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Lithium Polymer Charge Pack 25x33cm JUMBO Sack

Lithium Polymer Charge Pack 25x33cm JUMBO Sack

Protect your family and home from the hazard of lipo charging.
This lipo-guard is a fireproof bag, designed to stop and contain the fire caused by incorrectly or poorly functioning lipos, especially during charging.

We urge all customers to always practice extreme caution when charging and never leave a charging battery unattended.

This pack is the jumbo size. It is 25x33cm/10x13

The LP-Guard is made from a fibreglass woven fabric. Similar to fireproof suits worn by some firefighters.


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Natalia Ivanovna  1 points - 8/17/2016
seems reasonable to use these bags to store small batteries
Bart  2 points - 2/17/2016
How many mAH would be safe to store in these ?? Would it be safe to store two stock Yuneec Q500 batteries (3S 6300 mAH) in one of these?
Brian  23 points - 11/8/2015
These are HUGE, by the way. I didn't really grasp the size until it arrived. That is a relative statement, of course, but take a look at what 25cmx33cm (10"x13") looks like.
 HSNRc 91 points
exactly. its big enough. i bought two. its also capable to take small lipo sack to inside. :)
Benelly  4 points - 7/27/2015
nie product... thank you
Troy  2 points - 6/29/2015
I would NOT recommend these bags for 2 reasons. The outer material of the bag is a vinyl material that melts when heated, and the stitching of the bags seems to be nylon. Both these materials are unsuitable for applications involving heat. Try holding a lighter to the inside of the bag and you will see the vinyl start to soften, bubble, and melt. Try holding a lighter near the stitching and the stitching will instantly melt and give way. In short, these bags are NOT FIRE PROOF by a long shot! Use a ceramic plant pot instead.
 William 11 points
I agree, I use a ceramic flower pot, too : )
 moon hobbies 11 points
they dont have to fire proof they just have to be strong enough to outlast the lipo. which in 90%of cases it does
 Troy 2 points
That's crazy, moon hobbies - so the other 10% of the time you burn your house down? If you are making something to contain a fire then a little common sense tells me I should make it out of all fire proof materials!
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Patrick Diesslin
61 thumbs up!
I was suspicious about these bags for the price but I ran a test. We forced an old 3500mah 11.1v pack to overcharge and blow up inside the bag. Normally could start a fire but in this bag all that happened was it puffed up with heaps of smoke pouring out but no flames. Did what is was supposed to with no sign of the cell even trying to burn thru the bag. A must have if you charge li-po batteries as I have started a fire before and nearly lost my house !!! Just get one or two.... they are good.

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Overall Rating
Mark Harris
26 thumbs up!
I recently had a 5S1P 5.3AH battery go up in this, but all i got was a really smelly room. There was no fire just a HUGE amount of smoke.

I highly recommend this, look at the price, then see what your house and contents are worth, i think you'll see that this little bag is worth every last cent.

You should also use something like this for transporting you're lipos, if you're in an accident the last thing you need is to have your car catch fire (with you in it!?) because a lipo was damaged.

This bag fits every cell i own, from 2s 650mah to 8S 5.3AH, truely an all rounder!

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Overall Rating
Mika Tanninen
6 thumbs up!
At first I was suspicious about this bag. It looked a little bit expensive and too weak to actually handle a lipo explosion. When I actually got to see this bag my mind was completely changed. This bag really is really firm and strong. Nowadays I enjoy care-free lipo-loadings. Thanks to this bag.

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Overall Rating
Eran Saban
6 thumbs up!
I keep 7 batteries in the bag, 3 of them are 3 cells 2200 MA and there is still place to store more

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Overall Rating
Raduan Alias
5 thumbs up!
Bought 1 one of these previously. Very well made product. Can store more than five 3S 2200mah batteries. Using a sack to store batteries especially during batteries charging operation gives me peace of mind. Any charging of batteries still requires supervision and monitoring to prevent mishap. I am buying another sack this month to accommodate my growing family of batteries

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