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FrSky V8R7-II 2.4Ghz 7CH Receiver
weberstefan (36 points)
  Will this receiver (V8R-II HK) i.e. the Version II work with the FrSky DHT 8ch DIY Telemetry Compatible Transmitter Module which is also available from HK? Both the FrSky-rc website and the HK site do not mention the Version II of this Rx. Thanks in advance for your helo!
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
It will work fine. I purchased both: DHT Tx module and V8R7-II Rx. They work toghether perfectly. Please, notice this is a non-telemetry Rx. Thus, you can control your model´*s flight, but will not send telemetry data back to the Tx module. If this is not required by you, this receiver is a very good one, compact and lightweight.
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Thank you Stefan, for your credit award! Regards!
Tarmo (736 points)
  are these v2 already or v1 whitch supposedly has jerky servo movement?
-Reply from slayer (6 points);
for non telemetry modules and the non telemetry modules must changed with the switch
-Reply from madruga (126 points);
be sure that you set fs mode for digital servos and hs for analogic servos. the vertion frsky with telemetry have download in frsky home page to set jiter servos problem. good fly!!!!
-Reply from jbx907 (193 points);
its is still ver 1 coz DIY kit can bind w it, i have 3 x TGY375MG digital servos on this, its isn't jerky at all! it ususally depends on the servo your using!
-Reply from FoamDust (7 points);
I don't know if they are V1 or V2, but I had no problems binding with DIY Kit, I bought 3 months ago, installed on a Hitec 6 Sport. No jerkiness on HXT900, neither on a "no name" 9gr servo (very prone be jerky!)
-Reply from Mauricio D (178 points);
i have this RX and i get no jerky servo movement on my park flyer, and it is the (V1).
-Reply from miniflieger (5 points);
The jerky servo movement is reported for Telemetry Sets V1. this rx is not a telemtry receiver. I use this rx in a non telemtry system and there are no issues at all Best regards
-Reply from Tarmo (736 points);
I just bought a DHT module with 7ch and 8ch telemetry receivers. Servo movement is not smooth, kinda jumpy.
chewy (169 points)
  Are the antenna wires long or short?
-Reply from wilco1967 (100 points);
long. V8R7 has same length as the V8FR receiver antenna wires..... The V8R4 has short antenna wire, and only one wire.
-Reply from darryn (8 points);
Wires are quite long about 10cm
-Reply from Stefan (1 points);
each one has a length of 14cm
-Reply from Peter (5 points);
I think they are about 12 cm
sidd232 (1248 points)
  So can i use this receiver high voltage version as a regular rx with an ESC with built-in bec?, i am a little confused, help will be appreciated since i already ordered 10 of them for my parkfliers, thanks in advance.
-Reply from madruga (126 points);
ok this rx operate 3v to 16v. the built-in bec 5v.
-Reply from Funprise (426 points);
yes you can i have this in a 250gt heli and use the bec right off my towerpro 18amp esc no problems and you wont regret getting 10 of these coz these are awesome recievers. just take care about the antenna w/c could come unplugged
-Reply from Serpent44 (51 points);
Yes, you can!
-Reply from Elektroquirl++ (277 points);
sure, as long as the bec is principally capable of powering all servos. if you have already been using fm receivers in your models before, there should be no problem with the v8r7hv.
-Reply from FRoss-USA (152 points);
Yes, you can always use it with a BEC as they put out 5 or six volts. The specs say will will work to 16V which is a 4cell LIPO without battery. I'm chicken to try it on mine, but you can go to frsky-rc**** and email them the question.
-Reply from rickheng (50 points);
Yes,,you good from 4.8 volts up to something like 22V...But nothing over 4.8 is required
-Reply from donato.jun (31 points);
Yes HV receivers can use also regular voltage (4.8V or 6V)
-Reply from Isaias Cravo (17 points);
yes you can..
-Reply from ausjj (10 points);
The high voltage version receivers will work fine with standard BEC voltage.If you check the specifications you will see the range(voltage) that they are happy with.
clark06000 (158 points)
  I prefer the V8R7-SP that has cppm output...
ingo (6 points)
  V8R7-HR (high voltage version) also provide PPM signal on the battery port as the SP version does?
-Reply from alouetteIII (1691 points);
I contacted FrSky factory direct and FrSky confirmed - ONLY V8R7-SP has PPM-SUM for MuiltWiicopter HEX and Y6. *ingo - The HR DOES NOT HAVE IT!
leiff (91 points)
  Will this one work with A9 ( Hitech)
-Reply from FoamEater (193 points);
You need an FRSky radio or a radio with an FRsky module installed for this to bind to.
karmonkey (113 points)
  it is compatible with frsky dft module?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes! It is compatible. Best Regards!
dtunstill (5 points)
  This receiver says it it a 7 channel, but it has 8 sets of pins. Can it be used as an 8 channel?
-Reply from Dgpilot (82 points);
The eighth set I believe is for just battery or bind functions.
-Reply from Elektroquirl++ (277 points);
yes. it is a real output. i've got two v8r7-ii receivers an both have a true 8ch output!
-Reply from Nate892 (34 points);
how is that possible? can you elaborate please
-Reply from Elektroquirl++ (277 points);
really! this is a true 8ch receiver with the form factor of the former 7ch receiver. i have tested all 8 channels and each channel is controllable individually as you would expect using an 8ch receiver module. i don't think freesky is giving us 8ch by mistake. i am watching them consolidate their receiver portfolio for some time now. newly developed receivers generally work with v8 and dht systems now and often have other features like down link data port and ppm output which were specialties one year ago. so why take the effort and reduce channel count? i am shure this 8ch thing is no mistake it's an upgrade to get rid of the 7ch receiver branch. to say it again: this is a fully functional 8ch reciver.
ututkaa (130 points)
  will these work with DF modules tx
-Reply from hudsonvx (63 points);
No the DF Module is with telemetry and not compatible with the V8R7 (HV). You have to use the D8R Receiver!
-Reply from madruga (126 points);
the new modules with telemetry df have 2 switch turn sw1 off and ws2 on to module work with rx without telemetry.note just the new regards!
-Reply from Elektroquirl++ (277 points);
yes. you just need to set one of the dip switches at the tx module for v8 compatibility (described in the manual).
mbmen (91 points)
  Bint the FrSky V8R7 2.4Ghz 7CH Receiver (HV) with the

Futaba 7C 2.4GHz fasst transmitter ????
-Reply from Beaufighter (1811 points);
No, it is not FASST compatible. Nor is it $pektrum DSM/DSM2, Assan, Jeti Duplex, Hitec Spektra24, Multiplex M-link, Corona (and anything else I've missed) compatible. Like the other 2.4Ghz systems, it is only compatible with its own system. FrSky is compatible with FrSky.
-Reply from epo flyer (53 points);
no wont work
-Reply from Skrag (70 points);
Impossible. Futaba need a FASST system receiver, and it is a ACCST system receiver
-Reply from Larm08 (159 points);
-Reply from Owen (7 points);
go to buy orange 8ch fasst receiver ,it will work with your 7C 2.4 G .go to Futaba page 3 ,then you will find it
mbmen (91 points)
  no module
-Reply from epo flyer (53 points);
the modules are sold seperately
alouetteIII (1691 points)
  Jason5001 - Please stock the new FrSky V8R7SP - has PPM output on Ch 8 for Y6 Multicopters using Wii Motion Plus.
