max41.21 Avg8.29
Watts: Max449.02 Avg89.40

Awesome pack at an awesome price!

7 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Joel Ball
84 thumbs up!
I have found this battery to be very good in flight and the performance is great also. I have been using this battery in a modified Wild wing from hobby people using an aurora 400F motor and for a 9 min 51 sec flight I have been getting with a 6x3 Master airscrew prop. For watts 0.00 min, max 266.48, ave. 107.76 amps 0.00 min, max 23.75, ave. 9.96 and pack volts 10.31 min, 12.64 max, ave. 10.96 with total used mAh 1250.
Using the same motor and with a flight time of 10.5 min using a 6x3 Master airscrew prop. For watts 0.00 min, max 292.30, ave. 101.36 amps 0.00 min, max 24.94, ave. 9.04 and pack volts 10.58 min, 12.58 max, ave. 11.31 with total used mAh 1381.
I like this battery a lot and plan to purchase more, and at this price you can’t beat it. These packs out perform all my thunder-power packs. I can get three of these for the price of one thunder-power.

3 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
John D Tan
70 thumbs up!
top rated batts. wonderful price for its performance.

I have 2 running in my trex 450SEs flying intermediate 3d. 1 running with the power hungry scorpion 2221-8 12t and the other with 430xl 13t.

both holds well during maneuvers like inverted funnels, tick toks, pflips etc.

average amp draw 25A with peaks 45A. putting back 1600mAh after about 4.5 mins flight. headspeed ard 3k

60 cycles and still running.

power isnt as ballistic as a tp extreme v2 but it is well worth the money.

3 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
William Klingbeil
54 thumbs up!
These Chinese cells are good so far. I ran some watt meter comparison tests against my best TP 2200 extreme packs. These Zippy's supplied 80 more watts of power in bursts on the watt meter. Not bad for a pack that is 1/3rd the cost.

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
Clem Colman
50 thumbs up!
Have only used my new ones twice, but one is in a particularly demanding foam fuselage bird, in hot Australian summer conditions.

Even after a good run at WOT (pulling around 30-33A) these batteries came out all but cool.

Look like good packs - for the moment very happy - will come back and post again if performance drops off.

2 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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