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RC Para-Glider Ready to Fly

RC Para-Glider Ready to Fly
RC Para-Glider Ready to Fly

Brought in due to popular demand; the RC Toy/Hobby paraglider.
A fun and easy to fly paraglider R/C Toy. The motorized paraglider hovers like a helicopter in a gentle breeze and can perform basic stunts. 
Included is all of the needed parts to complete the system plus remote control.

Kit assembles is 10 minutes and includes a simple radio and NiMH battery.
Dont expect fantastic performance from this model, rather, hours of stress free hovering and floating around your local park or hillside.
Canopy dimensions: 1260 x 460mm
Gross weight: 550g
Cruising speed: 10~15km/h
Motor contnious: 5min (750mah)
Control prop: 2ch
8 x AA batteries

PRODUCT ID: Para-Glider

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 Customer rated
Total of 15 discussions.
yasuo840  1138 points - 4/24/2012
Is a great airplane
Niels  15 points - 10/1/2011

Can some onde tell me it's possible to use the parachute for skydiving. I hope it can fold in a small bag? Use barbie as teh person and punt servo's in the arms.Would be fun.

Greetings, Niels

 dragon_k 7 points
My opinion is no.I hawe ordered one and it didn it fly no matter what hawe i done even if i throwe it like a rock :) and the wires on the parachute are rubish and note glued alright so it didn not fly and stay like it should. Better to mak it on your own from material it will fly better!!
lental  101 points - 4/23/2010
Can anyone advise what size lipo, replacement prop, esc etc. would be right for this model? No info on the order page.
 Dominik 178 points
they should also make a normal paraglider(without motor) and a rc skydiver, the normally cost a lot but here im sure the price would be worth it and lots of people would buy it
 joanwa 107 points
i modified mine with a turnigy 2209/1130kv, plush 18 and rhine 3s 1050mah. rx an corona rp8d1 and a some standard size servo. the servo arm that attaches to the canope lines has futaba teeth. with this setup it is actually lighter than before and hell screams. it does loopings if you want!
 Axelfrom 27 points
Hello, I got mine with a 1100mA Lipo 2 cells. The space for Lipo takes most 2 cell Lipos.
 plasticbaldy 514 points
Hey Joanwa, Did you get rid of the gears & run a different prop ? Which prop ?
DiF0r  130 points - 4/22/2010
Looks cool and I would buy one 100%, but only if the kit came without controler and the other electronics
 Kellyann 16853 points
DiF0r me too. That RC set is the worst. Servo's 4 wire with built in Brushed ESC. Yuck. Thanks
Eric1180  2289 points - 4/21/2010
Canopy dimensions: 1260 x 460mm 50in x 18in
 Kellyann 16853 points
Thank You
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
39 thumbs up!
This is the first time I have given a product 1 star but my mate and I bought one each and they are basically soo underpowered as to be useless. I know a lot of people have done mods to increase power etc and unless you plan on ripping everything out and replacing it, I wouldnt bother.

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
FUN TOYS! Well worth the cost, and is great to hold you over till the "real" ones are released. There is a cool video of one of these doing loops under the "videos" button above.

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
I am so glad Hobby King has these now and they got the good ones that are made much better than the cheap ones (that usually cost more than this more durable one). I just ordered two. As with most aircraft I wish it had a little more power for climbing up. In slight consistent winds it is a blast. If its too gusty it will usually not fair too well and take a dive. A little constant breeze is better than a calm day if you ask me. Plan ahead turns!

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
WOW, what fun...Straight out of the box I disassembled it and installed a Turnigy 20-26 outrunner, a 20 amp ESC and an Assan 2.8 rx. Took to field and after four learning attempts to get it in the air it was up. Way overpowered. Flew great at 1/4 power. Flew around for 20 min with the 1A 3S lipo then got brave and climbed to 300 ft where it caught an Arizona thermal. Last time I saw it it was 2 mi away and over 1000 ft. I'll buy another for sure.

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
sieht toll aus, komplette Ausstattung, nur was leider sehr traurig ist, die Leistung des Motors ist so gering, dass der Para Glider nicht abhebt, bzw. in die Luft steigt. Dass ist der Grund, warum ich leider und zum ersten Mal nur 2 Sterne vergebe. Tut mir leid, bis jetzt waren die Produkte von HK immer top und mit 5 Sternen.

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