-Reply from Owen (7 points);
Hobbyking already had 30 pcs of V8R7-SP in their warehouse ,they are just too busy to put them on their website .I think they will put the V8R7SP on their shelves before Feb 15th 2011 .
-Reply from alouetteIII (1691 points);
Thanks Owen - that's Good News for the MultiWiiCopter community to use the SP (not this Rx) with MultiWiiCopter Paris board and MultiWiiCopter Warthox Board for Y6 or HEXCopter with Wii Motion Plus Gyros. Arduino Pro Mini 328 - PPM Sum is very cool in the V8R7-SP
johnkim100530 (261 points)
  Why high voltage receiver?
When do you need high voltage?
Are FrSky not making regular voltage receiver any more?
-Reply from TheNightstalker (22 points);
You'll need HV receiver when using ESC without BEC or when using receiver w/o ESC and ext. BEC. So you can plug HV directly into your receiver.
-Reply from johnkim100530 (261 points);
The Nightstalker
Then, do you must use high voltage servos too?
-Reply from Wilhelm (282 points);
of course. Normally servos are for 4,8-6V. I used some hxt900 on 2s time ago. They didn't burn, but they were't forced too. HV Servos are faster and stronger than normal servos, on 3D planes they are very useful. Wilhelm
-Reply from rickheng (50 points);
This receiver works fine on 4.8V. The HV allows you to use high toruqe high voltage servos if you wish.
-Reply from madruga (126 points);
you can use 7.4v lipo batteries when you use with HV sevos you dont need U-BEC circuits.belive me is more securit.
-Reply from Peril (26 points);
It is High Voltage OR low voltage. Come of the new digital servos use high voltage but this will work with both voltages.
-Reply from Serpent44 (51 points);
you can use HV receiver just as usual receiver, 4.8V
-Reply from FRoss-USA (152 points);
I guess they feel its and advanage to be able to work with up to a 4cell Lipo without needing a BEC,or it could be protection in case the BEC fails. Most Controllers that only accept up to 4cells already have a BEC. I'm chicken to try it on mine, but you can go to frsky-rc**** and ask them.
-Reply from Elektroquirl++ (277 points);
the label "high voltage" is a bit misleading. in fact the hv version is also "extra low voltage" capable. if you compare standard receiver voltage range (4,0v-7,2v) to the hv range (3,0v-16v), you see the hv version clearly offers wider usability. buy hv, you won't be failed!
-Reply from TheNightstalker (22 points);
amen *) thats it!
-Reply from skorp_jon (97 points);
This also works with 4.8V HV allows you to use directly 2S Lipo on receivers. But check, that your servos can handle 2S lipo.
-Reply from Funprise (426 points);
This will work the same with regular 4.8 to 5.5v input power. The HV rating only means you can use even more and not ruin the reciever. however if running say 2s lipos i recommend using high voltage servos
-Reply from Isaias Cravo (17 points);
High voltage receiver is just to use 2S Lipos as power source without need the use of BEC. You need high voltage on large os fast servos that works better with 7,4 volts. FrSky is making regular receivers yet.
-Reply from ausjj (10 points);
A lot of people are moving away from BEC and normal nicad 4.8 volt receiver battery packs.These receivers can thus be operated for example off 2 lipos or even straight off the main motor battery pack, etc.
-Reply from jbx907 (193 points);
The high voltage version gives you the widest voltage operation 3-16v without loosing your rx.. i have this and it really reboots really fast! even tested rebooting my transmitter and the link comes almost instantly! why HV, some people use HV servos, your ready when you become HV too! Its just the voltage of operation that can work with the reciever!
Cid156 (384 points)
  This item is discontinued on the frsky web site.... I believe that it will never be in stock again
-Reply from mtb4nz (119 points);
You may be correct knowing Hobbyking. I would personally not buy this item but the new model.
-Reply from flatspin (351 points);
Yes, Frsky have discontinued the V8R7 with the output pins angled upwards, but the Frsky V8R7-SP with the straight servo pin connections is still available from Frsky and HobbyKing. I use the latter on my RareBear and can state that it is reliable, full-range and lightweight.
-Reply from Browndog (5 points);
I have a v8r7-11 receiver that I am trying to bind with a v8ht diy.After I do the binding the red led stays on should it not go to green and it doesn't work any help would be great.
francois (5 points)
  I have frsky xjt module in my turnigy 9xr pro . CAN i use this receiver with my module xjt
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Hello Francois! Yes, you can. This Rx is compatible with all FrSky modules, regardless of the Tx make or model. Best regards!
-Reply from francois (5 points);
Thank you for this fast Ansermet Best regards
-Reply from francois (5 points);
Not Ansermet Thus thank you for your answer
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
You're welcome, francois!
-Reply from francois (5 points);
francois 5 points - 11/17/2014 Can give me myself the procedure to connect(bind) this receiver with the module xjt which is on my turnigy radio 9 xr pro Tank you for your fast reponse
francois (5 points)
  Can give me myself the procedure to connect(bind) this receiver with the module xjt which is on my turnigy radio 9 xr pro Tank you for your fast reponse
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Hello. Please, visit the description page of FrSky XJT module (PRODUCT ID: 236000020-0). Then, click the "FILES" tab. Find file "XJT manual from FrSky". Configure switches 1-ON and 2-OFF, for V8R7-II RX in accordance with table in page 1. Follow the "Binding Procedure" as shown in page 2. Perform a Range Test (Page 2). ENJOY! - Please, award my answers if you find them helpful. Best Regards!
-Reply from Michael (12 points);
Easy turn tx on while holding the f/s button for a few seconds, then turn rx on while holding the f/s button until The red led flashes. Switch it all off then back on and the green and red led should be on the rx indicating its bound
-Reply from francois (5 points);
Thanks to both for your answer. I try to make the bind Thursday when I no travaiie not no
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Thank you Francois. Kind Regards!
Marinho (142 points)
  Hi Jason, This new bunch of receivers is providing PPM signal on the CH8?
-Reply from Owen (7 points);
Hobbyking will soon put the V8R7-SP on their website .V8R7SP has the PPM signal on the CH8
-Reply from madruga (126 points);
no this rx have 7 channels no have ppm signal out.
Elektroquirl++ (277 points)
  yes. it is a real output. i've got two v8r7-ii receivers an both have a true 8ch output!
Herbert (5 points)
I read all discussions but still not sure: Does this Reveiver work with transmitter module V8HT ?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes Herbert, be sure! This Rx is compatible with V8HT Tx module! Best Regards!
Scott (24 points)
  Are the non-telemetry receivers (like this one) compatible with the modules with telemetry?
-Reply from Skrag (70 points);
Yes, because this receiver a ACCST Frsky system, and Frsky telemetry system is a ACCST frsky system. So this receiver is compatible with telemetry module, but no telemetry with this one *)
-Reply from Larm08 (159 points);
Yes, it is!
-Reply from OBADEK (586 points);
He allowed just not Telematriy.
Mulder (69 points)
  what is the connector marked as "8" for? maybe CPPM?
-Reply from CADERTOT (69 points);
its the bind port also believe it can be used for battery connection
-Reply from Mulder (69 points);
its not the bind port. to bind it you have to bridge the signal pins of ch1 and ch2 with the included jumper.
juli03150 (8 points)
  Can this bint with a $pektrum DSM2 Tx???
