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EM 9g / 1.5kg / .12sec Micro Servo

EM 9g / 1.5kg / .12sec Micro Servo

9g servo specifications.

Size : 21x11x28 mm
Voltage: 4.6~6v
Torque: 22oz/1.5kg @ 6v
Speed: .12 s/60deg @ 6v
Weight: 9g

A great cheapie servo. Good for small foamies and parkflyers.
As usual, full warranty provided with all servos.


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Weight: 23g
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Price  $2.99

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 Customer rated
Total of 8 discussions.
DAACSP  9 points - 3/6/2013
hello one question how to change the draft for this servo.
 Brent 95 points
What do you mean by draft? if you are referring to the amount of Travel the servo has (Ie, how far up and down it can swing it's arm) it is max 90 deg, so 45 up and 45 down, which is the usual amount and this can be limited by most computer radios. If you are referring to the distance the servo travels then you can use the position of the push rod on the servo horn to adjust (farther from the servo = more travel, closer = less).
Omega8  14 points - 3/5/2013
I would like to purchase 6 of these for Bixler 2. The system however allows me only to purchase 5 eventhough the stock shows 10 . I don't want to pay twice shipping. WHat shold I do? Thanks
 Karl 641 points
I would just go and get the HXT900 servos. Shouldn't have an issue ordering 6. Hope this helps.
 contact303 255 points
DONT BUY THESE !! as karl said spend just 1 USD more or so get at least HXT
buddhi prasanna  14 points - 9/28/2012
i am planing to build a 27inch f16 would these servos work with it?
 Dude rc 368 points
yeah that would work like a charm. but i would personally recommend some thing with metal gear.
 mohamad 8 points
its ok
 xomimPT 3 points
for a 27inch plane these servos will be strong enogh for sure
Jean  6 points - 4/29/2012
good quality for 3d indoor plane?
 Gravier 1056 points
yes very good quality for 3d airplane!
 maik_nd7 10 points
these are like blue arrow ones.. good for 3d plane and indoor but to cheap for outdors id wood get the HXT900 :) cheers
 neca79 374 points
Yes I also use, and are inexpensive and easy to repair Please confirms the message. thank you
 ANTONIO 3 points
yes very good quality-price
zain  1 points - 3/23/2012
can i use this servo on ailerons for foamy
 fredira 22 points
yes of course,I have used even smaller ones like 3 gram servos. Enjoy !!!
 Slash 4x4 13 points
it will have plenty torque for a foamy.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
William Slabey
57 thumbs up!
Bought 16 of these servos. These don't center well. Plus 1/4 of the batch were very noisy Instead by the HXT 900, they're only $.50 more.

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Overall Rating
26 thumbs up!
There is no sense in buying the EM 9g - because you can get a much better servo from Hobbycity with only 50ct additional costs. Buy the HXT900 - it has much better centering and resolution than the EM 9g.

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Overall Rating
Frank Roth
17 thumbs up!
They work OK but I am only marginally satisfied because the EMs:
Undershoot return to "0" by 3-4 degrees.
Do not respond to very small Tx inputs.
Rough operation - jerky motion. Sometimes hum.
The good feature of the EM's is the lead comes out of the bottom of a chamfered corner making tight installation easy.
In comparison, I am absolutely delighted with HXT servos I received on a prior order. The HXT's return perfect,are much smoother & respond to very small Tx inputs. The HXT's are easily worth the extra $0.50 each.

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Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
Ordered 8 at first very good, but if bad battery connection and battery connects and disconnects rapidly the servo arm swings in full circles and dosnt center...
Other than that for cheap indoor flyers they are great, just make sure you can get to them easily to correct centering. Would not use for a 3D plane

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Overall Rating
George Gutierrez
6 thumbs up!
Bought 10 of this servos now. Had some of this servos and they work PERFECT. They are for ParkFlyers.
Reccommend this servos.

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