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Pitts Python Model S-12 PNF 1067mm EPO (PnF) (AU Warehouse)

Pitts Python Model S-12 PNF 1067mm EPO (PnF) (AU Warehouse)
Pitts Python Model S-12 PNF 1067mm EPO (PnF) (AU Warehouse)

The Pitts model 12 is arguably the BEST aerobatic biplane designed by the master - Curtiss Pitts.

By today's standards, it seems incredible that the first Pitts Special flew on only 55 horsepower or even the 90-hp Franklin engine it was soon upgraded to - but fly it did, and superbly. Nearly 50 years on the current incarnation of the Pitts Special still holds it's own against the current crop of composite Aerobatic monoplanes. 

The Pitts Python model 12 is specifically designed around the Russian radial Vedeneyev M14P/PF 360 - 400HP engine. The full scale airframe manages to merge traditional wood, metal tubing and fabric covering with modern Carbon fibre and titanium.

The end result is a 3800ft per minute climb, 175mph cruise, a low 62mph stall speed and strength to take +8,-6 G's.

Our gorgeous Python is a striking looking 1067mm all EPO model, being Plug and Fly it is 80% factory assembled with pre-fitted servos, motor/ESC and realistic paint finish. The wing struts and rigging wires are functional - adding rigidity to the airframe, they are also removable for transport. The Python's power comes courtesy of a 650kv brushless outrunner via a 50amp ESC and a 4S 14.8V 2200mAh Lipo battery. The assembly time is minimal - at most one hour!

The Pythons flight performance is phenomenal, she will eat up any aerobatic routine you can throw her way and her presence in the air is undeniable - this one's a keeper!


Wingspan: 1067mm
Length: 1130mm
Wing Loading: 43 G/Dm2
Servo: 9gx2pcs,17gx2pcs (pre-installed)
ESC50A (pre-installed)
Motor: BM3720A-650Kv (pre-installed)
Flying Weight: 1300g

4S 14.8V 2200mAh Lipo
4 or more channel radio system

Your own TX & RX
1300mah 3S 20C Lipo battery 

PRODUCT ID: 172000001

4 Channel 1067mm (42.01in) 1130mm (44.49in) 1300g (2.86lb)

Shipped from:
Australia Warehouse



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Total of 42 discussions.
captnkp  47 points - 10/4/2016
Hobbyking, what's the deal with pickup only from your Warehouse in NSW? You shipped the last one to me, I'm only one state away. Not good enough guys!
ross  1 points - 8/16/2016
Is this a Dynam model?
 ross 1 points
Sorry, after reading more revues I can answer my own question and yes it is a Dynam model . Already have three other dynams thanks to the boys at Hobbyzone in melbourne and they all fly great, will get this at sooner or later.
v9111  3 points - 7/2/2016
Great plane.Just watch the engine mounts dont come loose as mine did.Google it for lots of tips to fix the problem.
enzo  18 points - 1/21/2016
Thanks HK! now in Europe ! ! ! ! ! !
enzo  18 points - 10/14/2015
who knows when we will have it in europe wharehouse ......MISTERY ! ! !
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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Ordered Monday, on my door step Wednesday cant beat that for Oz! Well packaged, doubled boxed as usual, not bent parts, no missing bits. Very well detailed, smooth finishes, looks absolutely fantastic. Took only 1hr 15mins to assemble. Little glue required, as many of the parts screw together, but still applied a dab here and there. ESC is tucked away in the nose out of reach and sight, may be an issue with cooling and future repairs/mods. Motor seemed jumpy, my need to adjust timing on ESC, this will be interesting. Can't wait to maiden on Sunday

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Overall Rating
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Had this a week now and its great.
RC groups has a thread on this model full of great info on the mods needed.
I reinforced the motor mount , threadl locked all motor screws (they are very loose) Replaced elvator and rudder servos and added carbon fibre to rudder as its warped out of the box.
Maiden was easy , only needed 2 clicks of rudder trim. Stock prop is good but have a 13x8 on order. Takes a wide range of packs from 1800 4s to 2650 4s . Takes up a bit of room in the car but its worth it

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Overall Rating
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Great little plane, 40-50min to assemble and great performance out of the box with 65c 2200 4s. I will probably swap out the servos to some hitecs or HD's i have laying around for a laugh, was a very worthwhile upgrade on the EPO Sbach.

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Overall Rating
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Really happy with this so far. Put some larger wheels on for grass but basically stock. Gotta get cg right otherwise looks and flys beautifully .

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Overall Rating
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Came well packaged, double boxed etc. Easy to put together. I had to change to motor timing to try and get rid of the clunking at low speeds, still there a bit, but will put up with it. I put hot glue around threads on all screws and fitted hose over the clevises. Also cut some holes around the cylinders to let some air through the fuselage. Will probably fit larger wheels for landing in longer grass. Did the maiden this morning and this plane is a delight to fly. Takes a bit to slow down for landing, but i'm used to using flaps on war planes to slow them down. RC groups have some great tips on a few mods to keep this plane flying well. The only gripe is the shipping cost ($40), but its a huge box.

2 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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