-Reply from Beaufighter (1811 points);
No, it is not DSM/DSM2 compatible. Nor is it Futaba Fasst, Assan, Jeti Duplex, Hitec Spektra24, Multiplex M-link, Corona (and anything else I've missed) compatible. Like the other 2.4Ghz systems, it is only compatible with its own system. FrSky is compatible with FrSky.
-Reply from epo flyer (53 points);
no wont work
-Reply from Florian (9 points);
You can only bind the FrSky Receivers with the Frsky Transmitter Module
jrouss (13 points)
  I have futaba 7c 2.4ghz. Can i use this receiver instead of rs617?
-Reply from jbx907 (193 points);
nope, this is ACCST system, find a FASST system if youtr not planing to change the tx module!
this rx is for frsky ACCST tx modules!
there are orange rx that have fasst system!
-Reply from jbx907 (193 points);
you can use this rx frsky DIY kit, or DFT module with dip switch changes!
-Reply from flatspin (351 points);
Hobby King sell FASST compatible FrSky receivers that will work with the Futaba 7c 2.4GHz transmitter. The FrSky receiver TFR6 (SKU:TFR6) is a 7 channel Futaba compatible receiver. The FrSky receiver TFR4 is a 4 channel FASST compatible receiver (SKU:TFR4).
-Reply from ZenonDorin (8 points);
*Jeff-C diesel car will run on peterol but nevermind, you're right this only works with FrSky module.
luca (9 points)
  Repair module FrSky V8R7-II after overvoltage or reverse polarity.
If it happens, here is the solution. Hello
Khalif (27 points)
  This receiver built in telemetry?
-Reply from Nate892 (34 points);
Unfortunately no...this is a a one way...non-telemetry receiver
Krash Test Kev (28 points)
  i'm not familiar with voltages for rx's,in fact i've never heard of "HV" rx's or, so i guess my question is:
would i burn out my hxt900 servos withu this rx using a regular turnigy plush 40 esc to power my rx? any explanation would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
-Reply from leamuk (9 points);
no you will not burn servos with a regular esc that would only happen if you ran a hv esc as well however i use this receiver with a standard eflite esc and all is well it just means that the receiver will work at higher voltages than normal YOU will not do and damage to your servos. it is mainly used for 22.2 ans 44.4 volt heli ans plane
-Reply from Krash Test Kev (28 points);
awsome! sounds great! thank you for helpin me out with that leam!
-Reply from Peter (5 points);
Der Empfänger ist sehr gut. Habe ihn schon sehr oft benutzt und keinerlei Störungen oder sonstige Probleme mit dem Teil, würde ihn sofort wieder kaufen!:-):-)
xmendad (22 points)
  Is this compatible with the V8FT transmitter module. .
-Reply from Roger (3268 points);
Searching for V8FT in hobbyking yields only one result which is the DJT, I guess the Tx module is called V8FT, so I can confirm that it works with V8FT.
.zac. (144 points)
  When can we expect stock on these? ive got a liposafe bag in with the order and want both items here ASAP =)
-Reply from BAMBAM Cheapsk8 (262 points);
I want to know too
-Reply from Adrian@KL (16 points);
Will this work with my Futaba 6EX 2.4?
-Reply from Owen (7 points);
no ,you can buy orange fasst rx which can work with you Futaba 6ex 2.4 G
-Reply from madruga (126 points);
Some products are sold in a very large amount, when they are already sent to meet pending applications or are bought by customers on duty on the internet. make your request on backorder and when it arrives in stock you will be met with certainty.
Hank1228 (11 points)
  Will this receiver work with a Futaba 10c transmitter?
-Reply from Mick P (466 points);
no this receiver is the FrSky ACCST system, you would need a receiver for Futaba FASST system.
Hman :) (79 points)
  Just came back in stock, picture looks different...
Was V8R7 now its V8R7-II.
What's been changed? and what are those jumpers for? Binding?
-Reply from boissong (26 points);
look on the frsky website. Extended operate voltage and compatibility with telemetry tx mode
-Reply from Reid (50 points);
They added telemetry capabilities. Yes they are for binding.
-Reply from flatspin (351 points);
The new V8R7-II receiver is a non-telemetry receiver that will work with both non-telemetry and telemetry transmitter modules. Previously, a telemetry transmitter module only worked with a telemetry receiver because it used different binding to non-telemetry transmitters. The V8R7-II can use standard push-button binding with non-telemetry transmitters and jumper binding for telemetry Tx modules.
DIMOPOULOS (8 points)
  Hello, will this work with the DFT non module transmmiter?
DIMOPOULOS (8 points)
  Hello, will this work with DFT non telemetry module?
Brian (10 points)
  what does the "HV version" mean?
-Reply from Brian (10 points);
nevermind. High Voltage.
-Reply from flatspin (351 points);
HV stands for 'high voltage'. This version of the receiver is able to operate on much wider voltage ranges than is normal for RC receivers and the V8R7 (HV) operates over a voltage range 3.0V-16V (whereas the normal V8R7 operates over 4.0V-7.2V. HOWEVER - if you operate at the high voltages, it will destroy most normal servos if you power them from the receiver.
-Reply from rudeboy (89 points);
yes means high voltage (above 6V), but make sure your servos also support HV!
-Reply from Peter (5 points);
I´m using this receiver with 7.4 v lipo for 6 months. i have no problems with my micro servos in my shocky
Oberst_krass (27 points)
  I would like to buy it from european or UK warehouse. Why it takes so long, till FRSKY products comes to europe? WE NEED IT *)
chrismog (35 points)
  Can this RX do PPM? If not, why is there number 8 channel pins?
-Reply from Maria (257 points);
No it does not have ppm, and I have not tried using the eighth channel on this Rx. I think It can be use as an 8 ch Rx. (if helpful please rate correct answer) Cheers
JuanchoRC (100 points)
  s compatible with DF FrSky 2.4 GHz Combo Pack for JR W / Module & RX, ? __FrSky_DF_2_4Ghz_Combo_Pack_for_JR_w_Module_RX.html
-Reply from Reid (50 points);
Yes they are compatible.
-Reply from ElectricAussie (4364 points);
Hi Juancho, The DF module combo is for Futaba radios, not JR, so be sure you order the right one for your Tx. This Rx is a V8 series, but will work with the FrSky Tx module because they have a switch that allows them to work with both telemetry (D-series) Rx and V8 series. Cheers!
skebo85 (8 points)
  can this receiver support ppm
-Reply from PE5ED (39 points);
yes, but you need to give it other firmware, you might check fr-sky`s website for more information
2300239121 (8 points)
  What are the main difference in the "V8R7-II" and the "V8FR-II"?
-Reply from NumnutChriS (550 points);
7CH vs 8CH, 5-6grams vs 9-10grams
JANTAR (24 points)
  Are there any other brands rx's which works with FrSky DIY tx module without telemetry?
-Reply from dvogonen (47 points);
No there are not. Seeing how successful they have become, there might be some in the future, but not yet. On the other hand the FrSky RXes are both good, cheap and available in a number of form factors.
raknsak (8 points)
  will this rx work with turnigy 2.4gz. v2 tx
-Reply from Vladimir (36 points);
If you have FrSky DF JR Module (V8JT) or another FrSky Module - yes
Markus (6 points)
  Does this receiver have 7 channels (as HK writes) or 8 channels (as the picture suggests and FrSky writes on their website?
