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HXT 6.9kg / 39.2g / .16sec Twin bearing Digital Servo

HXT 6.9kg / 39.2g / .16sec Twin bearing Digital Servo

The Hextronik 5010 servo wont break any records, it wont astound you with it's amazing torque or scare your friends with it's ninja-like high speed action, but it is a solid, reliable plastic gear servo thats economical and great for those that are not too serious about specification.

HXT 5010 servos shipped as of Aug 1, 2014 are digital version, no longer analog. Same great price, even better performance!

: 40x20x38mm
Weight: 39g
Speed: .16sec/60Deg
Stall Torque: 6.5kg
Dead Bandwidth: 4us
Voltage: 4.8~6v


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Weight (g) 39
Torque (kg) 6.5
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.16
A(mm) 44
B(mm) 40
C(mm) 40
D(mm) 20
E(mm) 55
F(mm) 29
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Weight: 49g
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  • Futaba/JR Connector caps (5pcs/set)

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mavericko  70 points - 10/15/2014
Does anyone know if there is a long servo arm anywhere that fits the spline on these servos correctly? The Hobby King Futaba, JR and Hitec big arms DON'T contrary to what has been written. Any help appreciated
Valentin  1 points - 9/8/2014
Francis  1 points - 9/7/2014
how long is the lead?
 Schnozzer 1077 points
31.75cm (12.5inches)
Azamagnum  13 points - 8/28/2014
Can I use this (HXT5010 digital) in place of the old analog model ?

I have a 2 channel sailing boat and use the basic Hobby_King_2_4Ghz_4Ch_Tx_Rx_V2_Mode_1 transmitter and receiver. This works well the the old analog HX5010 servo, which rotates through about 160 degrees or so and works the sails.

I need a replacement servo with good torque but not sure if the digiatl HXT5010 will work with my setup.

Will it work and if so, what differences from the old analog would I expect to see ? ?

Valentin  1 points - 8/22/2014
I am dissapointed with this servo. When I connect it, it starts making some strange noise stright away. After sending signal , it responds accordingly, but keeps emitting that funny scratching noise, which tells me it is goeing to blow something.
 Schnozzer 1077 points
This is not an unusual occurrence with digital servos. If by "scratching" you mean that it buzzes or hums, it is not necessarily indicative of a faulty servo. It is merely a byproduct of the digital pulses continually being sent to the servo to maintain center. I have experienced this buzzing from many different makes, sizes and price ranges of digital servos. As long as your linkages are smooth and the servo is not stalling at center, you are good to go.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Michael Allen Sons Sr. Sons
113 thumbs up!
Purchased 6,tested all six. Installed 4 in a new plane, flew today. I have used all types of servos for 40 years. It really does not get better than this. Strong, fast, quiet. I still cannot believe the price. I will buy more and use them in all my planes.

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Overall Rating
kevin wall
66 thumbs up!
I was amazed at how well these servos perform, thought they might be a bit jittery around the centre but they are not.have 4 of these in my .76 engined extra and they are terrific,can only fault one thing and that is they may be a bit noisey but hey, you cant hear them in the air lol
would recomend, i will be ordering more and putting these in other planes i have.

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Overall Rating
33 thumbs up!
I am quite disappointed with operation quality of this servo. It is cheap, light but extremely noisy and tugging operation. I try to lubricate cogwheels with teflon vaseline with poor effect. I bought 6 and test 2 pieces with the same result.

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Overall Rating
33 thumbs up!
quiet and smooth running but will to a large lever

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Overall Rating
Michael Deasy
27 thumbs up!
I read the HX-5010 servo reviews and observed the advertised specification of 4us dead band. I ordered 10 servos. When I received the servos, I tested the performance on my Hitec HFP-10 servo tester. The dead band for all 10 servos measured 8-9us compared with only 5 us for the standard low-cost Hitec HS-422. The servo might be ok for motor control or rudder.

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