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HXT 5010 Twin bearing Digital Servo 6.9kg / 0.16sec / 39.2g

HXT 5010 Twin bearing Digital Servo 6.9kg / 0.16sec / 39.2g

The Hextronik 5010 servo wont break any records, it wont astound you with it's amazing torque or scare your friends with it's ninja-like high speed action, but it is a solid, reliable plastic gear servo thats economical and great for those that are not too serious about specification.

HXT 5010 servos shipped as of Aug 1, 2014 are digital version, no longer analog. Same great price, even better performance!

: 40x20x38mm
Weight: 39g
Speed: .16sec/60Deg
Stall Torque: 6.5kg
Dead Bandwidth: 4us
Voltage: 4.8~6v


Weight (g) 39
Torque (kg) 6.5
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.16
A(mm) 44
B(mm) 40
C(mm) 40
D(mm) 20
E(mm) 55
F(mm) 29
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Weight: 49g
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Price  $5.20

  • Futaba/JR Connector caps (5pcs/set)

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Martin  43 points - 11/28/2015
Muy buenos Servos para ser utilizados en aviones TRainner .40-.46
Ismail  25 points - 11/14/2015
for those who are wanting to know, this servo has a turning of 90 degrees,45 degrees left and 45 degrees right.
GeorgeM  6 points - 1/17/2015
Has anyone done a comparision with the earlier analog version of this servo. I quite like the analog but am a bit hesitant to go with something new with the change to Digital.
 guitarPlaya 198 points
I just put 5 on order for my ME2008 starfire I copped from HK. Turnigy 90mm edf motor, fly fly 90mm fan unit, and hobby people 80amp high quality esc. Build thread pending.
eric59  57 points - 12/11/2014
Hello* I would want to know if on these servos we can pass directly in the life 2? Thank you
 Schnozzer 1141 points
Been using them for some time now without any problems on a 2s LiFe pack.
renato  2 points - 12/11/2014
este servo serve no buggy redcat 1/10
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Michael Allen Sons Sr. Sons
113 thumbs up!
Purchased 6,tested all six. Installed 4 in a new plane, flew today. I have used all types of servos for 40 years. It really does not get better than this. Strong, fast, quiet. I still cannot believe the price. I will buy more and use them in all my planes.

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Overall Rating
Chris Sanders
18 thumbs up!
I purchased 5 of these for a scratch built 20pcnt spitfire. Even on 4.8V they are plenty strong and quick. I have experienced no centering problems. They hold position perfectly, no buzzing or jittering. I am running a split elevator with one servo to each half and they both move exactly the same. They only difference I can tell between these and "name brand" servos is that they are a little noisier. But after I start the 31CC Gas engine you can't hear them.... so who cares.

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
Bought five of these, four of them are great, one of them was a dud (so only four stars from me). Even if a 20pcnt failure rate out of the box is statistically normal, these servos are still a bargain and I have ordered four more of them to keep as spares.

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Overall Rating
Bill Bodell
5 thumbs up!
I have recently installed four of these servos in a Big Stik, 70in span with an Enya 60 on the nose.
These are powerful servos & while a little noisy, I don't see that as a problem.
They seem to be a strong,well constructed servo and at the price they are great value for the money & will recommend them to my flying mates.

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
installed in my raptor 50 on the throttle.
Before i had a futaba S3001. receiver battery: NIMH 2000mah.
It works fine but!
-is a bit noisy,
-the problem is that it uses a lot of mah!
The voltspy goes into RED, even with fresh loaded battery. normally this happens after 3 flights (one flight used to use only 270 mah, where now this is lots more.)

Centering is fine, strong servo, but mah-use is not good. Therefore 4 star

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