-Reply from Mulder (69 points);
I have one and it has 8 Channels. I tested the 8th Channel and it it really is a usable channel, I am using it to control some lights on my craft.
madruga (126 points)
  I commend the staff of hobbyking create a link for consumers indicate new products. frsky to have one like this rx with exit ppm. hk when will have this new item.
-Reply from Frskyrc (14 points);
Hobbyking already had V8R7SP in stock ,they are just too busy to put it on their website ,the receiver link of V8R7SP will be available here very soon ,just wait a short while
-Reply from Frskyrc (14 points);
Hi ,Marcelo ,please check again ,Hobbyking now has the V8R7SP on ACCST page .
-Reply from madruga (126 points);
ok thank you.
Mauro_79 (26 points)
  Please stock in EU Warehouse!
zeng (5 points)
-Reply from Wilhelm (282 points);
No, it is just compatible to FrSky. But there it works great with long range and no glitches. Wilhelm
-Reply from Googo (5 points);
-Reply from madruga (126 points);
no is it compatible just frsky modules.
-Reply from Paulox (79 points);
-Reply from elinthesky (57 points);
no FRsky ACCST is compatible with FRSky ACCST *)
-Reply from uppestar (87 points);
No it is not compatible with Spectrum System
-Reply from Serpent44 (51 points);
No way. For Spectrum radio HK sell compatible receivers - Very cheap & popular!
-Reply from dr. Lex (104 points);
no it' not compatibile
-Reply from Elektroquirl++ (277 points);
no, $pektrum uses a completely different transmission protocol.
-Reply from Jeff-C (96 points);
No. Must have FrSky TX by DIY or Module.
-Reply from rickheng (50 points);
No! This only works with Frsky transmitter modules.
carlodgbiana (9 points)
  Can this bind with Turnigy 9x TX??..
-Reply from DAZA44 (14 points);
Yes...If you have a frsky transmitter module plugged into the back of it.
-Reply from Florian (9 points);
With the FrSky transmitter-module, you can use the receiver.
-Reply from OBADEK (586 points);
No, the latter got other receivers so that it will not work.
solentlife (195 points)
  I use this 7ch along with the 4ch and 8ch FrSky Rx*s and have excellent results with all. My Tx's are 9x and 9xr ... Very pleased.
Michal (18 points)
  Hi. where does it have RSSI signal?
-Reply from alberic du 78 (35 points);
sorry no RSSI :(
John (4 points)
  just bought 2 of these receivers but on actual receiver does not show V8R7-II only V8R7 with accst below it are these version 2 or do I have to update them
-Reply from dvogonen (47 points);
You have received the older version of the receiver. It can not be updated to v2. But all new transmitter modules from FrSky are compatible with both the old and the new receivers, so you will be able to use the receiver regardless of which transmitter module you have. See the documentation of the transmitter module to find out how to switch between the older radio system and the newer.
onkelz (27 points)
  Hi All
.Just wanting to know if this is ok to use with my sons converted turnigy 9x (with the frsky DIY KiT)?,,as many videos show the V8FR 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver and not this one?..
-Reply from fqahmad (8 points);
D series id to telemetry..V is none telemetry. Both should work with the DIY tx kit. If the kit is telemetry one there should be a tougle switch to select mode. If the Tx kit is non telemetry( no four pin side connector) then it should bbind with V series straight away. hope this helps.

-Reply from Mohamed (51 points);
Hello, That's my config and it works well, with ou without telemetry. You can buy it. Regards
-Reply from flatspin (351 points);
Yes, you can. This is an excellent full-range diversity receiver that is much smaller and lighter than the V8FR receiver.
Jimmy Choong (3 points)
  this receiver can use by futaba T6EX.....
-Reply from Maik (8 points);
No and yes.
For the original T6EX NO, you have to choose a FASST-Rx, but I changed in one of my Futaba-T6 the Tx-Modul to a FrSky Tx-Modul an it's working excellent.
Abdullah Mohsin (16 points)
  Can this bind with Turnigy 9X and what are requirement? Tips ..0.20
-Reply from jbx907 (193 points);
you can use the Jr frsky module for this or the DIY kit module, your transmitter must be frsky too!
-Reply from madruga (126 points);
no bind!FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Telemetry Module & V8FR RX module with telemetry and w/o telemetry.or FrSky DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Module & RX (V2) module and rx with telemetry.good fly!!!
-Reply from kapel (82 points);
You shouldn't forget that module and receiver must be same. You must use FrSky modul in your Turnigy 9X to use this receiver. You will need to buy FrSky modul for your transmitter (JR type is fit your transmitter)
-Reply from babaked (8 points);
sorry,only for tx modules with ACCST technology .
-Reply from Jeff-C (96 points);
Why do people not understand that RX brand and TX brand must be the same! Try putting petrol in your diesel car and drive it. It just won't work and neither will using this FrSky RX with any other brand TX.
Grzegorz (1 points)
  Hello I just bought and I'm happy little light and has 8ch is ok
George (2 points)
  Does it have CPPM channel?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
No, it does not. Regards!
gege63 (7 points)
  Ré*cepteur 7 voies alimenté* de 3 à* 16v aprè*s plusieurs essais je recommande ce produit.
gryzli133 (11 points)
  Can I use it with LBT? If not, can it be updated to LBT?
Mar11 (2795 points)
  did anyone test the range of this thing ?
sfoll (270 points)
  What is the difference among V8FRii x V8R7ii? Both means to be 8 channel, but one is typed like 7 channel...
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Both are 8 channels receivers. Same range, operating voltage and current. Both are fitted with two antenas. V8R7-II is smaller and lighter than V8FR-II. Electronics are the same in both models, but V8FR-II has a plastic case for additional protection of circuitry and connectors. V8R7-II has a soft enclosure, thus is easier to accomodate in smaller places. Regards!
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Thank you Sergio, for your credit award! Best regards! Muito obrigado!
-Reply from sfoll (270 points);
You are wellcome. I knew Bs Aires and have a lot of Quilmes beer... I love it. Gracias!
-Reply from angelo348 (6 points);
I can use this receiver with the radio taranis?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Of course. You can.
Fishermen21 (4 points)
  Will this rc fit into a 250 multi rotor?
-Reply from Dagob (132 points);
I have a bigger and heavier receiver fitting into my 250mm quadcopter and have no problem with it, so this receiver (smaller and lighter) will certainly fit.
-Reply from Nicolas (29 points);
yes sure, this thing is so tiny compared to the old 40mhz receivers!
angelo348 (6 points)
  I can use this receiver with the radio taranis?
-Reply from Senator315 (2177 points);
Yes you can.
jeziel (1 points)
  Ele binda com 9XR e MÓ*DULO FrSKY DJT ?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes, it does! It is compatible with DJT TX module in any transmitter. Regards! (Sim. E compativel com modulo DJT em qualquer transmissor. Saudacoes!).
Depron-Richy (5 points)
  This Receiver will also work with the new Telemetry modules
-Reply from Kamal (15 points);
As of FrSky Official website this device cannot send anything to the TX!
mikicad67 (37 points)
  This is compatible with Hitec Aurora 9? Thank you!
-Reply from Senator315 (2177 points);
No it's not unless you put a FrSky transmitter module in the Aurora.
Dagob (132 points)
  just for sure: Will this bind with FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Telemetry Module for Turnigy 9X?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes, it will bind. But with no telemetry features.
