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Phoenix 2000 EPO Composite R/C Glider (ARF)

Phoenix 2000 EPO Composite R/C Glider (ARF)
Phoenix 2000 EPO Composite R/C Glider (ARF)

This 2 meter wingspan glider takes 15 minutes to assemble and lasts a lifetime!
The wings and tail are made from tough EPO foam. However, the fuselage is made from a really strong blow moulded nylon skin*, Usually reserved for baby toys, with plywood formers, making it almost indestrucatable.

The virtually indestrucatable fuselage is smooth and ridgid yet still light enough for the glider to perform. Both the main wing and tail are screwed into place and the two wing halves have a carbon fiber rod for added strength.

The main wing requires 1 servo per aileron for strong control surface movement plus there is a pre-moulded slot so you can add your own flaps later. To complete this model you will require 4 9g servos, a 30A speed controller, a brushless outrunner, your own transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx) and a 1300~1800mAh Lipoly battery.

This really is a super strong glider that takes 15 minutes to put together.

Wingspan: 2 meters (78.74inch)
Length: 1160mm
Flying Weight: 980g
Servos: 4 x 9g (Required)
Motor: Brushless 2815/1050Kv (Required)
ESC Included: 30A (Required)

4 x 9g Servos
2815/1050Kv Brushless Motor with a 3mm shaft
LiPoly 1300~1800mAh 3S

*Having a blow moulded fuselage on a glider is an excellent solution however it is not popular amongst manufacturers due to its high cost, effectively doubling moulding costs.



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2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 2000mm (78.74in) 1160mm (45.67in) 980g (2.156lb)

Weight: 3049g Quantity: 
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  • HKSCM9-5 Single Chip Digital Servo (5V) 10g / 1.4kg / 0.09s

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    Combo Price: $37.95   BACKORDER

  • HobbyKing HK6S 2.4Ghz FHSS 6Ch Tx & Rx (Mode 2)

    Combo Price: $28.66   IN STOCK

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 Customer rated
Total of 102 discussions.
DrkSlayer  2 points - 8/16/2014
Listed as esc included: 30A required but then below that on the required parts list it says 30A esc, so is it included or not?
 OldFartFlyer 1476 points
The ESC is included in the pnp version or RTF. If you purchase the ARF version you will need to supply your own ESC, Motor, Rx, and servos.
Maurizio  23 points - 8/14/2014
 OldFartFlyer 1476 points
For folding prop / spinner search internet using the models wing registration number or "call sign". Various Chinese suppliers sell at around US$10. Not stocked by HK. For motor, consider using one of the many outrunners at HK. Discussion groups reveal a number of good choices depending on your flying purposes. Personally, I use the NTM3530 but you've got choices.
ALex_G  3 points - 7/31/2014
Please send the glider on the European stock
wvarn1957  1 points - 7/16/2014
How do I order replacement prop blades? Are they available for clockwise motor rotation or how do I set up the motor for ccw?
 OldFartFlyer 1476 points
Take a look at this example on this HK web site - PRODUCT ID: CF-11x6. There are heaps of other similar props and spinners in the category - refer to the top of the product description and you will see the navigation directory tree. Heaps of choice. You'll find it hard to get a comprehensive range of folding props with reverse rotation. Much better to simply change the rotation of your motor by either swopping motor leads or programming your ESC. (See ESC instruction manual) For motor connection and rotation, see discussion threads on HK or other common hobby sites such as RCGroups.
castaway93  31 points - 7/14/2014
Has anyone encounter elevator lag when you put this glider into a dive? There were several instances during a dive I pulled the elevator back slightly to adjust the dive angle but nothing happened 3 weeks ago I started a 45 degree dive from 400 ft up, but then it turned onto a straight dive at about 60 MPH, hit the pavement and completely spit the fuse front end like a peeled banana This happened in about 5 to 7 seconds. The elevator control was ineffective during the nose dive
 OldFartFlyer 1476 points
Bad luck with your flight. I have not experienced elevator control problems with mine. After 55 flights, the only control limitation that I have experienced is with rudder. Mine is set to maximum throw yet at times I have had trouble getting my Phoenix to execute tidy flat turns on some headings into wind. I am currently fitting an 18mm extension down the full height of my rudder to increase the surface area. I note some other operators have modified their rudders as well. Overall, however, a nice multi-purpose glider.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Well worth every penny or dollar I havent flown for 25 years, bought the ARF version use futaba radio gear, good power from standard esc and motor. I have also cut in the flaps very stable in flight. Have in flight move on youtube Mralboot666. Or search phoenix 2000 glider.

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Overall Rating
SkyHawk Newbie
2 thumbs up!
Thermal Leaderboard: 1st Place.. MikeC47 Glider/plane name: Phoenix 2000 Thermal or Slope: Thermal Date and Time of flight: 9/16/2011 1:10PM Duration of flight: 52:23, 40 sec motor run Location: Marymoor R/C Club field, Redmond, WA, USA

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Hello, I earn this glider for around sixt month, it's a very good product for the price. I have used it as a first model, it fly gently and is capable of soaring decently. Jusr be warned that it's more soaring oriented than hotlining, if you use it for fast pass & acrobatic you will have to upgade motor & esc. Also a good idea is to change the stock servo, at least for ailerons, for some HTX900 witch are stronger and faster. Last concern for me, there is lot of thing to assemble once on the field witch take bit of time. Anyway it's a good glider, witch have very good apearance (looks very good in ther air) and nice flying caracteristics.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
my preferred setup: 4 hxt 900 servos (of course) 4 nylon clevises turnigy sk3 2830 920kv bl motor hobbywing 30am esc, since turnigy plush 30 esc is on back order turnigy mode 2 transmitter and receiver i'd fly up about 800 ft or more and shut off the motor. the wind and thermals take over. the pheonix 2000 would go upward. loops, rolls and inverted flights are easy. i prefer gliding. this is a well made and well designed glider. handles wind like nothing, floats and is acrobatic. awesome plane. one of my better purchases.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Bought the kit version. Arrived in double packaging and in good condition. All parts wrapped in bubble wrap. This is my second Phoenix 2000 glider! Love this plane. Easy to fly. Glides very well with flaps.

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