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TURNIGY 8-15A UBEC for Lipoly

TURNIGY 8-15A UBEC for Lipoly
TURNIGY 8-15A UBEC for Lipoly

Power your receiver and servos with the baddest of UBEC power solutions. The Turnigy 15 is an advanced switching DC-DC regulator which will supply a constant 8A or more with short bursts of up to 15amps! The Turnigy UBEC plugs into a 2 or 3 Cell Lipoly pack and supplies a constant 5 or 6v to your receiver. Voltage status indicator lights on the pack show whether your 2 or 3 cell pack is Full, half charged or low. An excellent safety feature! The system includes an anti-short circuit and overheat function with a thin metal shield cover, reducing noise. Also included is an output filter to reduce noise, an on/off switch and a step down regulator adapter.

Output (Constant): 5v/8A or 6v/8A
Input: 6v-12.6v (2-3cell lipo)
Size: 42x39x9mm
Weight: 34g
Quiescent Current: 60mA
Type: Switching

LED indicator (2 or 3 cell)
Full : 7.8~8.4v / 11.7v~12.6v
Incrimenting down to;
5.4~6.6v / <9.9v

Supplied with full instructions.


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 Customer rated
Total of 135 discussions.
Yoav7  35 points - 5/15/2016
Restock the item !!!
michel  1 points - 5/5/2016
Salut je voudrai monter ce regulateur sur mon dbxl losi 1/5,monter actuellement avec 2 gros servo,un lipo 7,4v,est un regulateur 6v 3ah mais il est tros faible pour ***menter mes servo en amperage,peu t on le monter dessus,merci
Turi Santana  15 points - 11/26/2015
I bought this UBEC, but I did not understand the translation of the instructions attached to what is the cable by 10 cm (male - female) with resistance welded to the center of the cable. Some of you would know erudirmi on how to use it and where it is installed? Thank you in advance
 Aefer 352 points
Hi Turi, it is a voltage reducer, so that you can run servos from the 6V supply this UBEC can put out, but you can connect that cable before a servo to run that servo on 5V. Hope this makes sense for you
Guus  27 points - 9/21/2015
Congratulations Turnigy, this UBEC does not only gives the receiver a so called “*hard”* power supply but also a electronic switch (switch off, power on) and a double “*Futaba”* connector to discharge the "Futaba"connector and also the connector bank of the receiver.
Tigran  9 points - 8/25/2015
Can I connect two of these devices parallel for redundancy. If one fail, the second will continue to supply power to receiver. Have you guys tried stuff like these?
 CharlySub 13 points
No. Never Put 2 UBEC parallel. They interfear in the Regulation of each other.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
82 thumbs up!
Sehr guter ubec,hatt meine Erwartubgen in jeder hinsicht bertroffen.
Der "gleiche" Artikel wird in Deutschland fr rund 30 Euro angeboten...!!!!!! Ich nutze die Ubecs in einer 2,4 m Yak 55 (5xDiggi Servos) und einer Extra 2,12 von Composite (auch 5 diggis) und habe keinerlei Probleme damit.Lediglich den kleinen Schalter am Ubec habe ich gegen einen hochwertigeren aber eigendlich nicht ntig.

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Overall Rating
Miha Holc
74 thumbs up!
I send one of the BEC to Gerd Giese for testing. Gerd tested it and he gives thumbs up!

See the link here: Babelfish to translate:

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Overall Rating
Samsudin Man
24 thumbs up!
I placed order on the 23rd, they posted on the 24th, and I received on the 26th, this morning, Saturday, just in time for me to test it out on my X-Cell Stratus 90. What else can I say, the product is simply excellent. Running it on 2s2p 4400mAH LiIon to provide power to all the top end brushless Futaba servos that I used, the voltage is pretty constant (5V7-5V8) all the way through.
The only minor drawback that I found is all the 4 voltage indicator LED's remain turned ON for as long as the battery is connected. What I did was, I use additional power switch, placed in between the UBEC & battery, then remove the supplied switch(default switch open = ON), so that the whole circuit is controlled through 1 single power switch.
The LEDs are very bright. Very easily seen from behind the heli while hovering, even though the UBEC is placed (double sided taped) underneath the switch. I bought 2 of them, and certainly recommend it to all my RC friends..
The best part is, it works better then my previous 5.3V regulator (US made), comes with voltage monitor, higher current ratings, but at just half the price. Good job HC!!

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Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
Ordered 2 of them for me. The quiescent current measured on both is about 28mA instead of the 60mA announced, so even better.
Another good news, what is not mentioned, is that the switch fitted on that U-bec is of the "safety type" or "electronic switch" On mechanical failure of the switch, the receiver does continue to receive power via the Ubec. So you have two in one : Ubec plus safety switch.

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Overall Rating
Ramon Molto Salvador
11 thumbs up!
I have mounted it powering receiver (futaba 2,4 ghz), 5 servos (9kg torque) and eletronic ignition engine (SPE26) directly from only one 3300 flight power lipoly pack. Enought power, and very good voltimeter leds indicator. Ramon (Spain). Cames with two output wires.

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