-Reply from Dagob (132 points);
Thanks, but I ordered this other one: FrSky D4R-II 4ch 2.4Ghz ACCST Receiver (w/telemetry), it is a 4channels receiver but using PPM it gives 8 channels out an with telemetry.
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Ok. You are welcome!
jzzto (412 points)
  Does anyone know when this will be re-stocked? thanks
-Reply from Yesyns (139 points);
Today 26Feb14, hk have this rx instock. Hurry up. *)
EZflight (56 points)
  will this work with FrSky DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Module & RX?
-Reply from JANTAR (24 points);
If yours combo pack is without telemetry this receiver will work fine :)
-Reply from solentlife (195 points);
Makes no difference ... telemetry or not ...
azmi anuar (9 points)
  Is this rx have ppm? Want to pair with naze32 mini
-Reply from FoamEater (193 points);
No unfortunately it does not
Arne (3 points)
  Can i use this one on all frsky modules ? Mine is FRSKY DFT The ID on the back: XYFD8TD8R
-Reply from zSimon (268 points);
The module is compatible with both the V8-series (non-telemetry) and the D-Series (telemetry) receivers. So yes :-). FrSKY using V8 and D to differentiate between normal, and telemetry. If you found my answer useful. Please hit best answer.
-Reply from Arne (3 points);
Thanks, but is not an V1 and a V2 ? I dont know what i have
-Reply from zSimon (268 points);
DFT is V8 compatible.
Arne (3 points)
  Thanks for good answer. Awarded your answer *)
FPVers (105 points)
  Great little receiver, I got out 1.3km using this, no signal loss, here is the video
-Reply from Morgan (9 points);
Nice One!
-Reply from FPVers (105 points);
Ha, you found me!!!
krashNburn (560 points)
  Can someone who actually own a DJT confirm if this receiver is compatible with DJT module? Thank you!
-Reply from Roger (3268 points);
Yes, this receiver is compatible with the DJT.
ALESSANDRO (12 points)
  it is compatible with DJT transmitter? Thanks
-Reply from terry.up (16 points);
no only works with frsky modules
-Reply from ALESSANDRO (12 points);
...But DJT is a FrSky module!!!!!
-Reply from _PcA_ (203 points);
It should. The new V8R7-II receiver is a non-telemetry receiver that will work with both non-telemetry and telemetry transmitter modules. Previously, a telemetry transmitter module only worked with a telemetry receiver because it used different binding to non-telemetry transmitters. The V8R7-II can use standard push-button binding with non-telemetry transmitters and jumper binding for telemetry Tx modules. The V8-II series RXs are different than the older V8 series. They can be bound to FrSky modules in either V8 mode or telemetry mode, but the procedure is different for each. If your Tx module is in V8 mode, connect battery to V8R7-II while holding the F/S button on V8R7-II. If your Tx module is in telemetry mode, connect Ch1 & Ch2 signal pins of V8R7-II with the jumper and then connect battery to V8R7-II (no need to hold the F/S button on V8R7-II). Cheers!
ALESSANDRO (12 points)
  Ok i not use the telemetry....thank you
warburg (5 points)
  What's the material of housing and can u remove it?
-Reply from zSimon (268 points);
Plastic sheet/box. Yes you can.
-Reply from tropicar (1269 points);
It's some kind of hard paper or carton, that actually doesn't withstand water. It can be easilly removed, because it's glued together on one side. I myself just leaved it originali packed and wrapped it with a termoshrink.
warburg (5 points)
  What is the cover made from and how it withstand water?
-Reply from tropicar (1269 points);
Some kind of paper material and it don't withstand water. BTW: none of the RX or TX are made for use in wet enviroment!
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
You can always set the receiver into a small plastic case and seal the opening where cables pass thru with some silicon sealer. This way you will have a waterproof receiver!
PETER (2 points)
  8th plug is BIND plug?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
No, it is not. It is a true 8th channel port. I use this Rx toghether with a DHT module working in non telemetry mode, so I do not need the jumper to bind. In case you need to bind with a module configured to work in D-mode, you will need to connect the jumper to Ch1 and Ch2 signal pins.
-Reply from dog trainer (3 points);
Doesn't the model number say v8 ( 8channel) type r7.
Rolo GTI (14 points)
  Hello...I´*ve got a problem...cant blind this RX with the following setup FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Telemetry Module Turnigy 9X I have follow about 4 diferent videos at Youtube, the instructions that came with the module and with the RX... Any ideas? Help would be apreciated Thanks
-Reply from RCWASP (80 points);
Did you get it to bind? Mine used to work then stopped working now it doesn't bind at all. You may have a dud there. I had the same problem with a brand new V8R4-II. Just wouldn't bind!
-Reply from Rolo GTI (14 points);
The TX case has 2 switches, 1 shoud be on and the other off, once I change that (both were in the off position) I blind it right away. Hope this would be useful to you...
-Reply from JnR_NaT (69 points);
You can not bind this Rx, is the transmitter in set for Telemetry . You need to ensure that it's in its basic mode then the bind process will work
Fallenae (11 points)
  This receiver and 8channel will not bind for me. In bind mode red and green LED remain constant. Have a 4ch Rex wich works fine. Any ideas?
-Reply from ElectricAussie (4364 points);
Hi Fallenae, The V8-II series RXs are different than the older V8 series. They can be bound to FrSky modules in either V8 mode or telemetry mode, but the procedure is different for each. If your Tx module is in V8 mode, connect battery to V8R7-II while holding the F/S button on V8R7-II. If your Tx module is in telemetry mode, connect Ch1 & Ch2 signal pins of V8R7-II with the jumper and then connect battery to V8R7-II (no need to hold the F/S button on V8R7-II). Cheers!
-Reply from Fallenae (11 points);
Thanks for your reply, I have since found that my 4ch rx has stopped working. I am using old type 8ch and II 7ch with non telemetry. Before these problems i had to replace my antenna which snapped of. Whilst the antenna was snapped I turned the tx on a few times, could this have blown the radio?
-Reply from ElectricAussie (4364 points);
Hi Fallenae, Having the antenna off when you turned the Tx on shouldn't have damaged your radio. Depending on how the antenna was broken off (i.e. was the Tx dropped?), it's possible that some other damage to the Tx or the FrSky Tx module is the cause of the problem. Are you using a plug-in module or a hack (as in open the case and solder inside the case) module? Cheers!
-Reply from Fallenae (11 points);
Im using DIY version. Tx hasn't suffered any trauma just picked up by antenna. First problem was 8ch needed rebound then stopped working but 4ch still worked. Now 4ch not working and 7ch did seem to bind after a LONG time but still doesn't work. Rxs which have previously been bound do seem to lock in for milliseconds every now and then causing servos to twitch. Frustrating problem, it seems like transmitter is broken or module or possibly some sort of interferance? :(
-Reply from Fallenae (11 points);
Btw have I have opened case, checked soldering AND resoldered PPM wire *) still no worky.
-Reply from ElectricAussie (4364 points);
Hi F, If you're sure the Tx wasn't damaged, then it's almost certainly a problem with the DIY module or how you did the installation. If you have the V8 DIY kit, I would advise you to just replace it with a telemetry DIY kit. If it's the telemetry kit, work all the slide/toggle switches back and forth to clean the contacts, check the solder connections inside the case, etc. Also, when the antenna was broken, the center contact on the antenna mount could have been damaged. Cheers!
