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TURNIGY Sentry 18amp Speed Controller

TURNIGY Sentry 18amp Speed Controller

Sentry 18A Brushless Speed Controller
The Sentry series of BESCs have an inbuilt battery cell protector.
By plugging the connector into the batterys charge port the BESC can ensure that the pack is balanced and that the pack never drops below a recomended level. This ensures your pack wont be over-discharged and destroy your battery.
Its the best way to protect your expensive batteries. Considering in most cases your battery costs more than your BESC, its a wise investment to get a Sentry.

Cont Current: 18A
Burst Current: 22A
BEC Mode: Linear
BEC : 5v / 2A (3A burst)
Lipo Cells: 2-4
NiMH : 5-15
Weight: 27g
Size: 45x24x11mm

User Programmable, both via controller and optional programming card. The programming card is an excellent item as it instantly tells the user the current settings and with a few simple clicks of the buttons, the user can change the settings and have graphical reassurance of those changes.
The programming card is an excellent Item and simple to use!


Weight: 65g
International Warehouse
Price  $11.70

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 Customer rated
Total of 5 discussions.
MrBuddha  2 points - 11/21/2011
does anyone know how close there timming and rates are compared to the plush 18a? and will these be good to use on my tricopter, i'll desolder the balance port
 Jeff 146 points
I have this exact same question. Anyone know what the Plush has over the sentry (or the Basic for that matter)?
 Alexander 635 points
The sentry controlls each cell of your Lipopack individualy. It protects each cell from too low discharge and will balance the pack.
Before the Lipo gets damage because of low voltage, the ESC will reduce the power.
 Jeff 146 points
Hum...thanks for replying, Alexander, but I don't think you understand how the sentry works at all. It most certainly does NOT balance the pack. I've owned a LOT of these (both plush and sentry), and the sentry ONLY monitors each cell and puts cutoff on any single cell voltage (rather than the total voltage). My question was why the plush (and basic, for that matter) was more expensive. Does anyone know if there are different electronics or better BEC or specs for the basic or plush?
 vagnerson 28 points
ele descarrega a bateria de forma igual em todas as celulas da bateria, excelente.
Andrew  2 points - 10/29/2011
When I plug the ESC into the battery it starts smoking. Nothing else is connected. Is the ESC bad?
 joninalex 8 points
Generally, releasing the magical blue smoke for electronics is considered bad.... Did u plug the battery in the right way? If not then i would assume it is bad yes
 vagnerson 28 points
você ligou positivo no negativo, são excelentes speed
Mamre  3 points - 9/14/2011
What is the difference between Turnigy Plush 18A ESC and this one? Specs are nearly same.
JeffBr  403 points - 7/6/2010
Do you really need to connect the balancing cable when operating the esc.? If not, is it possible to cut the balancing port off if not needed.? I know the normal Plush esc would be the logical one to get, but they are out of stock for quite sometime now and I need an 18A esc very quick actually.. TIA and cheers, Jeff.
 Lauri 22 points
You don't need to use the balancing cable. It only 'saves' your battery cells. U can cut the port away. Be careful that the wires don't get short circuit.
 John 6 points
It is not neccesary to use the balance tap. I don't think there would be any problem with removing it if desired. Just be sure to insulate the cut ends of the wire.
importfan  11 points -
I am using the Turnigy 18A Sentry ESC and find that it does not result in balanced cells at the end of the flight. I am using a Hobby City cell monitor and find the cells to be 3.77, 3.53, and 3.81V. Should the cells be a lot closer? Thanks for your response.
 Garret H 110 points
They should be closer than that! I use the TowerPro 18-amp ESC's, and have never had an issue with the cells being unbalanced after a may want to try a different ESC.
 DefekCs 15 points
Well, not exactly and not always! It also depends on battery usage, capacity and C rating. More used is battery is more unstable in discharge (reason 1). The smaller capacity of battery the faster it discharges on load* it could cause balance problems because of lack of time to regulate voltage levels (reason 2). Most important **> if battery is under the load close to max C rating most of the time, it is almost impossible to balance them on run (reason 3). As voltage directly depends on capacity left in battery, balancing means that some capacity is "sent" from one cell to another. If battery is worn ESC will have to do lots of balancing as some cells discharges faster. If discharge is under maximum load battery can handle there are not going to be free current flow used to balance package... So check your batteries also! *)
 Tryin2fly 293 points
Well, That was very helpful and a very good explanation of what goes on when a battery is under a full load
 RoboSerg 22 points
How does this inbuilt battery cell protector work? Does it just cuts the voltage off any my heli drops from they sky? Does it make a sound? Or how?
 Jeff 146 points
Everyone should note, that the Sentry model doesn't help balance the discharge on the just monitors EACH CELL for critically low points. If you have mis-matched capacity LIPO to begin with, or a damaged cell, it will ALWAYS end up mis-matched on the discharge, this just ensures that the ESC cuts off and begins warning you on EACH CELL voltage, not just the total (the total voltage has a lot of problems on >3S type lipos of not being accurate enough to prevent one cell being too low).
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Michael Seifner
4 thumbs up!
Gemeinsam mit der ProgrammingCard ist es erstmals möglich den Akku wirklich auszunützen, da ja jede Zelle einzeln überwacht wird. Es muss jedoch darauf geachtet werden, dass der richtige Balancer-Stecker am Akku vorhanden ist.
Toller ESC zu einem vernünfigen Preis.

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Overall Rating
Hrvoje Kreso Lovric
3 thumbs up!
Nice ESC with very usefull feature. If somebody (like me) is interested which components are inside, take look at this

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Overall Rating
Turnigy Sentry 18A
2 thumbs up!
Verwende den Regler mit einem Turnigy 2217-20.
Bei ca.einer Last von 16A und 4 GWS Servo und
3Lipo(1000mAh).Ich habe keine Probleme mit dem

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Our club has been using Turnigy products for since they came out. This speed control with the balance plug on it seems to help the batteries. We get better readings and closer balance then the speed controllers without the balance plug . Highly recommend

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Overall Rating
Quentin Carter
1 thumbs up!
I actually had purchased two of these speed controllers and one must have had an internal short, as it put on quite the spectacular pyrotechnics display.

It was promptly returned to HC and replaced immediately.

Couldn't ask for more than that.

I've run one with a Turnigy brushless outrunner and 11" APC and it doesn't even get warm.

Just about to place an order for a watt meter so will be able to tell what's going on with future setups.

When the eagle tree vlogger is back in stock i will grab one of those to determine exactly how these are performing under flight conditions.

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