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Durafly SE5a 1030mm (PNF) (US Warehouse)

Durafly SE5a 1030mm (PNF) (US Warehouse)
Durafly SE5a 1030mm (PNF) (US Warehouse)

The SE5a was responsible, along with the Sopwith Camel for winning back and retaining allied air superiority from mid 1917, until the end of the Great War. It was a stable aircraft, making it an excellent gun platform, it was faster than most allied fighters, including the Spad and more importantly, it was faster than anything flown by German fighter pilots. Although available in much smaller numbers than the Camel, the SE5a was the mount of many famous aces, including Albert Ball VC, James McCuddon & Edward Mannock, it was truly a classic fighter aircraft.

The superb Durafly SE5a is a high quality and beautifully detailed Plug and fly model that is made from tough EPO foam, good quality servo's are pre-fitted throughout, as is the ESC and powerful brushless outunner motor. The SE5a is not difficult to assemble and so will be fairly fast to get into the air, that said, with a model this nice, it really is worth taking your time! As well as looking fantastic, this model is built to last and features carbon re-enforced flying surfaces, steel re-enforced landing gear, proper rubber tyres, and so on.

At 1030mm wingspan, the Durafly SE5a has loads of presense in the air and on the ground, the high quality finish and level of detail really finish off this amazing model which flies every bit as good as it looks. There is stacks of power for aerobatics, and tons of thrust from the purpose made scale prop for cruising at scale speed, combine all that prop wash with the nicely balanced control surfaces and you have a model the handles well and retains it poise, no matter how slowly it is flown. The Durafly range is top quality in every respect and this stunning SE5a is no different, so time to don your flying helmet, goggles & silk scarf and go on the dawn patrol!

Wingspan: 1030mm
Length: 820mm
Flying Weight: 1220g
Wing Area: 32dm2
Wing Loading: 38.1g/dm2
Servo: 9g x 4 (PZ15178)
Motor: 3536 850kv (CG3536-800)
Instruction Manual
All Hardware
Rigging Wire

Your own 4 channel TX/RX
1800mAh~2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery

* Spare parts will be here soon!



2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1030mm (40.55in) 820mm (32.28in) 1220g (2.684lb)

Weight: 2525g Quantity: 
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radfordc  1 points - 4/22/2014
I was trying to decide on the Durafly or ******** SE5. I was almost ready to buy this one until I compared the price. Horizon Hobby is selling the PZ version for $140 with free shipping. No Contest!
rich  17 points - 1/27/2014
look guys i live in us and i have checked the frieht costs of exactly same plane from same the cities are very close and hk has always has a higher price so you tell me why same plane same shipping address 25 hk 75 why huuuummmm could hk be adding a little handling cost just back ship product and you will see huge difference so next time you think the freight is too high you should check it yourself or quit complaining about it
1111mavrick  176 points - 11/25/2013
Video chasing this SE5
Scott  8 points - 7/21/2013
Since my review will probably never appear, I will try it here ... 2 stars....: I'm guessing this review will never be seen by anyone or it will be quickly deleted. There were some great things about this kit, and I'll get to that, but let me give you the bad first: The "good quality servo's" (sic) are actually $2 HK15178s. One of my ailerons failed while I was still doing ground checks**just totally locked up and wouldn't budge even when powered down. I was going to put it on hold until HK sent me a replacement, but I could tell I was never going to get anywhere that route. (If you've never dealt with them then you probably have at least heard horror stories. All I can say is, it is all true.) So, order more $2 servos and wait or go to the LHS and get maybe some HS-55s. So there goes $20 more since I had to have 2 so the ailerons would match. So I got this bad boy in the air...sorta...and the rudder servo immediately froze just like the other, only about 3 feet off the ground. With a little quick thinking and a lot of luck I got it down with minimal damage**cracked fuselage and cracked gear, but easy fixes really. I also noticed that the ESC was burning hot**too hot to even touch**and the motor had only run for maybe 10 seconds. The ESC had been powered on for maybe 1 minute. So, forget about "high quality" and "built to last". As a noob a couple years ago I learned the hard way about HK, but I had heard they had gotten better and that these Duraflys were nice. Well, they haven't and they aren't. I'll continue to use HK for the odd item, but I certainly won't be putting down good money for anything anytime soon. So anyway, if you get one of these you should plan on 4 new servos and an ESC. Not sure about the motor since my one and only flight lasted about 10 seconds. I'm shelving mine until I have some spares off another plane to put in. I refuse to spend another dollar on this since I am in for about $200 already. ($175 to HK shipped, and $22 for hs-55s) And to think I could've gone to my LHS, paid tax, and walked out the door with a PZ S.E.5a for less than $150. Wow. So, I promised you some good things, right? This would make a terrific ARF. While I was building this kit I was soooo sure I would be out here doing a 5-star review. The plane itself is awesome. It was manufactured well and packed nice* it has tons of cool details like the wires in the wings, there are extras of EVERY hardware item, and they even included a small screwdriver, hex key, and glue for noobs that don't have uncommon tools yet. Final note: I would recommend you go with something less than 2200 batts. Nanotechs would barely fit, with no room left for the RX.
Cliffy  71 points - 4/24/2013
When I ordered this plane there were more than 10 I even had 3 check marks on my order status then today 2 check marks and back-order with now -3 available and a message saying warehouse error I'm left wondering WTF
 Trigger22250 80 points
You'll get yours. The order quantity you're seeing now is after you're order
 Cliffy 71 points
Over 30 days sense I ordered still Back Ordered even though when I place the order more than 10 available. Maybe HK is still digging out from that mess?
 Trigger22250 80 points
Wow I've never had a problem as big as your's. At this point you have 1 of 2 choices as I see it, 1 you can wait it out, or 2 You get a hold of the 24 hr support center and they can either credit your account for another order or give you your money back. But on a personal note this plane is worth the wait. I love it so much I have 2
 Black Rose 276 points
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A joy. A true joy. Flies fast or flies slow (scale). A fairly heavy plane, but sweet in the air, nimble, maneuverable, responsive, and what a beautiful profile. Critics abound, but let them stop griping about small things and put this sweetheart in the air. Only critique I have is that, as a platinum member, I see the customer service and customer care eroding with HK. I'm truly worried that they are growing too big and forgetting who their customers are. We're fun'loving hobbiests, and love our toys. This is not the kind of business where you play hardball and run me off over $10 issues. I love HK products. But any more poor customer service and I'll force myself, out of conscience, to shop elsewhere. That would truly hurt me, but someone has to take a stand. HK - great products, but stop fighting me on every issue. At least act like you care, and maybe admit that the problem is your mistake... every once in a while.

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Overall Rating
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This plane flys great. Plenty of power and very easy to put together. It has nice details built in and looks very good compared to some of the others that are on the market. The only issue I have is that you can't get replacement parts. I have had mine for about two months and I'm still waiting for the new props to come in. I don't need it yet but if I do break it, I will not be able to fly it.... Can't understand what the hold up is. Other than that, this is a great plane.

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It flies very well. Battery options are limited by battery compartment size. Only two problems assembling the airplane. The rudder was way out of adjustment which required the wing removal. The supplied wires for stabalizer were made to an incorrect length. I had to custom make these wires.

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Top notch quality on this one. Comes very nicely packed. it would be hard to damage this one during shipping. Price is great. assembly is easy. I put mine together in one evening. This plane flys great and has plenty on power. Very happy with this purchase.

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Overall Rating
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I want this plane but, why must I pay $35 shipping and do a customs declaration for something coming from USA warehouse to a Michigan address? HZ SE-5a is $185 w/ free shipping. Please explain.

2 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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