-Reply from ElectricAussie (4364 points);
-Reply from ElectricAussie (4364 points);
Hi F, Don't know why I was censored, but our messages crossed paths. If you've done the internal inspection then assume it's a problem with the module. I would replace it with a new telemetry DIY hack kit. You already have several RXs, so don't give up. FrSky makes great gear and it's all I will use now. Cheers!
-Reply from Dinossauro (50 points);
Not sure but by searching google i think 4ch Receiver and FrSky module doesnt work properly. Sorry if i was wrong but do a search about that
Hapy Flyings
Can2012 (8 points)
  I used the V8FR-II plugged to an APM 2.6 with Failsafe option for low battery and/or signal loss activated (in Mission Planner). After several minutes of flight, I lose control and the quad lands by itself (APM failsafe). Rx leds are off and even after changing the battery turning off/on the Tx it does not work. After a while it works again. Then same story for the next flight. I replaced it with the V8R7 I also have and now this one does the same thing. Any idea?
-Reply from Dinossauro (50 points);
I dont have that setup but it seems to be low battery safe. you have to check your batery setup on apm setup if possible or if no other way, add a buzzer to low battery warning. i found a youtube vídeo for that. hope helped. happy flights
-Reply from Can2012 (8 points);
Thanks for your advices. Finally I have changed the power source. Now the receiver is powered by one of the ESC BEC instead of the APM. It does not turn off anymore. However I still have some automatic landings but I can recover them by switching the flight mode. I will check the APM low battery failsafe, maybe it is set too high.
mohammad deny (10 points)
  my tx is only 6 channel and is already installed with frsky v8ht module. does this receiver will work??
-Reply from mtb4nz (119 points);
yes it will work fine.
-Reply from sugoisukhoi (9 points);
Sure does! Without any hassles
-Reply from mohammad deny (10 points);
no it doesnt.. it only work with the one that support telemetry system. like DJT series. you should see official frsky website. google to find that.
-Reply from solentlife (195 points);
Yes ... Tx doesn't care if telemetry or not.
POPCORNMUSE1 (1 points)
  HELLO, Is this V8R7 compatible with module DHT-U on my Turnigy ? For plane indoor, non-telemetry, off course. Thank you. Claude.
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes, it is compatible with all FrSky module, regardless of the Tx make or model. Only TX module matter to check compatibility. Best regards!
POPCORNMUSE1 (1 points)
  Hello Esteban and thank you very much for the response. I not understand. Why H.K. says sometimes "compatible DHTU" with D6FR. or D8R. But V8R7 says nothing. Claude.
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Hi PopCornMuse! Well, I really didn't know. I guess that in general, there are many mistakes in products descriptions. Fortunately, many customers uploaded product manuals to the "FILES" tab, like in this case, so you can read the description given on them by the manufacturer! In case of FrSky, you can also go to their web site and check some relevant data for the product of your choice. You know, sometimes you have to act as a detective to make certain. Hope you find this helpful. Best Regards!
ramon (3 points)
  it s amazing receiver with stock antenna on fr sky module 2.2 kms range without problem highly recommended.
NebuK (5 points)
  Is the DIYmoudleV8HT the correct "hack" transmitter part for this receiver? Thanks *P
-Reply from Reid (50 points);
You can use any of the frsky receivers with it.
-Reply from ElectricAussie (4364 points);
Hi NebuK, Any of the FrSky Tx modules (hack or plug-in) will work with a V8 series Rx because there is a switch on the telemetry modules to select V8 Tx mode. However, the V8 Tx hack module won't work with FrSky telemetry (D-series) receivers, so it is always better to go with a telemetry Tx module if possible because you can use the full range of FrSky receivers. Cheers!
Thomas10 (25 points)
  I've just bought a taranis. I think this rx will work OK with it, can anybody confirm yes or no ? Thanks
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes, it is compatible and will work fine, but will not send telemetry data back to the transmitter. This is a non-telemetry receiver.
ALFA11 (14 points)
  FrSky receivers could sell in europe .... we are waiting .... thank you
ALFA11 (14 points)
  stock europe .......
Browndog (5 points)
  The Radio I am using is a Nautical commander any help would be great
Browndog (5 points)
  I have a V8R7-11 receiver and a V8HT diy ,when I go thru the binding everything seems to be ok except the red led on the receiver stays on shouldn't it the green led go on when I turn the trans and receiver on? Their seems to be no comunication bbetween the trans and receiver.I am using it in a Nautical Commander radio .I took out the fm transmitter
-Reply from Dinossauro (50 points);
hi, it would help if we know what module is on your tx. with or without telemetry, accst compatible of course. they bind in different ways. Non-telemetry: Connect battery to V8R7-II while holding the F/S button on V8R7-II.
With telemetry:
(Switch 1 OFF and Switch 2 OFF)
Connect Ch1 & Ch2 signal pins of V8R7-II by provided jumper and then

connect battery to V8R7-II directly (no need to hold the F/S button on V8R7-II).
you could find this information on FrSky website.
Happy Flyings

-Reply from Browndog (5 points);
I don't have telemetry ,I did all as you said .When it binds shouldn't the red led go off and the green led come on?
Thanks George
-Reply from Dinossauro (50 points);
what is the module you installed in your tx? did bind any other receiver?
-Reply from Browndog (5 points);
I have a V8HT 2.4 gz DIY
-Reply from Dinossauro (50 points);
do you hold module button on tx while turning it on? you first need to put tx in binding mode and then connect rx while tx is in biding mode. the green led on receiver should be green after process. and be sure your throttle chanel isnt reversed. for example, after binding process, reverse or hold throttle up when turn on tx and receiver but with motor disconnected of course
-Reply from Browndog (5 points);
Yes I followed the instructions and their is nothing plugged into the receiver
-Reply from Dinossauro (50 points);
nothing plugged to rx, talking about servos right?
no servos connected but tx is sending commands when connected. your problem could be thottle. By security, when you connect tx and rx if throttle is up, your rx will not start. try do as i posted before, reverse or hold up throttle for some seconds when connect tx and rx. dont forget to disconnect motor
-Reply from Browndog (5 points);
My ppm tead was open in the connector ,I soldered it and It works fine Thanks for all the help
-Reply from Dinossauro (50 points);
i tried to help :). i though when you thank we earn 20cents lol
happy flyings
BRUNO (4 points)
  This module is compatible with the receivers Vll, or need some configuration or upgrade? I have this module installed on my TX Futuba'm needing more and RX FrSky more only against version Vll! help me
-Reply from volrcr (89 points);
Bruno, I think you are confused if you think this is a transmitter module. Read the description again. This is a "FrSky V8R7-II 2.4Ghz 7CH Receiver".
-Reply from BRUNO (4 points);
Friend changed the order of things, meant that I bought a while ago a receiver in version V8R7 and V8R7-II is that it works without having to upgrade or do some setting in Module I have installed? Got it? Can you help me?
-Reply from volrcr (89 points);
Bruno, you may already know the answer but if you do not know yet, this receiver (V8R7-II) will work with any FrSky transmitter module without modification or upgrade. If you have an earlier version V8 xmtr module installed and you are using a version I V8R7 receiver, this V8R7-II receiver will work the same as your older V I receiver.
-Reply from andre (55 points);
Mano, pode comprar, funciona com seu mó*dulo sem precisar de upgrade. Frsky, a melhor opç*ã*o!
