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Gee Bee R3 Gas 30cc 1850mm (ARF) (US Warehouse)

Gee Bee R3 Gas 30cc 1850mm (ARF) (US Warehouse)
Gee Bee R3 Gas 30cc 1850mm (ARF) (US Warehouse)

Visually stunning, the Gee Bee R3 is of course a concept not a real aircraft but when it looks as good as this....who cares?!

This superbly designed and built kit is very practical and features a massive canopy, plug in wings and horizontal stabilizers. You will notice several features that are an indicator that this is a high performance model, including the plastic hinged control surfaces and high quality hardware. The paint finish on the huge wheel pants and cowl are a deep gloss finish and add to the drama of this amazing looking model. The airframe construction is also of the highest quality making the R3 very light for it's size, excellent performance is guaranteed yet at the same time, the R3 has docile low speed handling.

There can be no doubt that this is one of the most visually striking looking model aircraft ever made, yet this is no hanger queen, the R3 manages to be practical enough for the club RC pilot yet has huge potential for high performance. The massive cowl will easily swallow up a 30cc Gas engine and there is also a tunnel for a tuned silencer, let's be honest, the R3 is NOT designed for flying boring circuits, it's designed for ripping up the strip in style! Very capable in terms of aerobatic ability, potentially fast, the Gee Bee R3 is the ultimate head turner in every respect!

wing span: 1850mm
fuselage length: 1650mm
flying weight: 4300g~4780g

All Hardware

Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
26cc~32cc Gas Engine
5 x MG High Torque Standard size servo + 1 x Throttle Servo
RX Power Supply


1 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1850mm (72.83in) 1650mm (64.96in) 4780g (10.516lb)

Weight: 9466g
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Price  $277.91

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hariustrk  7 points - 1/28/2015
Any idea when these are coming back in stock? Been out of stock for a while and can't seem to find them anywhere these days.
Roy  1 points - 8/29/2014
I like the gee beeR3 but with cost of shipping I think I will get 120 size Yak54 from aero works shipping is 40.00aand they are very well built.
Roy  1 points - 8/29/2014
Why should cost 117.00 to ship the Gee bee R3
Roy  1 points - 2/28/2014
will this airplane fly with a 120 4stroke
 Luis Eduardo 6 points
I think a 1.20 four stroke might by small for this airplane, I'm planning on using a Saito FA-170 Radial.
ARANGO  3 points - 11/3/2013
Beware! This plane needs to be nose heavy to fly well. Believe me. Other tip is to be very precise trimming the rudder. Don`t be shy with the aileron throws. You need lots of throw on the aileron in order to have a responsive plane. Rudder is the other way: very sensitive (because of its super-size!). Set the elevator as usual in other planes. Definitely this is not a beginners plane! But it´*s very nice kit and well constructed. A plane with character!
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Just received this beautiful bird today,done a quick mock up assembly, and very impressed, planning on fitting a very high speed/power electric, Terex 600 mtr, 12s, should be good for 12 kgs thrust ounce prop stops cavitating...Really wish i had instruction manual ,anyone managed to find one?Can they pls send me a copy?...C/G and wing wire positions seam to be biggest need..Good one H/K really nice plane and good value...Happy Australian customer....

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Overall Rating
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i just wish that hobbyking would get there act together on shipping. plane has been sent to dispatch 3 days ago and has not shipped. i have spent 3000.00 dollars with them in the last 4 months and still they have no service. i will go elsewhere if they do not care for there customers any better than this

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Overall Rating
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This is a great plane. there was some minor shipping damage to the canopy frame. a little CA and it was good to go. There was no plans. Construction and covering is done very well.

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Overall Rating
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Can't wait to get this! Looks really cool. Found the manual online at

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Overall Rating
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Hello, Iam planning to buy this item, but I need to know the size of the package of this plane , can someone tell me? thenk you.

1 comment. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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