Skylanders (105 points)
  This is a 8-channel RX right? Not 7?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes, it is an 8 channel receiver. Regards!
Skylanders (105 points)
  EIGHT = 8 channel, not 7.
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
for sure!
-Reply from Dagob (132 points);
8 or 7? description says 7, explain pls!
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
it is 8 channel. HK description is wrong. If you are not sure, visit FrSky web page.
Skylanders (105 points)
  Why does it still say "7ch". It's wrong, it's 8ch.
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Hello!, Yes, you are right. It is 8 ch, and this description has been wrong for years. Maybe somebody should open a Support Ticket telling HK of this error. I did it some months ago because there was a mistaken description for new Turnigy Accucel-6 80W 10A Balancer Charger, and they corrected that. Regards!
Daniel (2 points)
  Hi, I have a 8-channel transmitter module V8JT, can use this reveiver with my module?. thanks in advance. Note: The current receiver that i have is 7-channel receiver W/PPM Output V8R7SP
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes, you can. V8JT is a discontinued Tx module, but in accordance with V8R7-II and V8FR-II receivers manual, both are compatible with all FrSky transmitter modules including V8JT ( in V8 mode: Non-Telemetry). Bert Regards!
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
I recently uploaded the file "FrSky V8R7-II Manual.pdf" and hope will be soon available to you in the "Files" tab. Regards!
tony (236 points)
  Can I bind this Rx with my Flysky TH9X Tx?*
-Reply from golys (129 points);
nope, only with FRsky module
Grantham Kid (76 points)
  No it is not capable of CPPM. Use a D4R-II RX with the Naze 32.
Roders (27 points)
  hi all are the antennas on this Rx interchangeable as I want to swap them over to the longer dipole ones Cheers
-Reply from fjmb58 (549 points);
They plug into a socket on the board so they would be interchangeble with antenna with the correct plug
-Reply from Roders (27 points);
awesome, thats the confirmation I needed. Thanks for your help and speedy reply. credit happily awarded
-Reply from Sawdust (1910 points);
Kind of more like they slot onto a peg. If you've already got the longer ones there you should be able to see what I mean. Don't try to just pull them off. You've got to push them inwards in the direction of the lead to slide each one off its peg a few mms then you can lift them out. Pretty easy to take the whole plastic cover off the receiver so you can see exactly what's going on to play it safe if you like.
Craig (39 points)
  This is actually an 8ch rx. I use it with the Taranis with the internal RF module set to D8. Excellent RSSI even at long range and altitude.
Manuel Rogerio (2 points)
  Can I use this with DJT Module? Thx
-Reply from __HaKK (871 points);
Yes you can. Just one post below I said that it works with the DJT Transmitter module of the JR-Combo :) I have used several of these with DJT TX module which is the perfect choice for Turnigy 9x & 9xr radios.
-Reply from Pixelboy (7 points);
You need to flick the number 2 switch on the DJT module up, leave number one down to make this work with the DJT module
Manuel Rogerio (2 points)
  Thank you very much
Ronald (5 points)
  Can I bind this with dht-u?
-Reply from alberic du 78 (35 points);
Yes and it work flawlessly for me!
-Reply from _PcA_ (203 points);
*Note: The DHT-U will bind with all rx's shown below, but will only display telemetry info when used with telemetry rx's (D_Mode) Compatibility: V8 _Mode: Non-telemetry receivers (V8FR-HV, V8R7-HV, V8R7-SP, V8R4) D_Mode: Telemetry receivers (D8R, D8RSP, D6FR, D4FR)
-Reply from _PcA_ (203 points);
And from FrSky webpage: New feature of V8R7-II over V8R7 Compatible with all FrSky modules (V8_mode & D_mode), receive only (V8R7-II can talk with module of either mode, but it does not send telemetry information back to the transmitter).
apollomaker (2 points)
  Are there any restrictions as to servo type (analog vs. digital) that must be known for best use of this receiver? I will be using a DJT module in the 9XR transmitter. Thanks for any comments. :-)
-Reply from zSimon (268 points);
I don't think so. Read voltage specs obviously too. But if you need HV servos FrSky has HV receivers just for that purpose.
apollomaker (2 points)
  Hi zSimon ** OK, thanks for the comment. That is what I figured unless I had missed any major issues. Sounds like most servos will be just fine. Thanks again :-)
-Reply from zSimon (268 points);
You're welcome.. see you in the skies. Simon, Canada.
RCWASP (80 points)
  Man, I LOVE FrSky!!!
-Reply from andre (55 points);
oooohh yeah!
RCWASP (80 points)
  This is effectively an 8 channel rx. Works well!
tyrannical (17 points)
  Does this have telemetry?
-Reply from __HaKK (871 points);
No, this is non-telemetry version TX.
saltyisildur (33 points)
  so will this bind to the FrSky DJTis transmitter module ? I planning to buy this module to install in my 9xR has anyone done this before? thanks!
-Reply from Pablo (7 points);
It is really easy, connect ch1 and ch2 with the provided jumper and then connect the battery to the receiver, then hold the button of the transmitter and turn on it.
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
You can also see more details on the "Binding procedure" in the manual I attached some time ago in the "Files" tab. (mas detalles en el archivo que adjunte en la pestañ*a de archivos de mas arriba).
Fran (10 points)
  Does this work with the Taranis?
-Reply from JnR_NaT (69 points);
Yes it will work with the Tranis. It also works with DHT (DIY) and DJT modules. I use one on my F550.
Mike (2 points)
  From what I understand any FrSky V8 Series receiver should work with the FrSky Tx. You can always email sales4tech*gmail**** for help. I made the mistake of ordering a TF Series 4 CH to use with my DHT and discovered that it will only work with a Futaba Tx or other non-FrSky.
-Reply from FoamEater (193 points);
Yes mike true for most cases, however if the DHT-U is converted to ver 2.3 firmware, v8 funtions are removed.This upgrade is for those wanting to make use of data log function other telemetry display improvements.
icevtec (100 points)
  Stock some of these to the other stores pls
Fernando (5 points)
  Thi RX can run CPPM??
-Reply from fjmb58 (549 points);
No It doesn't you would need the V8R7SP or D4R2
Gustus (21 points)
  Boddycode for this item : 42C7D7A2-935D-43E3-ACA8-F1999DFC12B2
Tomasz (1 points)
  Is this receiver compatible with Turnigy 9XR Transmiter with FrSky DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Module & RX ?
-Reply from Roger (3268 points);
Yes it is compatible.
Ezequiel (3 points)
  Hi i would like to know if this is compatible with futaba radios 2.4?
-Reply from Sawdust (1910 points);
Not if using Futaba FASST, only if using a FrSky module or the FrSky DIY kit to convert it to their protocol. I use a Futaba 9C radio that uses a tx module and I've removed the Futaba module and use a FrSky one instead.
Xander Kej (26 points)
  Is it working with FrSky DJT transmitter module?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes, it is. It is compatible with all FrSky Tx modules. However, this is a non-telemetry receiver. Is an excellent, compact lightweight one way receiver.
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Thanks Xander, for your credit award! Regards!
Aaron (14 points)
  Does it gives rssi signal strength to the taranis?
-Reply from mohag (62 points);
No, it can't send any Telemetry (incl RSSI) back, for that you need one of the FrSky D* receivers, like D8R-XP...
Sun (1 points)
  When will you get this items? I really need these receivers abtout 30's.
-Reply from Senator315 (2177 points);
In stock now
Splurge (38 points)
  Is this receiver compatible with Turnigy 9X ver 2, currently sold by HK?
-Reply from zSimon (268 points);
No. just for frsky v series
Moisés Alves (1 points)
  is compatible with Jr-Combo
-Reply from __HaKK (871 points);
Yes, it is compatible with PRODUCT ID: JR-Combo I have several V8R7-HV in use with the DJT Transmitter Module of JR-Combo as this ESC is perfect for light-weight applications due to small size and weight.
-Reply from __HaKK (871 points);
I only now saw that I have typed ESC instead of RX. For the sake of clarity, this RX is compatible with both, PRODUCT ID: DJT and PRODUCT ID: JR-Combo as both have DJT Transmitter module as part of the combo.
Kawie636 (11 points)
Marc (46 points)
  Is it compatible with frsky df module?
Dieter (7 points)
  Can I use this ACCST receiver with my standard FlySky TH9x transmitter?
-Reply from Roger (3268 points);
No you can't, unless you swap the 9X stock tx module with frsky ACCST tx module.
EstebanT (1022 points)
  Good morning friends. Do somebody know if this receiver is compatible with FrSky DHT transmitter module? Thank you. Regards.
-Reply from Roger (3268 points);
Yes, its compatible. Both tx and rx operates with FrSky ACCST protocol.
EstebanT (1022 points)
  Are V8R7-II and V8R7-HV different?
-Reply from Roger (3268 points);
Its the same product, V8R7-HV is the product ID for the V8R7-II.
EstebanT (1022 points)
  Thank you very much Roger, for your helpful answers. Regards!
maxnitrox (2 points)
  Will it Work wiht a DFT/14354Frsky 2.4?
Luke (4 points)
-Reply from Maria (257 points);
No. Spektrum uses DSMX as its wireless protocol, while FrSky uses ACCST. These are not compatible with each other. If you rally wanted to use FrSky receivers with a spektrum radio you would need to take the ppm out of the trainer port and then put it into an FrSky Tx module. (if helpful please rate correct answer) Cheers.
Albert (13 points)
  Can someone tell my why the tittle says 7CH Rx when on the picture there is 8ch slots??
-Reply from PE5ED (39 points);
8th ch is for power
-Reply from Albert (13 points);
Ok. So this Rx need power on a seperate ch? Not like the others where the power is provided thru the ESC/THR cable?
-Reply from PE5ED (39 points);
Albert, not exactly true. sorry for that. It is either for power or for ppm use (see answer above this to skebo85)
Steve (1 points)
  The description says 7 channels, but it has 8 plugs on it. Why is that?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
There must be a mistake in description. I have one of these and it is actually an 8 channel receiver!
-Reply from EdAmps (91 points);
Yes all 8 channels work, especially well with a Taranis. However, there is a catch. If channels 7 & 8 are at their maximum pulse width, you risk losing the sync pulse and all control of your aircraft. Use channel 8 only if necessary and when not used set your Tx channel 8 to always output the minimum pulse width.
rcZombie (16 points)
  Works excellent with 9xr and djt module. Plugged in my F330 and very responsive. No issues so far :)
Sai (7 points)
  hello, will this receiver bind with FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Telemetry Module & V8FR-II RX for FLYSKY FS TH9X? thanks, im confused.
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Hello Sai! Yes, this receiver is compatible with DJT transmitter module. It will bind and work fine for your models, but will not provide telemetry, because this Rx is not telemetry capable. Furthermore, most FrSky receivers and modules are compatible, just need to check for compatibility charts on user manuals (I included file "FrSky V8R7-II Manual.pdf" on the "FILES" tab above). BUT, the Combo Pack you refer includes one receiver (without telemetry). Take in consideration that this Tx moduole gives you the option os using Telemetry in the future, but that will requires additional hardware. Hope this answer helps you! Regards!
-Reply from Dagob (132 points);
Even without telemetry, will the transmitter module beep when receiver is getting out of range? Like: 1beep oke, 2 beeps far away but in range and 3 beeps out of range?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
I cannot tell, because never happened to me. However I performed the range check with this receiver and DHT module (which is also a telemetry capable module), as described in the manual and did not emit any beep of any kind when losing signal occurred.
-Reply from phildar (154 points);
Without telemetry, there's no way the TX can now the RX doesn't receive ths signal any more. So no, the transmitter won't beep when this receiver goes out of range. If you use that one for LOS flight, you'll never be in an out-of-range situation. If you want to use it for FPV, choose a D8R-XP who offers telemetry * it tested that one at 1.2km while FPV flying with stock Taranis
Horváth (1 points)
  IS this compatable with this:
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Of course it is. I haveboth working toghether perfectly (non-telemetry). Best Regards!
kkkkkjjshshsghsg (11 points)
  Does this receiver bind with DFT module?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes, it does.
Ananda Kurniawan (1 points)
  to work in D mode i need to jumper the ch1 and ch2 signal only for binding or always?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
For binding only. Please, find this part of the bind procedure in Paragraph 2.4.1-4) of provided Instruction Manual ( well, is an instruction sheet actually :D ). Best Regards!
Chris (15 points)
  Just wondering how most people would fly without knowing the RSSI? Is there any other indication that you are coming to the end of your range limit? cheers
-Reply from Jens (52 points);
your eyes will give up before the RSSI. Unless you made an foolish install!!!!
-Reply from Jase73 (644 points);
you tend to get glitching, lack of response then comes back goes etc... time to turn round at this point... holding the tx higher, different angle can get enough extra signal to get back in range.
hogster6 (2 points)
-Reply from Maria (257 points);
hello: HiTec uses another protocol different from accst, so your transmitter is not compatible with this receiver. Hobbyking sells optima compatible receivers which will work with you hitech transmiter. Otherwise, you could buy an Frsky module and put it on the back of your Tx. If helpful please rate correct answer.
Ariel (1 points)
  can i used it to my frsky taranis? is this rx supported my taranis?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Yes, you can. It is compatible.
Baskakov (1 points)
Ákos (12 points)
  HI, I found this video very useful as it shows how you can bind and also set the failsafe. On the top of that shows its basic parameters, so everything you need to know about this receiver.
Ákos (12 points)
Geoffrey (3 points)
  Good stuff and amazing range! my record is 2200meters before my multirotors activate RTL (Turnigy 9xr with 5dbi antenna) Tiny enough especially if you have a small quadcopter such as CX-20 or Phantom
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Darren (2 points)
daniel (3 points)
  hey! my reciver it bug,it stop to execute the control, i flyaway 2 time crash my 250mm ,i was not even at 20feet of the drone when that happend,i ned help???? and a new 250mm frame...LOL
-Reply from Adam (24 points);
I had the same problem with a plane. I got a replacement from hobbyking. I took a video of it losing signal in the same room, and they sent me a new one. Contact customer support.
Oliver (1 points)
  Yes it's a fantastic receiver too.
Jack (1 points)
bryce (1 points)
  does this bind with DJT module need to know urgent
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
Hello Bryce! Yes, it binds DJT module perfectly.
bryce (1 points)
  and is this ppm?
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
No, it does not provide PPM output. Take a look at D4R-II receiver. That is a 4 channel PWM, but provides 8 channels PPM output. I use it in my tricopter with CC3D flight controller.
ADMIN (32 points)
-Reply from EstebanT (1022 points);
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